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Thompson, Utah Map
3 days ago

Hiked counterclockwise, loved the less-crowded "Primitive Trail" section. We got seriously off-track when getting back onto the main trail from the Double-O arch, and ended up scrambling across a fin to get back on track; not very well-marked if you're going the opposite direction like we were. Extremely windy on the scary high fin section, which was freaky--be careful! Absolutely beautiful though, and no snow/ice to speak of when we went. The Partition arch and Dark Angel formation have the best views imo!

Think this should be a registered hike...Only to account for those who might not make it out. A few of us were "lost" here and there. It was super windy and snowing on occasion. Were some pretty cold points with the snow coming down. For a beginner afraid of heights, with health issues, it took me longer than most but I was still able to do it. Two helping hands from strangers... one letting us know we were going the right way and the other literally lent a hand across a rock face... above a huge puddle with no way around. This is one time I didnt let pride get in the way. Butt crawling and all is involved in this hike. Beautiful views of everything. Went clockwise. For those of us out of shape... this makes for a difficult hike. Go prepared for anything... including plunging off a rock face into the the occasional massive puddle :) Thanks random stranger for keeping me dry!

Beautiful hike that we started early. Should have taken the advice provided by other reviewers on All Trails, we hiked this loop trail clockwise and somewhere missed a sign and ended up further in the gardens than other tracks show and we didn't deem to go in as far NW as other tracks. That said, beautiful hike. There was a crisp blue sky which contrasted beautifully with the red rock and arches.

7 days ago

Probably one of the coolest places that I’ve ever explored! You drive into an old ghost town where Thelma and Louise was filmed in the diner. There’s abandoned shops and houses. Then you drive past a few homes and keep going back until you reach the petroglyphs and pictographs. They’re creepily amazing! Past there is an old cemetery and store.

One of the best in USA!

It’s worth checking out the way to the delicate arch trail.

Easy. Not the most stunning in the park but still fun to explore.

on Klondike Bluffs

mountain biking
19 days ago

Fun fast flowy

Amazing views, tons of arches, and solid difficulty level. Did this in the winter and it was much less crowded than it seems to be in the summer.

There is a steep bit of slick rock on the northeast corner of the trail. I suggest doing the whole trail clockwise and sliding down on your butt for this section of you're struggling with it.

Only hiked about 2 miles (counterclockwise) due to time, but this is first on my list next time in Arches.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Are those really dinosaur footprints?

Epic trail. Backpacked thousands of miles and usually the signs warn of difficulty when there is no need. however, this trail is not difficult perse, but it definitely has some seriously sketchy parts to it. .. atleast in winter. trail would be much easier in summer... though hotter.

1 month ago

Did this on the way to landscape arch. Worth the side hike! We also went at the perfect time when the sun was shining through the arch!

Hiked it clockwise in the snow. Make sure you have good hiking boots and snow traction as some steep parts are quite dicey.

Thankfully we took the the good folk's on All Trails advice and went counterclockwise. This direction is key in order to arrive at the bottom a steep smooth rockface, as it's much easier to boulder up the bluff than down. This obstacle was a quarter to a third of the the way around the loop, once over the top the traffic was heavy with people debating the descent and those who had turned around and those had had yet to realize what they were in for.

This was so much fun in the snow! If you want to do primitive trail in the winter, bring your crampons!

We hiked counterclockwise in the snow. Most cairns were knocked over or covered so it took a little deciphering to find the right way. A lot of trial and error. Do not do this if you’re scared of heights. You hike on fins and that gets a little spooky. Took about 5 hours in snow with a stop at Dark Angel.

This is THE BEST hike at Arches.

Fantastic place to explore with the kiddos - the views out by Double O Arch are incredible.

2 months ago

Cool to see - fun to scramble down to this one after doing some of the easier one that are simply just a "walk" versus a hike.

Listed as one of the tougher hikes in Arches, I wanted the challenge... and really did not get one. I enjoyed the hike, but turned much of it into a trail run. Usually on difficult hikes, there are fewer people - this one was crazy busy, with people in regular shoes and such, not all "hiker types". I knocked out the trail, and enjoyed lunch on a rock off the trail, and did some yoga, in about 3 hours. I would do it again if at Arches, but I would opt to spend the time in Canyonlands at a more challenging trail.

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