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My favorite hike of all time! This trail is mentally and physically challenging in that you have to really think about where to place your feet in certain parts. Once the trail became more primitive it was harder to follow the trail. Look for cairns to help stay on the trail!

This hike was truly “as good as it gets”! As other reviewers said, the earlier the better. We got to the park before 7 but the trailhead was about a half hour drive in so we started about 7:30. Ideally, I’d recommend starting even earlier to beat the heat and avoid the crowds. Partition Arch was our favorite and we had it all to ourselves for like 20 minutes. We walked out via the primitive loop, cool views but not as much fun/excitement as the other half. Overall, we spent about 4 hours but by the end everyone was too hot/tired to hike to Pine Tree or Tunnel Arch.

Walked out to see the Indian art panel. Very nice one actually. Very defined. It's worth the walk out here and isn't far from the parking lot. The Wolfe ranch has an interesting history to it too.

Great hike and a chance to see a whole bunch of arches and pretty amazing views. I would do this one for sure if you have the time. I would go early in the morning to avoid heat and traffic on trails. We started around 6:30 and got a great parking spot and time on trails before overly crowded.

9 days ago

really easy hike, more like a walk, but a pretty arch still.

9 days ago

A great little hike, the arch is one of my favorites of the park. Well worth the hike, but go early in summer to avoid the heat, bring water.

This was a great moderate hike, even for the novice hiker. Be sure to start very early, especially when temps will reach 100 in the day. Some rock scrambling, we had someone afraid of heights with us and they did fine. Bring lots of water as well. I’d definitely recommend this hike!

Great hike with beautiful views from all through out the trail. We took main trail to Dark Angel then primitive trail back. It is much harder than main trail but worth it. Really glad we did. It’s got rock sections, sand sections and valley floor sections. We started at 6:30am! A must do in July.

our favorite, most often revisited trail!! crowd seriously thins out after landscape; as you must rock scramble up a fin to keep going. navajo arch is a nice, shady location to stop for a snack. after double o - the trip to the dark angel was neat, but it’s just a big rock. there are some secrets hidden at the dark angel that make it amazing - but you’ll have to figure that out on your own. the primitive trail has FOUR more arches - but it also has sand, semi-steep hills, virtually no shade and DEADLY HEAT. Someone LITERALLY died on this trail this week (7/6/18) BRING TONS OF WATER. go EARLY - don’t be afraid to call it quits.

Nice hike but gotta wall through broken arch to see signs to continue on to tapestry arch...

16 days ago

Time to put signs in Chinese for water requirement. We met at least 6 people without water on our way back (we started at 7 am) and they were hiding in the shade as little as one mile in
Otherwise, probably one of the most beautiful landscapes views in any national park, stunning.

Great hike but I'd recommend doing this when it's not hot. If you go in the summer months, do it EARLY.

Broken Arch is fantastic and one of my favorites in the park!

This is a good intro to Devil's Garden trail. All of Arches is great, do as little or as much as you can.

A beautiful hike with a bit of rock climbing included. There is a million dollar view on top. Leave early in the morning to bet the crowds and heat of the day.

22 days ago

This was an easy hike, but the trail just brings you closer to the arch. There isn't much to see, and you get a great view from the road.

Great trail and hike to double o arch especially the second half which required a little scrambling. We paired this primitive trail loop. Felt this experience was much more enjoyable compared to delicate arch.

Trail signage could be better but few areas are as breathtakingly beautiful. Bring a hat and water up.

Fantastic! Saw all 7 arches and walked at a pretty leisurely pace, taking pictures, stopping to admire each arch. 6 hours with zero rush. Trail becomes more difficult after landscape arch (transitions from paved to scrambling over boulders). Route is relatively well marked. Don’t miss Partition Arch - our favourite (plan to stay here and chill for half hour or more if you have the luxury of time! Very few people - so tranquil). If you are fit and able with good knees and no fear of heights, take the primitive loop back. We saw no one on this part of the trail and it wasn’t that much more challenging then other parts of the loop (note - there was no water crossing on the primitive loop when we went - perhaps check with a ranger in advance).

Great, unique hike and one of my favorites. Started at 5:30 am to beat the heat and crowds. Park is open 24 hours so you can enter at any time and display your park pass as there is no gate attendant in the early hours. There are no strenuous elevation gains but slightly technical at times. There is one area near the beginning of the trail (going clockwise) where you are on top of a "fin". You will see a makeshift ladder to get you down from the fin but DON'T climb down it. Continue walking on top of the fin to the end to find an easy way down.

27 days ago

Multiple arch hike. After passing Landscape arch this get interesting. Plan for some climbing but nothing to crazy.

Beautiful hike. Did it at the beginning of June. We tried to start early, around 7:30, but took us a while to get our park pass at the main entrance. They need to figure out how to expedite that a little better. The trail is pretty exposed the whole way, so plenty of sunscreen and water are a must. I had 3 liters and it was enough. Plus a couple small gatorades. We went to dark angel at the end of the loop and came back the same way. Left side with Navajo arch. What an amazing place. Beautiful landscape.

Great and challenging trail! This is not a difficult hike, but there are definitely some “sketchy” parts if you’re afraid of heights (like me).

We went counterclockwise (so, started towards the right side) and it was the best decision we could have made. It’s much easier going up than down when you’re afraid of heights... we still got nervous in some parts, but only enough to make you feel proud when having gone through it!

Took us 4 hours and we stopped at all arches.

really nice hike. keep walking through the arch to continue to tapestry arch about a half mile further.

Wait! What? what is this advice of going counter clockwise? i did the loop this afternoon and it was hot as hell...no wonder they call it the devil's garden.
the arches were great. Despite it being hot and much more difficult there is peace in having a trail all to yourself. I only brought two bottles of water (and truth be told an ipa I drank on the way up). I had to conserve. The primitive portion was hotter than the rest due to less breezes. It was easy to overheat there walking in all that endless sand.

We did the extended primitive loop and took everyone here's advice to go clockwise. That was a great choice! The arches were nice, but nowhere near the experience of delicate arch. The views were nice, but not for the work it took to get there. I didn't think the heights were that bad and I'm not a fan of heights.

only 0.2 miles one way. so there and back 0.4 mi total if you go directly there and don't do the loop. very cool petroglyphs.

Absolutely wonderful! wear chacos or hiking sandals. you walk through a lot of sand but also climb rocks. also bring PLENTY of water. at least 32oz for yourself. lastly bring a face scarf. the second half of the trail (towards campsite) gets windy and it whips up in your face. AMAZING!!!

This hike was amazing, but be warned: if you have a fear of heights (at least when it comes to places you could be seriously hurt if you fell), this hike could cause you to face your fears! Although it was really mentally challenging for me and I had to sit down/slide and crawl through 2 sections, it was a joy to see so many arches up close.

on Klondike Bluffs

1 month ago

13 old granddaughter drove from the park today good drive with nice views no other cars on trail

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