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20 hours ago

Went here for my first hike of the day and it didn't disappoint me. Awesome view of the canyon.

20 hours ago

Did this hike and it had an amazing view from when you start and when you end. Well worth the hike.

Love this hike no matter what the season!! Quick and challenging- and gorgeous views!!!

Beautiful views! This is a demanding hike but worth it.

Awesome Hike! Loved the varied terrain and super grateful for the cairns leading the way. Grippy shoes are a must...MUST! Saw quite a few strugglers trying to get up and down the slick rock. The arches are fabulous...but being in among the fins was the highlight!

Scenery the whole way! Spectacular with lots of varied terrain from sandy creek beds to sandstone climbs!

My first time ever hiking the island. This trail has me addicted. It was breathtaking!

We loved it except at one point it seemed that we could not go any farther. We thought we somehow missed the trail and went back. Then when there seemed to be no other trail, we decided to try again. We followed the river pretty much the whole way and near the end there is a spot where the walls are around 6 feet high and the water is beautiful but up to 4 feet deep, and it seems you can’t get through without swimming. After about 30 minutes of searching, my son found that on the left hand side you can climb up the wall and walk on the side to continue forward to the waterfall. It was beautiful, but definitely a difficult trail for little kids, as there is a lot of scrambling over boulders. My 7 year old needed quite a bit of help and was dismayed when she fell in the water several times.
Other people who we talked to afterwords found a trail that led to the top of the waterfall. I would guess that would be easier because you are not climbing over so many boulders. The view from the bottom was great though!

Short hike with a good view of the valley. A bit steep towards the end.

Great Trail!

Went up last week, tons of snow and quite a bit of ice on the lower parts of the trail. Sunset was beautiful and it took 1 1/2 hrs to get up. (we were going really fast) plan for just over 2 hrs and bring spikes!

I love going up the side of the mountain for a good challenge. The trails all seem to lead to the same place but aren't marked. Beautiful view

Beautiful hike down through some incredible formations that include a couple of natural bridges. Some muddy sections this time of year.

2 days ago

One of the coolest hikes I’ve ever done. Views are spectacular and the end is worth the miles and navigating up, over and around rocks!!! If you keep your eyes out for the stacked rock trail markers it’s not hard to stay on course. This is most definitely a hard hike though.

2 days ago

3 friends and I hiked this one after a harder hike. Beautiful views leading up to it, but the pools themselves were alright. It was cooler at the top so we cooled off then headed back. Moderately challenging because of all the rocks on the trail, but worth it!

2 days ago

Made it the whole way with our jogging stroller. Great views and the bridge was fun. Would definitely recommend during Spring and Fall since the trail is completely exposed.

Definitely a challenge. I have a major fear of heights and I decided to just do it. (Nike would be proud y’all). Had second thoughts halfway into it but it’s like a roller coaster: you really can’t go back. Crowds tend to keep you moving forward and it’s challenging on the chains. The views, however, were so so worth it.

Moral of the story: WORTH IT. Brave your fear of heights but also be careful.

We hiked it today 3-21-18, gate was open, and only 10 people were up there... we got to the top around noon and ate lunch then came back down, the snow is melting in some places so it's a little muddy at some parts... but the majority of the trail was either dry or damp... the water was really warm and nice :)

2 days ago

Easy trail with great views and lots of vegetation. Hike up farther past the falls for some amazing views of Draper and Salt Lake Valley! Trail is pretty muddy right now from all the melting ice and snow

hard but worth while!

Second time hiking I love it.

Beautiful, as expected it was pretty crowded. If you wait out a few mins between groups it is a pretty good climb without dealing with back and forth traffic on the narrow path given. Definitely, invest in hiking shoes for this hike. A lot of crazy college kids who would jump and run the hike. Patience is key to enjoy the beautiful view at the top!!!

An excellent trail but was unable to finish because of bad weather coming in and it getting too dark.

go to ensign then head east to the upper most radio towers, its a great hike an a great view.

The hike is pretty easy, but fun nonetheless. Glad we hiked when we did, the weather was in the upper 30's to low 40's with sunny skies. This helped to keep the crowds down but when we heading back to the parking lot, the trail was very crowded. Coming around the bend to the arch was breathtaking. Worth taking the time to see this beautiful natural arch. Would hate to do this hike in the summer.

A quick little walk, not sure it even qualifies as a hike. There was no water coming over the falls so that part was a little anticlimactic. Turret arch was nice to see and photograph. Mossy cave had big icicles in it still. Glad we did it, but if you have limited time there are better trails at Bryce Canyon.

This is a fantastic hike. You get to see so many sites with a limited number of miles. I enjoy being down among the hoodoos and seeing them stand over you provides a different perspective than when you are on the rim. This is a must do hike for any hikers visiting Bryce Canyon.

We had a very late start at 4p. But we’re up and back down in time to catch one of the last shuttles (4:10 total trip time including 40ish minutes at the point). Since we were essentially there for sunset, we had the place to ourselves. This is an incredible hike providing visual rewards after taking step number 1. On the ‘hard’ rating spectrum, OP falls much closer to moderate.

Hiked this 3/20/18 with a friend. The trail is easy to follow and is fairly wide in places. Keep an eye out for all the awesome wildlife. We saw several buffalo, a herd of deer, and some great birds enjoying the March air up near some of the peaks. Take the Bone Road Trail to the trail head and then choose to go either on the South end or North end of the trail. We took the north end first. This is the more rocky part of the trail, but really awesome scenery. The south end of the trail is fairly flat with a long, steep climb up to the trailhead again. We measured the hike at just over 12 miles and it took us about 6 hours to do. If you're into Geocaching, there's several caches along the way that we found. Really good trail!

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