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11 hours ago

Short but sweet hike and wow! Evolving views all the way to the end. The bridge is impressive as are the rest of the geological features. We arrived early enough to avoid the heat and were happy for it. Not many on the trail by 8am.

So much fun for both young and old! If you don’t want to of can do the whole hike, start at the VC and work your way back to the third waterfall. From there you can determine if you want to go a little further. VC has a detailed map.

4 days ago

Beautiful hike!! We pretty much had the lake to ourselves. We had four wheel drive and were able to drive to the trail head. From there it is only 1.5 miles to the lake.

6 days ago

The bridge is amazing. The rocks along the trail are also featured.

The solitude is splendid, the trail is terrible, and the lake is lovely despite its approach being a cement dam. The trail is a very steep OHV route with treacherously loose rocks on about 90% of the trail. There are two beautiful stream crossings, but since the route is essentially a 4WD road, treacherous, and banked for OHVs not people, it never quite feels like a hike in the woods.

10 days ago

Relatively easy and beautiful!

10 days ago

Lovely even on a hot day...

I strongly recommend this hike. Like, strongly. Gorgeous views the entire hike without the crowds! We went early (around 9am) and we were glad we did because it definitely got hot towards the end. Total hike took us 2 hours with some stopping to take pics, gaze at the scenery, and have a snack. Well worth it trail in beautiful capitol reef.

Excellent trail with fantastic sights. Small parking lot but not too busy. Bathroom at trailhead. Barely any cover so go when it’s cooler and bring lots of water. Should take around under two hours.

Stunning and not that hard. A great place to sit and rest and enjoy the views midway through - good picnic spot.

Hiked this two summers ago. We parked one car at the visitors center for when we were done to ferry us back to our starting point at Chimney Rock. Once we reached the Sulphur stream , we walked the entire remaining hike in the river . There is a large tree at about the halfway point that makes for a great lunch stop. We did it with a 3 yr old and she walked all but the last mile or so. Beautiful !

Great hike! Recommend going early, I started up at 6:30am and had the trail to myself. It’s definitely “moderate” with a steep incline the first half mile. Not the best marked trail so keep an eye out for markers. The view of the arch at sunrise is amazing.

15 days ago

Great for kids. An easy hike with a fun bouldering trek to the tanks. Follow the stacked rocks and it wasn’t hard to find them. We went in July 2018 - not crowded at all. I recommend going in the morning if you’re here during the summer as there isn’t a lot of shade.

Left at 1800 and finished ~ 2000, stopping often to take photos. The initial climb was challenging, but after that it was relatively easy. Amazing scenery. Would recommend trekking poles.

18 days ago

5h To climb and come back with breaks
for take picture. trail and hiking easy . but the afternoon the temperature it.s very hot in summer...

Hiked it in the evening. Tried to catch sunset but a cloud moved in

I reccomend doing the loop. Its a moderate hike, but if you are already fatigued can feel like an eternity getting up to the bride. Someone left a toy buddy on a rock, gave me quite a laugh.

21 days ago

Pleasant walk, but I didn't find it all that interesting. Would probably be great as a family stroll thru Fruita

Hiked July 10th. We went early to get ahead of the heat (lesson learned in Zion). This was our "recovery hike" as it wasn't too strenuous nor too long. We only hiked to the top of the arch and skipped any rappels. Like many reviews, I think the "easy" rating might be a bit misleading. Great views from the top and worth the couple hours invested.

Must do!!

off road driving
27 days ago

This drive is AMAZING! It is unforgettable and I would highly recommend it!

To start get the map for “Cathedral Loop” at Capital Reef’s visitor center. It is a guide for this entire drive and it explains the geology, ecology and history you will want to have to get the most from the trip.

We went in an unmodified Jeep Wrangler Sahara 4x4 and made the whole trip fine in 4 wheel drive. The mucky parts were no issue as long as you don’t stop in them. There were very few mucky parts actually but do check the weather before heading in and do start with the drive through the river because if you can’t make that part you don’t want to leave it for the end and have to turn around and go back 64 miles!!!

What you see in the park does not even compare to what you will see in this loop. We saw 4 vehicles the whole day! We started at 9am at the Visitors Center to zero our trip counter and followed our guide book. We finished at 5:12 PM. Storms are typical in the afternoon so again check that out and carry extra water and food.

Again this trip is totally worth it. I worry now that I will never top this drive! It is that good!

Loved it! So refreshing.

1 month ago

If you don't mind some bumpy, dusty, remote dirt roads and you have a high clearance vehicle this is a good alternative to a hike, And when you get to the Cathedral Valley, i think that you'll be amazed by the formations.

on Cassidy Arch Trail

1 month ago

If you don't do the rappels this is an easy, well marked trail that is great for all the family. And a view of the arch from above is unique. My nephews did the rappel route and they loved it.

1 month ago

I'd actually give this 3 1/2 stars, but no half star option, and the serenity of the hike takes it to 4 instead of 3.

Did this hike on Sunday, June 24th. Lots of slickrock sections, but nothing wrong with that. Weather was warm, and there's no water to be had so carry plenty.

Once we got past the overlook (about 2 miles in) we only saw one other couple on the trail. Parking at the TH is way crowded, but they're all doing the short walk to Hickman Bridge, so don't let a lot of cars be a turnoff.

The view from the absolute top was a bit underwhelming, and I imagine that comment is going to set some hair on fire, but it is. Views are relative, and this view compared to ones from the MuleyTwist area are kind of disappointing.

On the flip side, the trail crosses numerous side canyons that beckon, and if/when I do this again I'll definitely make sure to have some spare time to explore a few of them.

Sadly no water in the tanks in early June 2018.

1 month ago

It was a fun trail! Sunny so best to do when it’s cooler.

No water at the top of the tanks, and I couldn’t tell how much longer the trail went after that on the map :( but it was a nice break from driving ! You’ll need a 4x4 car to get there, and if there are clouds in the sky check the weather for possible flooding in the area. Clearly that wasn’t an issue for us since the trail was fairly dry

1 month ago

This is a trail with a striking visual payoff once you reach the Hickman Bridge. I hiked it on a weekday at 5:30 pm 93 degrees and sunny. The beginning of the trail has the main elevation gain via several series of "stairs", wiggles, and structured inclines made of slick rock and dirt. This is not easy if you have cardiac issues, knee problems, balance issues, or are not used to the altitude. Once you reach the "top" you will hike across a completely exposed desert area until you reach the next series of wiggles down to the canyon floor. The views are really great here and you can spend time gazing at Capitol Dome and Pectols Pyramid. The trail continues through the sandy wash with trees and some shade. On the approach to the bridge you will be hiking on slick rock and climbing over other smaller rocks. I took the clockwise loop - it was not well marked and I ended up on a ledge with a sign that told me this was not the trail. Making my way back I wandered a bit and took a slight right and suddenly the Hickman Bridge appeared. You can continue under the bridge and pick up the trail again. Most of the trail will be hiking in a general direction with the path you choose as it is often across rocks and markers (such as 15) may be down. I suggest plenty of water, go later in the day so the canyon cools off for the return trip, bring trekking poles, and expect to spend more time on the hike due to the heat and exploring areas like the little natural arches.

lovely views and rock formations at thd top :)

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