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Loved this hike! It was super hot so bring lots of water. Two 20-year old unfit girls did it in about 4 1/2 hours.

Very challenging hike with a bunch of variety! So many different terrains and geologic features throughout the hike. The last few miles feel like they take forever and the final push up out of the canyon tests your limits. So rewarding to finish!

Coolest hike I’ve ever done. Took about 7 hours all the way through. This is a one way trail so you need to leave your car at the bottom and have a ride to the top to be dropped off. $15 permit required. The views are incredible, staying on the trail in the beginning is tricky. You have to look for the rock stack markers. But once you’re in the water you’re there. Very different than any hike I’ve ever done. Very remote and they only allow 80 ppl a day to go in. We didn’t see many people on the way.

Super hard but so worth every step! Go prepared and bring lots of water and food.
Take note of the trail when you start hiking along the water, you'll need to find it when you make your way back and its likely going to look way different in the late afternoon!

Difficult but spectacular!

Spectacular!! I had done this hike over ten years ago, and wanted to bring three of my favorite ladies to experience it. This time I used a downloaded map on this app, which was of fantastic help, as the hike is very subtly marked with cairns, and it is easy to miss a trail entry. The rappels were just as I remember them, if maybe in slightly different places, and the swims were just as fun (and challenging in some cases). It is definitely a challenging hike, and the ladies were pretty trashed by the time we had to start the hike up and out; I had to buy the first round of drinks that night... Definitely prepare physically for this trip, and it wouldn’t hurt to get your brain ready for this one as well, as it is not a gimme. But you just cannot beat the adventure and beauty of this hike.

Must do at some time in your life.

One of the most amazing hikes/adventures I’ve done. The top down is the way to go! We YouTubed how to rappel (had done it in the past but it had been a while) and it went totally fine/was such a blast! (Don’t recommend to others but we did it with no problems!) We rented wetsuits which were maybe not necessary (especially having to carry them out completely wet) but there were definitely a lot of areas where we were completely submerged in water. There are small cairns at the top on the slick rock so just follow those and you should be fine/not get lost! The subway is cool, but honestly the whole hike is beautiful and such an experience that the subway was a little underwhelming. Also the hike out at the end is NO JOKE. Everyone says it and it’s true! Some say it’s not marked but it is very clearly marked. Definitely the most strenuous part of the hike, especially after a long day.

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4 months ago

Wasn’t very impressed at all with these trails. Started at trail head near virgin and turned around after about 2 miles as just wasn’t very fun. Then headed up to main trailhead that had the jem Dh course. Wasn’t impressed either. Wasn’t very dh to us at all. Just cross country trails with nothing fun. Of course impressive views everywhere can’t deny that! And easy trailhead access unlike many other off road drives we had to do to access.

MUCH preferrred the trails at guacamole, gooseberry and wire Mesa. Those were amazing and fun!

What a blast! My wife and i did this hike together, and we were smiling and laughing the entire time! It's a beautiful experience, I would recommend everybody do this one at least once! Be prepared to repel, there's really no way around it, so don't show up hoping you can get away without it. The water's cold, we brought wet suits, but plenty of other people didn't and they survived. We did it towards the end of the season, and the water was low, some of the other pictures I've seen looked like there was a lot more water earlier in the year. make this trip a must on your bucket list, it was a fantastic experience. One thing to watch for is the trail diverts north at the first gorge where you think you're supposed to follow it down. The national forest people say to knock down the cairns, so there are none where you're supposed to go, but follow the gorge to the east side because you can't get down on the south west side of the gorge when you first run into it. there were five of us hiking together, and it looked like the right place to drop down into the ravine, but after realizing there was no way to do it safely, we ended up going back up and around. keep your eyes open and watch your footing, but most importantly take pictures and enjoy the experience!

Simple an amazing hike

Honestly the best all day hike I have done so far. Couldn't get enough and I didn't want the day to end!

This is an awesome experience! If you have someone who’s done this hike before and are willing to go again, TAKE THEM! Bring wet suits and repelling gear. This was a difficult hike but well worth it. Absolutely beautiful and hardly any people considering you must get a permit.

You should be there before dyeing.

The hike is great from the Wildcat Canyon trailhead to the lower end of the namesake Subway formation. Read the note at the waypoint for Obstacle 3. It's accurate. The lower Left Fork below the Subway formation is drudgery. The hike out is particularly arduous.

If I ever did this hike again, I would pack without rappelling gear, start at the Wildcat Canyon trailhead and turn around at the 30 foot rappel at the lower end of the Subway formation. There's really only one obstacle that requires technical gear and that's it. That hike is just over 10 miles round trip. The first mile of the trail (and therefore last on return) is a breeze though. The rest is moderately strenuous, including a steep down-climb at the transition from Wildcat into the Left Fork.

Not sure why anyone would do the lower Left Fork/Subway (aka, bottom up route) once, much less twice for out and back. I guess you would get to see dinosaur tracks in a large boulder and a nice terrace in the river. Those just are not worth it to me. My preferred route includes views, a slot canyon, slickrock walking, no parking hassles, and some fun obstacles rather than simply being a slog through a river that may require two cars or some hitchhiking if done point to point.

If you feel slogging through a river is a must-do part of the Zion experience (and it is), the Narrows is far better and 1/10th the effort. The return hike to the shuttle stop is actually quite spectacular. Even not getting your feet wet is an option.

The drive out to the trailhead is not to be missed. Looks especially nice in fall during low light. I'd use this trail as an excuse to visit this area of the park. Definitely makes for a complete day and classic Zion experience.

Fun trail to run with great canyon views.


This is a beautiful place to hike-rappel-swim but very difficult if you are not in a good shape.
(First time been there) My wife and i completed this hike but it took us about 12 hours since we got lost and we had to walk back and find the right way.
If is your first time you MUST start the earliest possible in case you get lost you'll have plenty of time to catch up.
FYI it says 8.9 miles but, it feels like double than that. We've done 10 miles hikes in 3-4 hrs but for this one you'll need to spend the whole day to enjoy it.
The views are stunning the water is clear and very cold. We enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. We also got to see dozens of deers running in front of us on our way to the canyon.
...and we will do it again.

If you start this hike from the trailhead that's located about 6 miles into Kolob Terrace Rd (coming from Springdale) this is absolutely a difficult hike - shocked AllTrails has it listed as moderate considering some of the other trails I've completed that the app lists as hard.

For starters, this trail is almost 17-miles roundtrip so do not think it's 8.9 miles as the app listed - I didn't pack enough water and food for 17 and as a result it became awfully grueling towards the trip back. Finished the hike in about 6 hrs and it was the adventure of a lifetime! You really have to trust your instincts on this one and figure out the trail path. It helps having the river as a guide but otherwise it's your own adventure. I would also advise to bring a first-aid kit as I got pretty banged up hiking through the river currents, and this hike does require a permit. The scenes are beautiful and the Subway waterfall at the end makes it all the more worth the grueling adventure. Amazing experience!!!

11 months ago

The trail begins along the Virgin River and then stays on the rim of a number of tributaries. Not that difficult of a hike but there are plenty of ups and downs to keep it interesting. I took the loop with the Virgin River Dam and it added some more scenery. It was truly enjoyable.

A little hot but then its August. Beautiful trail. Pretty easy. Wouldn't consider it moderate except the sun and heat.

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Make sure you have rope, waterproof backpack, swimsuit and enough water, around 4 liter or more I finished it about 7.5 hrs. IT'S HARD

Not worth it. Very poorly marked and very easy to get lost. Also the subways are super underwhelming

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Not really a hike, this is a viewpoint.

Started at 1100am and finished 12 hours later in the dark. The up hill climb in the dark is extremely difficult especially with the trail over lapping the creek back and forth and going up and down. If you take a map and it says a 1/4 mile that's if you went straight when the trail is actually winding. My Fitbit tracker got about 13 miles. Also water was cold but we had wet suites. Also bring plenty of water, snacks, and gear for repealing/climbing.

Tuesday, May 09, 2017

More of a short walk to an overlook than a hike. Great views looking toward Zion's main peaks.
I would definitely re-assign the hiking level to EASY.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Beautiful drive. Amazing views. Not for the feint of heart.

Great hike with The Subway as the payoff.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Awesome views on the drive...

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Be very careful here and make sure approach is either on foot or with a 4wd vehicle!!

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