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We enjoyed fabulous views with sightings of several families of big Horn Sheep! lots of young ones that made me a little nervous for their safety on the step cliffs, but I'm sure they know what they're doing!
At the end of the trail you are rewarded with a beautiful and fantastical photo opportunity!

mountain biking
10 hours ago

Great trail for individuals or family biking, jogging, or walking. Flat, paved, well maintained by the City of Spanish Fork. Follows the Spanish Fork River and adjacent to some beautiful farmland. Very accessible and lots of shade. We've hauled our bicycles from another city to ride on this trail several times and have also walked most of the route. Restrooms available at either ends in Spanish Oaks park or by the ball fields. Really nice urban trail.

Smooth ride, very straight and level for the most part. hooks up with legacy trail for a little while in Farmington, then splits apart in Centerville. Scenery varies from city, to suburbs, to ranches and farms and back again. lots of streets to cross which slows you down a bit. very well kept!

Beautiful hike. Hardly saw anyone else on trail. A bit confusing when you get closer to the waterfall but we were able to find a nice shady spot near the water.

Beautiful hike. The waterfall is worth the effort. There is overflow parking just past the trailhead, heading into little cottonwood. Can get really busy on saturdays and holidays.

I first hiked this trail in back March 2018, and it was amazing. It was definitely chilly, but worth every step especially reaching the top. Just a beautiful scenery all the way to the top!

I hiked it again yesterday (Aug 2018) under a warmer weather, which made it more difficult. I wanted to hike back down right away, but I’m glad that I didn’t! Personally, I prefer this trail in Spring season. I finished the hike (both times) in 4 hours or so.

Hiked this on a Sunday with my dogs and only passed a handful of other people. We did have to move over for one guy on a dirt bike. Other than that, super peaceful and gorgeous! The view from the top was worth it even with the haze from the smoke from the wildfires.

12 hours ago

This is a ball buster or a hike but beautiful and a fantastic workout.

This is an awesome trail up Big Cottonwood Canyon! Multiple waterfalls, great scenery! Lake Blanche was completely packed, this trailhead had maybe 5 cars parked there. The waterfalls along this trail were great, many smaller cascades compared to the more monolithic, traditional waterfalls. The trail has water running down it in places, but nothing impassable.

Also, the mine is the source of some of the water (initially we thought one of the ruins above the tailings pile was the mine, turns out the mine entrance is screened by some trees). Just follow the water from the tailings pile to get to the mine entrance.

Beautiful place! Pack warm clothes. Can’t wait to return again!

13 hours ago

Great little spot! Shady and near a stream.

July 2018 - The trail is in two parts, there is the paved trail along the bottom caynon next to Provo River. Well maintained as part of the Provo river trail, many parking lots, and food trucks. The trail to go up the to the mid-point of the falls is pretty skech in places. Very narrow in many parts, and loose shale rock everywhere. There are a few places where the the trail has clearly been wiped out by rock slides and is a little puckering for the less then fleet of footed. There is also another option to get to the mid-point, climb the falls themselves, lots of loose shale rock, water, and steep.

13 hours ago

very peaceful hike. We backpacked our gear in for camping at the lake. too us 2 hours and 50 minutes with 20 to 30 lbs packs. we left at 5pm. it was perfect. it really shouldn't matter what time you go hiking on this Trail because it is very covered. the last mile is definitely little steeper but nothing extreme. recommended for a longer medium difficulty hike. take extra water.

Great hike. Many trails, easy to get off on a different path

trail running
14 hours ago

Started at the 22nd street Trailhead and went up through Taylor’s Canyon to Malan’s Basin Trail. You’ll get a good workout as the trail is uphill most of the way. It gets steeper as you near the top. Spectacular view of the Ogden Valley from Malan’s Peak but don’t stop there. Continue on to Malan’s Basin for some very interesting discoveries.

this was a beautiful hike, one of my new favorites. the terrain is pretty, lots of trees (and good amounts of shade) a few meadow areas to walk through. a couple steep parts but most of the hike was gradual and manageable even with a 2 year old in a carrier. the view at the end is completely worth it. leaves haven't started turning yet but I imagine it'll be gorgeous when they do. it wasn't crowded even on a Saturday. we did see a moose (running off on the side of the trail) so be aware. also we didn't see very many bugs or butterflies. mostly clusters of grasshoppers but nothing annoying really. my 2 year old would have liked to see more butterflies.

16 hours ago

I took my 4 children on this hike. I carried my two year old in a backpack and the others are age 6,8, and 12. The landscape was mostly junipers and the trail was quite steep and rocky in many places. The kids and I made it to the lookout point about 2 miles up. Beautiful views. Wished there was a bit more shade- but one part of the trail bent around the shady side of the mountain and we actually got to be in some pines for a little while. It was very nice. The kids handled it quite well.

Beautiful hike!

This made for a beautiful sunset hike. We only saw one other person. It was magical 360degrees around

Awesome hike with low traffic even late morning on a Sunday. The trail markings are awful though! You take Timanookee trail for about a mile and a half, cross a stream, and take a left at the fork right after. Shortly after that you will start climbing rocks that get steeper towards the top and then you are there! I took a 4.5 and 6 year old with me and I don’t think I’d do that again with those rocks. The falls are very small right now. Overall nice, pretty hike!

A very good trail for almost every skill level. It gets a little steep for the last 1/2 mile. The entire trail is very well maintained.

17 hours ago

Hiked this in August with a healing ankle sprain. Fairly easy with beautiful views. Highly recommended.

this is definitely not 10.3 miles I think it's closer to 7.5. At the top of Clayton is a stretch of about 100 m of Boulders that you have to climb through it is not a path. Might be hard for dogs

Great trail. Steep at the beginning, but it levels out and you get some nice meadow views of Timp.

18 hours ago

This trail is really pretty; the first 1/2 mile is hot, but once you hit the shade, it is rather pleasant. The hike along the creek is cool with plenty of opportunities to cool off if you choose. The final 1/2 mile to the waterfall is a little steep, but it is completely worth it in the end. The trail is heavily trafficked, so if you are looking for seclusion, this is not the place.

19 hours ago

I enjoyed this hike. It is really exposed so it’s hot...make sure you bring lots of water.

Obviously an easy hike. Didn’t do it though. Must park in parking lot and there is a $7 fee.

Beautiful trail leading to beautiful falls! This is a good choice for kids and inexperienced hikers.

First hike for me. Little bit out of shape. Found the initial 0.5 mile moderately difficult and last 0.9 miles really hard. It's full of rocks and little steeper. I had to take breaks to catch the breath and continue in that last stretch. Do yourself a favor wearing good hiking shoes.
The lake/reservoir was dry and the waterfall was not breathtaking. May be August is not the month if you want to see a beautiful waterfall and lake. But the view of the valley from the waterfall was awesome.
Start by 7am to beat the crowd and heat.

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