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1 day ago

Good hike if you are just wanting to put some miles down.

Harder than expected, got lost for a mile even with maps, lots of cows that forced us to go around in unique ways. Otherwise, absolutely gorgeous and fun for the dogs! Was mostly in shade which was very nice. Wasn’t too much fun hiking back down using the road with no trail with cars, would recommend avoiding that.

Continuous steep climb with not a great view at the top lots of butterflies. Parts are tough to walk because of loose rocks. Shady parts goi g up in the am but all sunny on the way down. At least 1/2 mile walk to trail head.

21 days ago

Absolutely gorgeous views, quite a hike up hill to get there!

road biking
28 days ago

For the most part this trail is easy even for someone like me who is not really in the best shape. I rode my bike on this trail. We started at the corner of 1700 E and Canyon Road (GPS: 40.15392, -111.57889), and ended past the golf course. I did not ride all the way back to the place we started at. I enjoyed this trail, though starting from the point we started at, it was a little confusing to realize the trail doubled as a sidewalk and was right alongside the road where houses were. It was only maybe 2/3 into the trail, the trail was a 'trail' and not passing in front of people's houses. I enjoyed this trail and would do it again.

Several parts of the trail were quite difficult, which is OK, but most of the trail was covered in fine, Dusty, dirt which would kick up for others who were walking behind on the trail. A good one timer.

1 month ago

Uphill and rocky. Had a baby in a pack and that made my center of gravity off. Didn’t make it to the end because of short time. Didn’t plan for non-paved and narrowing road to trailhead. Good lookout about 1/2 way up. Pretty foliage and many blooming flowers. Lots of bees doing there work.

1 month ago

Beautiful scenery and not too strenuous

a little steep, but a beautiful trail. the elevation gain is worth the view from the top. there looks to be a trail the goes a little further. we followed it for a bit, but the brush gets a little thick and we didn't want to kill or damage anything. it's beautiful and green. definitely a hike I'd recommend.

bring some water! there are quite a few stretches in direct sun!

We got off trail towards the end and ended up on private property, but we will go back in a week or two to do the last part of the trail. The trail was gorgeous. The only drawback was that we ran into four snakes, yuck. Bring a hat and sunscreen. This is definitely a great trail that we will return to.

trail running
2 months ago

Did this route in reverse ending at the campground then running about a mile and a half back up the road to the trailhead. It was harder than I expected but beautiful nonetheless. The trailhead was pretty packed but I only passed one group on the trail. The spring towards the end was pretty cool and my dog definitely enjoyed it! Took a little over 2 hours to complete but I stopped to take in the views a decent amount.
Will definitely do it again!

on Wardsworth Trail

2 months ago

A great walk for the family. There are a couple stream crossings near the beginning. You could wade through at knee height, but there are logs and boards you can cross on. Great scenery. Not many hikers there yet (early May). The road is closed about 0.5 miles before the trailhead, so you have to leave your car there and walk up the road a bit.

trail was adventurous and fun! We didn't get to do the whole trail because we had kids with us, but the part we did hike was fun!

I skate this trail.

My husband, 18 month old son and I hiked this yesterday, Dec. 29th.
It was hard to find the trail at first but once we found it it was a great hike. You end up at squaw peak forest road.
I would recommend bringing snowshoes for the 2nd half of the trail!

My GPS took me up Spring Oaks Drive where the trailhead was a little hard to see, but there was a sign that said something about no motorized vehicles. it was in a neighborhood and I wasn’t sure where to park… I was lucky that someone is outside who was really friendly and told me I could park just on the curb pointed out the trailhead. The trail itself was nice! Pretty rocky and pretty dry, so running with a little more challenging.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The dirt road to the water tank is closed so I had to park up and around the corner, adds about 0.5 miles one way. The trail doesn't get too steep but there's a few places with a lot of loose rocks, especially if you connect up to the summit. But I didn't see a single person and the view is worth it!

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Fun little trail. At the top I connected to trail 759 to ascend to the summit with a beautiful view to Spanish Fork Peak and Mount Nebo in the distance.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Quite steep the whole way up and on some loose rocks. Gorgeous view of the valley tho, and a fair amount of shade. The perfect summer escape hike. Getting up the Squaw Peak road wasn't all that hard and I could have done it in a passenger car probably. Lots of cool little lizards. We continued on past the overlook to do the Powerhouse summit, required a bit of brush beating through a faint trail along the ridgeline but we made it!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Very mellow, decently shaded. Nice because it was rather quiet, but not a whole lot to see and it ends pretty quickly. Looks like there's opportunity to continue in other directions at the top.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I just tried this hike for the first time and really enjoyed it. There are lots of wildflowers and butterflies right now. It ends in a grassy-meadow area between peaks with a really pretty view of some snow-capped (for now) peaks in the distance. From there you can take trails to your right or left for a longer hike. To begin the hike, park where Center St dead ends and walk along the dirt road until just past the water shed where you will come to a gate - take the trail off to your left just before the gate (trail not marked).

trail running
Saturday, October 29, 2016

I run/hike this trail almost every week with my dogs. It's starts moderately on a dirt road it quickly narrows to a rocky trail. Middle section is super Rocky, a lot of loose rocks. Makes it hard to run. Good area to slow down and hike. Save the ankles. The top reaches a T at the pole Haven dirt road. If you take it to the left you can follow the pole Haven Road all the way to squaw Peak. Take a right and you'll head down to hobble Creek Canyon. Can finish the run on pavement out of hobble creek, back to town, returning to the trailhead to get a challenging 14 mile run.

on Spring Canyon Trail

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Love this trail! I hike it often. I hiked it today (Oct 19). It's still steep and rocky as ever. It's a bit windy at the top and the leaves have all fallen. But it's still great weather and well worth it!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Great trail! It gets narrow in some spots, and it can be pretty steep. Not a beginner trail. But it's well worth it! It's incredibly green, and all around a fun hike. My dog did great, too and she is a Mini Aussie.

trail running
Tuesday, May 31, 2016

excellent trail. Very solitudinal. easy access to squaw peak road for more miles.

Friday, April 22, 2016

I have hiked this trail overbthe years and also enjoy how secluded it is. It is a very quiet trail with very little traffic. Moderately steep with the middle portion being rocky bit this turns back to smooth dirt trail about 1.5 miles up. Early morning start is best due to it being very open and exposed the whole way.

on Spring Canyon Trail

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Beautiful trail, without the crowding of the Provo Canyon Trail.

mountain biking
Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Really smooth and nice at the top, really rocky at the middle... very rocky. Expert only or walk the middle part.

11 days ago

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