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1 month ago

Beautiful trail with lots of sandstone to climb on. We started here and then headed toward Butterfly trail and got to experience so many different kinds of terrain from sand to volcano tubes there was not one bad place for a picture; just stunning.

Fun easy family hike. Great reward at end of reaching the cave. Awesome views.

The kids absolutely loved hiking around and playing in the sand. My senior parents were able to make the short trek with us, and sat watching the grandkids play. We will definitely be back!

We went left at the fork. Easy, short walk to the overlook. The white rocks are beautifully contrasted by the red rocks in the distance. Parts of the trail are a bit sandy.

Very easy to get to the amphitheater. Lots of exploring can be done once there so the difficulty depends on you!

One of my favorite trails. If you are new to mountain biking take a deep breath. There are some intense spots but so worth it!

2 months ago

More popular for mountain bikers to do the loop. Initial assent to the wall offers great views. I recommend hiking in and back (about half the total distance). Would rate hike as moderate - not hard.

This trail does NOT allow dogs, despite the AllTrails description.

Short hike but a nice trip inside the White Rocks section of Snow Canyon. Once in the belly of the amphitheater, I was intrigued to see if I could get my 280 lbs up the rough, chunky rocks to the pimple dome visible from the road. Thankfully, it’s not all fat and I discovered that scrambling is now my favorite mountain-scape activity. Once I was confident I could retrace my steps down, if necessary, I climbed my way to the top, using the elephant-hide texture to cement my hand holds and steps. The dome sits about 4500’ up, so a modest 300-400’ scramble up from the amphitheater floor but well worth it. Beautiful views into the rest of Snow Canyon and the surrounding peaks. Coming down was challenging, having to hug a couple of edges and correct course but I couldn’t help but let out a holler after getting back to the bottom, simply because it was so incredibly fun. If you’re adventurous and minimalist, throwing down a bag at the top for the night would be a star-gazers paradise, as there are a few small oasis of flat ground with built-up sand and soil.

Fun, kid friendly trail.

I'm not sure how to make this a loop hike. We started at the Paradise Rim trailhead and hiked to Scout Cave and ended up coming out I believe at Johnson Canyon in Snow Canyon. Luckily, we had a family member to come pick us up to take us back to our car. Would love to do again and figure out how to make it a loop hike. The trail was beautiful from Paradise Rim to Scout Cave, lots of fun lookouts. Hiking out from Scout Cave you're hiking in a wash, nothing much to see from there. Would do again, but would like to figure out the loop.

3 months ago

Great run from the edge of town. You’re on classic desert single track within minutes. Nice climb to a killer view.

Sandy beach at the top was fun for the kids! Fun hike and amazing scenery!

We had great time on this trail. It was not too hard or too long just a nice hike. We took about two hours to do Scout Cave and Johnsons Arch.

mountain biking
4 months ago

One of my favorite biking trials in the area, fun ride with great views.

Easy trails that were fun to hike. Started with Chuckwalla TRAIL as a connector. Then hiked Halfway Wash Trail all of the way. Then connected to Paradise Rim Trail, which had great views. From there took Turtle Wall Trail back to Chuckwalla to finish up. Nothing terrifically difficult but a good hike.

If you’re planning on spending some time in Snow Canyon State Park, this is an excellent extension Trail. It is a fee Trail for the park but has an excellent view of the top of Snow Canyon. It is not difficult but you can add challenges at the end if you like.

Nice easy trail that ends with white rocks to scramble up. Gets pretty windy but really beautiful.

Such an awesome fun hike. Beautiful white petrified sand hills - fun to scramble along. At the end of the trail there is a white sand dune hill that the kiddos loved playing on for hours.

nice trail even with a lot of hikers on it.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Rocky and challenging ! Gorgeous views and rock caves!

Absolutely beautiful and unique geology. Has a white sand hill to play in too

Nice, short hike. Good for all ages. Beautiful views. It was fun in the white sand. We took our shoes off and walked through it. Kind of fun!

Great little hike! Easy to get to with a great view and plenty of gorgeous red rock. We took my two year old, and he walked half of it with no problem.

trail running
7 months ago

I beg to differ from the opinion that this trail is good for trail running. The trail is littered with rocks that won't bother bike tires but that are big enough that stepping inbetween them is necessary and enough of them that its exhausting to find a safe place to step. They aren't big rocks that can be stepped on, they are small enough to roll an ankle if you step on them (hope that makes sense). I'm a trail runner and managed the patience to make it 3 miles up from the south before losing patience and turning around for 3 miles back down. A great BIKING or HIKING experience for sure!

This is more or less an easy walk, especially when starting the trail from the trailhead that starts off route 18 (not inside the park). The trail starts in the sandy desert, and then leads up some slick rock into the ampitheatre. It was well marked when we were there, and the all trails map was a perfect guide. The only thing to keep in mind is if it is windy, the wind will be more intense inside the ampitheatre (where the trail ends). We got in there and it was so windy! Sand hitting us from all sides. Luckily the wind was not strong enough to blow us over, but it was hard to see because sand would blow in your eyes. Also another note, the parking lot exit has a high angle to the road, so take a wide turn to get out. I kinda scraped the bottom of our Volvo because I did not take a wide turn :(.

7 months ago

Immaculate views on the bluffs!

The beginning is real pretty with a great view of the city.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Great mountain biking trail. Not sure why this is listed at the "Green Valley Loop Trail" as its actual name is the "Bear Claw Poppy Trail." This has been maintained very well and is a great loop. My wife who is very new to mountain biking found the trail somewhat difficult in sections but for the avid mountain biker, this is a classic St. George trail that everyone should ride at least once.

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