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This is a canyoneering route... thanks for saying so Alltrails....

1 day ago

awesome hike! switch back are a little rough. going down was the hardest part for me. probably because the style of hiking shoes I had on. I hope to come back soon!

2 days ago

Amazing, fun hike!
10.13.18, started at 1030, and got to Angels Landing at 12. And just relaxed and enjoyed the view!
The two multi-switchbacks were brutal! But after that, the climb with the chains to AL was the most fun! Please don’t give up! It’s an experiment that you need to see! You’ll be super proud of yourself!
The temperature was around 50-60F, so we packed extra jacket, don’t! You’ll be sweating hot with the hike! So don’t need the extra weights. One would be enough.
Would recommended to go early to catch the first bus to avoid all the traffics. Had to stop a couple times to give way to people going up. Yup it was one way one person traffic! So be considerate and give way to people.
Remember to have fun, stay hydrated and enjoy the hike!

2 days ago

This hike is a hidden gem in Zion. We didn't see many people and the views are wonderful. On my map, the distance was measured as 2.5 miles - it felt longer. After reading other reviews, it seems only the loop is actually 2.5 miles. There is a lot of sand, but it sorta adds to the hike. The views are killer. We're so happy we did this trail. Definitely go clockwise around the loop!

I hiked this trail in April 2010. This hike changed my life. It was scary and brilliant at the same. When I got the bottom I thought oh my God I just walked the side of a mountain with one hand on a rope chain while people passed around me. It was crazy and exhilarating at the same time. I made it to the very peak (my co-hort made it as far as Scout’s Overlook) and it was worth the strenuous effort. I did it once but I’ll not do it again. This is a trail to make one grand memory from. And I’ll never forget mine. Incredibly impactful.

An easy, paved trail that's relatively steep in places, but the hike is worth it.

Favorite hike of all time! It challenged my fear of heights. But since it’s an out and back it can get pretty backed up so I strongly recommend staying away during peak times like sundays and holidays. It can ruin a lot of the hike by spending so much time waiting. I would share this hike with anyone I came across I 10/10 recommend!!!

3 days ago

I read a lot of the reviews saying “if you’re afraid of heights, I do not recommend this hike”... well I’m terrified of heights and I went into this hike expecting to have some sort of panic or anxiety along the way. The exact opposite happened! I loved this hike. I went with someone who is a pretty fearless hiker, which helped me in multiple ways. The chains along the steep cliffs also provided a sense of relief and comfort! The very heavy trail traffic made this hike take a lot longer than it should have, but it was still worth it. Only recommendation if doing in the fall (or spring too I’m assuming) is bring gloves, those chains along the trail that you need to use at the top get cold!

I love it, October was a great month to do it, it was not hot at all and it was not crowded.

Best hike ever. A lot of elevation and the chains helped A LOT! Incredible views bottom to top

Challenging trail, very hot on the day we went(105). Trail crowded in spots. Worth it!

Great hike! The Zion National Park team has done a great job fixing the trail since its ladt closure in July.

7 days ago

Short but very scenic hike. Lots of different vegetation, rock and amazing views of the Watchmen once you get to the loop trail. Best if you are at the viewing spot just before sunset so you can watch the mountain glow and change colors as the sun sets upon it.

Feeling blessed, its surely worth it!! If you like to get the feel of zion this is a must... Its refreshing and surely tiring. The angels landing part is surely strenuous but worth the effort. I was so happy and proud of myself after this. Worth a lifetime.. Have fun and dont miss this. Carry at least 3lts of water per person, lot of salty snacks and good gear.

A strenuous climb just to Scouts Lookout especially in last week’s humid heat. This is a great hike to do once.

It looked like a dirty pond. I guess I’m spoiled by other hikes but this one didn’t do it for me. Nice walk to kill some time before dinner. That’s about it.

Man was this tough. I was pretty exhuasted while going up. But I made it, so I know if I can, you probably can. It was well worth it. I only went to Scouts Lookout however since Angels Landing was closed from falling rocks.

The upper part of this trail was closed when we went at end of September because of falling rocks and I believe flooding. It was beautiful none the less. This was one of my first times seeing the destruction of nature and one I will remember.

Definitely a bucket list hike. Wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be. I carved out time for the rest of my day to rest but I totally could have allowed myself to do more hikes and make the most of my day in Zion. I hiked this alone and it was fun how friendly everyone is. I made friends along the way. Enjoyed it a lot!

Excellent hike and very rewarding. It’s very busy though, even early in the morning, so don’t assume you’ll find much solitude. It’s pretty steep in places and do not attempt if you’re afraid of heights

spectacular hike. tough, exhilarating and awesome. highly recommend this trail......with one condition, if you are afraid of heights don't do this trail.

Finished hike in a little over 3 hours. Beautiful views up top. Bucket list hike worthy. Chains are gonna be your best friend at the top.

Amazing. Tough hike but well worth it whennyoubget to the top.

15 days ago

Awesome hike - knowing how to boulder and climb make it much easier.


Bucket list item ✅

17 days ago

Amazing hike. Go early to avoid the crowds. The last section to the summit has exposure and is not for those afraid of heights.

on The Watchman Trail

18 days ago

We started out before dawn with a flashlight and went up Watchman for the sunrise. Start out 1 hour before sunrise and you won’t regret it. Just gorgeous watching the hills light up.

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