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3 days ago

There has been a report for “probable chance of flooding” in Zion this week, but rangers were still issuing permits for this hike. Just be sure to start early and use GPS and/or cairns for direction! Very easy to get lost off the trail if you’re not careful. Otherwise, amazing experience at the “Subway” area. Make sure to swim to the last waterfall!

Loved this hike! It was super hot so bring lots of water. Two 20-year old unfit girls did it in about 4 1/2 hours.

Very challenging hike with a bunch of variety! So many different terrains and geologic features throughout the hike. The last few miles feel like they take forever and the final push up out of the canyon tests your limits. So rewarding to finish!

Coolest hike I’ve ever done. Took about 7 hours all the way through. This is a one way trail so you need to leave your car at the bottom and have a ride to the top to be dropped off. $15 permit required. The views are incredible, staying on the trail in the beginning is tricky. You have to look for the rock stack markers. But once you’re in the water you’re there. Very different than any hike I’ve ever done. Very remote and they only allow 80 ppl a day to go in. We didn’t see many people on the way.

13 days ago

Need a permit for this hike. You will have to drive out from the campsite to get here. Beware - the beginning trek which brings you down to the river is VERY STEEP. You’ll need to remember that for when you return to your car. Bring LOTS of water. Stacked rocks will guide you on your journey all the way to the end. Flash flooded night before so the pools were willed with sand :( incredible hike! Took about 8 hours if I remember correctly.

15 days ago

I really loved a lot of this hike. The 2-3 miles of what you see on google images is amazing and you could spend a lot of time in that area. Very spectacular. However, I do think this hike comes short compared with the top down narrows hike as that has 10-12 miles of beautiful canyons. This is a must do hike if you can get the permit.

17 days ago

Amazing! Coming back out can be a bit tiring especially if it's during warmer weather.

Super hard but so worth every step! Go prepared and bring lots of water and food.
Take note of the trail when you start hiking along the water, you'll need to find it when you make your way back and its likely going to look way different in the late afternoon!

Difficult but spectacular!

Spectacular!! I had done this hike over ten years ago, and wanted to bring three of my favorite ladies to experience it. This time I used a downloaded map on this app, which was of fantastic help, as the hike is very subtly marked with cairns, and it is easy to miss a trail entry. The rappels were just as I remember them, if maybe in slightly different places, and the swims were just as fun (and challenging in some cases). It is definitely a challenging hike, and the ladies were pretty trashed by the time we had to start the hike up and out; I had to buy the first round of drinks that night... Definitely prepare physically for this trip, and it wouldn’t hurt to get your brain ready for this one as well, as it is not a gimme. But you just cannot beat the adventure and beauty of this hike.

1 month ago

A difficult hike, but well worth every step! Be warned: this is not for the faint of heart. Adventure seekers on the other hand, will adore this journey.

Must do at some time in your life.

One of the most amazing hikes/adventures I’ve done. The top down is the way to go! We YouTubed how to rappel (had done it in the past but it had been a while) and it went totally fine/was such a blast! (Don’t recommend to others but we did it with no problems!) We rented wetsuits which were maybe not necessary (especially having to carry them out completely wet) but there were definitely a lot of areas where we were completely submerged in water. There are small cairns at the top on the slick rock so just follow those and you should be fine/not get lost! The subway is cool, but honestly the whole hike is beautiful and such an experience that the subway was a little underwhelming. Also the hike out at the end is NO JOKE. Everyone says it and it’s true! Some say it’s not marked but it is very clearly marked. Definitely the most strenuous part of the hike, especially after a long day.

2 months ago

One of my favorite hikes. spectacular ending. make sure to pay attention and have a plan. I came across some lost hikers when I was out there.


2 months ago

An awesome hike, it worth to do it! I did top to bottom. I had wetsuit 3/4 mm. The water wasn't too cold with wetsuit! Use GAIA GPS app and you don't have to worry to get lost!

2 months ago

After doing strictly hikes for elevation the last couple days this one is a completely different beast. For 7 or so miles it’s an all out scramble up to the subway formation which requires you to hopscotch from each side of the creek attempting to follow the sandy pathway. There is no defining direction and at times you don’t know which side is correct, but if you follow the water you will be fine. Luckily, we started with another couple (thanks Paul & Marlene!) at the top early in the AM and as a team found our way together. I wore my keen hiking boots and wool socks and got wet the entire hike (there is no way around it). I guess neoprene socks would help, but oh well! There are times where you must walk on the rocks in the water and they are covered with algae which makes it very slippery so watch out. The scene at the end is remarkable and I decided to get in the pools at the end and wade to the waterfall. It was freezing FYI. The hike OUT at the end is the most strenuous part and can be a bit tiring at times, especially after we hiked 7+ miles. Altogether it was an amazing experience and would do it again!

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Great trail. Poorly indicated but this is what makes it great. It is an adventure! You don’t feel like in Dysneyland Angel’s landing. We were lucky to win the lottery to be allowed to hike there. One of the best hike of our vacation. We rented hiking boots with Neoprene socks near Zion visitor center the evening before (mid of Aprîl)

Gotta laugh at some people with no sense of adventure. The beauty of this trail is that it isn’t a trail. It’s an over-land scrambling adventure. It is a ball buster too. Very challenging in the sense that you’re climbing up rocks, walking up waterfalls, etc. The Subway itself is iconic and does not disappoint. Awesome time

The end of the trail is a wonderful place to see, so don’t get me wrong here. But the trail itself is BS. Why I say that is one reason only... This is most likely the most horrible marked (unmarked) trail I have EVER seen. You have no idea what side on the stream you need to be on to keep moving forward. You guess if water run off patches in the sides are paths or not and your back tracking 1/3 of time instead of moving forward. Most of the trail has no real pay off for at least there hours in. Plus after going all the way up and then back, you then have to climb back up that mountain with tired legs to get out. So be prepared. I’d skip the bottom up trail for the Subway and just go to the amazing Narrows in Zion!

Incredible hike. Very challenging because the trail is scarce. You have to do a lot of climbing. Looks for the dinosaur footprints!

2 months ago

Did the bottom up hike with neoprene socks, canyoneering shoes, and dry pants. Highly recommend for this time of year since water temps were 35 and water was thigh high at some points. We started the hike at 8 am and were the first ones to the subway- it was great having the views all to ourself!

3 months ago

Such a stunning trail! The hike down into the canyon is Pretty tough since it is vertical most of the way down. Be sure to check back at the trail end when you drop down into the canyon. There was a ribbon tied to a tree and some rocks stacked up by the river to let you know that’s the left fork trail up. Once inside the canyon you have a two hour hike to the subway. The bottom hike is very sunny and hot so bring plenty of water. There are social trails on both sides of the river so keep and look out for those and go with what works best for you and your group. Once you make it to the waterfalls and the subway you are in for a treat. It’s like nothing on this earth and seems like you are exploring a different plant or dimension. We did not have wet suites on so we only went as far as the deep pools allowed.

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3 months ago

Wasn’t very impressed at all with these trails. Started at trail head near virgin and turned around after about 2 miles as just wasn’t very fun. Then headed up to main trailhead that had the jem Dh course. Wasn’t impressed either. Wasn’t very dh to us at all. Just cross country trails with nothing fun. Of course impressive views everywhere can’t deny that! And easy trailhead access unlike many other off road drives we had to do to access.

MUCH preferrred the trails at guacamole, gooseberry and wire Mesa. Those were amazing and fun!

3 months ago

One of the most beautiful trails in Zion. Make sure to book a permit far in advance because it fills up quickly. The ranger made it seem like the trail would be very difficult but I found it to be more on the moderate side (once you get past the first steep section. Make sure to head northeast from the trailhead towards the large cliffs (on your left as you're looking across the valley.) On your way back look for the large black cliff on the right as a marker to return to the trailhead.

This was hands down one of the hardest hikes I’ve done. Went in early March, was cold and wore water suits. The hike just goes on and one from warm temps to seeing snow on trees to seeing leaves to the rock scramble back to the car. Pure hell. BUT. When you enter the Subway it’s just pure magical. Bring lots of water.

Loved this trail. Beautiful views .

What a blast! My wife and i did this hike together, and we were smiling and laughing the entire time! It's a beautiful experience, I would recommend everybody do this one at least once! Be prepared to repel, there's really no way around it, so don't show up hoping you can get away without it. The water's cold, we brought wet suits, but plenty of other people didn't and they survived. We did it towards the end of the season, and the water was low, some of the other pictures I've seen looked like there was a lot more water earlier in the year. make this trip a must on your bucket list, it was a fantastic experience. One thing to watch for is the trail diverts north at the first gorge where you think you're supposed to follow it down. The national forest people say to knock down the cairns, so there are none where you're supposed to go, but follow the gorge to the east side because you can't get down on the south west side of the gorge when you first run into it. there were five of us hiking together, and it looked like the right place to drop down into the ravine, but after realizing there was no way to do it safely, we ended up going back up and around. keep your eyes open and watch your footing, but most importantly take pictures and enjoy the experience!

6 months ago

A great trail which involves crossing the stream several times and scrambling over rocks and boulders which was fun. The view at the end is incredible but you must traverse through 40° water for a few seconds to get there. Make sure to talks good trail shoes that are good on wet surfaces. Take clothes that dry quickly as well. The last incline out is a haul after a long day but well worth it. You must have a permit to do this hike.

Simple an amazing hike

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