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So many switchbacks! But it was so worth it. My friend is afraid of heights so we only made it to Scouts Lookout, but it was still amazing.

Great scenic walk on the trail and beyond the trail as we walked up river in the narrows. My wife and I went about 2 miles in and had a blast enjoying the river and the amazing scenery. Only negative was 1+ hour wait to board the shuttle at the Visitor Center to get transported to the hike area.

Super hard! After the first set of switchbacks, you get a nice break for about half a mile. Another set of switchbacks start up again, but after that, you’ve made it to Scout’s Lookout. It’s about another 0.5 miles to Angel’s Landing. The last 0.5 miles easily felt like 10! The whole hike is pretty much all uphill at a pretty steep incline - BUT! once you get to the top, the view made it all worth it. It took us about 3hr round trip. It gets really busy and congested on the trail, so make sure you go early!

Great view! Would definitley try and get there as early as possible

The last half mile makes the hike. The rest is just switchbacks.

Great short hike to a beautiful waterfall. one area on the trail is pretty hard to get past. have to wade in the water to the others bank and climb up to a shelf that is about 15 feet above the creek. you will most likely have the place to yourself after this point. the trail is easy after that. Had the place to our selves for three hours.

My review for this trail is start early early morning. The crowds are thick and make it in unenjoyable later in the day. It was by far the most stunning hike I ever done. Around every corner I was awe struck by the natural beauty of this area!!!! It’s breathtaking!

Have to do it if you’re visiting Zion. Catch the early bus (6am) in the morning. Earlier you go the less packed it is

Absolutely amazing hike! We took first shuttle and started our hike about 6:45, we didn’t have to worry about sharing chains going up but coming down it was starting to get congested. We didn’t mind though we just would take in the views when we had to stop and wait. Hike took us 3 hrs total. Not an easy trail so not for everyone, but that’s ok there are a lot of great hikes in Zion.

3 days ago

If your legs are sore after more strenuous hikes, this is a great trail to take. There's little to no elevation gain and you're always close to a shuttle. You can wander along close to the Virgin River, or take the trail up to another shuttle stop.

Unforgettable hike up the river. Went in May and the water wasn't too high or too cold. Rent the waiters, they are worth it. Be careful with your footing, you can't see where you are stepping. Some great opportunities to get some amazing photos.

Most memorable hike to date, though I can't say I would recommend it during peak tourist season.

Great walk, but very busy on weekends!
Recommend to visit on weekdays with less people!!

Shuttle bus!!!! Not sure why I didn’t see the bus mentioned in any of the other reviews. Most might ‘ass’ume it’s a known fact, for me it was a huge surprise. For any, I say again ANY of the trails in Zion you must take the free shuttle bus. You can either park in Springdale or if lucky inside the park but you still must take the shuttle. The Narrows is stop 9, you walk a mile then enter the water. It is very, very rocky. Easy to walk, just slow. We used our water shoes and the sole was not thick enough to accommodate the rocks. Very pretty, crowded. Totally worth it. Again - shuttle!!!

Extremely afraid of heights but I decided to give it a go. You have wonderful views pretty much the entire hike. Steep in some sections but definitely do able. Once I reached the section with chains I continued on for about fifteen minutes until I freaked myself out and had to turn around. Lots of people on the chains and sometimes your stuck in line waiting for people to move. Glad I made it as far as I did and got plenty of views of the park on the way up.

5 days ago

Great hike but crowded!!!! The first part is easily doable without interference from others but up to the landing be prepared. We had people who shouldn’t have been there, people frozen on the lower chains that you had to go around, even a guy trying to carry a baby in a front sling thing. This isn’t a bad hike if you are in shape if not it will take you a bit but stop to enjoy the views too. Bring water if can get warm. Also good god wear good shoes!! We saw everything from flops to toms and girls wearing those crap flat shoes. You are walking on rock. People have fallen and died on this hike so don’t be a statistic. Enjoy the hike and remember trail etiquette.

5 days ago

Amazing views! Too dangerous for kids.

Crowd was thick (think hundreds) at the beginning of the narrows. Check weather and water levels with info centre due to flash flooding risk. The further you walk, the less people. Once we had passed the crowds it was absolutely incredible and I just wanted to keep going! River forks after a while. Both left and right forks are worth exploring if you have time. Didn’t use sticks and wore our own steady hiking boots.

If you want an ‘adventure’ experience with a great view and don’t mind a crowd, definitely do this hike. If you want a decent hike where you can experience the grand scale and serenity of the park with 100th of the crowds, consider doing Observation Peak. If you have a couple of days, do both!

As for Angels Landing - Fantastic, fantastic experience but it is a strenuous hike and not for the faint hearted. Saw one person slip and can see how easy it would be to fall if you weren’t being careful with foot placement. The chains are there for a reason - use them. It is very crowded (4.5 hours with trail traffic). If you were amongst the first up, in my opinion it would be both safer and way faster due to no traffic coming from opposite direction. Take your time and communicate with people on the trail so that they know if you want to pass or want them to pass etc. One of my all time favourite hiking experiences!! Will remember it forever :-)

So all the hype about this trail is legit. Truly one of the best hikes that I have been on. It is very challenging but very doable for those with a reasonable fitness level. Individuals who are not experienced or not fit can expect a grueling, painful experience. Try the Pa’rous or Emerald Pool trail instead. For all others, to enjoy this trail, I echo the advice of others to get out as early as possible. First shuttle if you can. If you are lucky enough to be staying in the park at the lodge, you can actually go before the shuttle starts. The trailhead for Angel’s landing is 0.5 miles from the lodge. An easy walk. It may be a little dark when you start your hike but the first part is paved and easy. By the time you get to the challenging parts, there will be more daylight. I had the top for myself for at least 30 minutes. The landing is not very spacious so I’m sure that it can be very harrowing with all of those crowds and the chain part is definitely not made for two way traffic. Either way, it’s a must-do hike if you make it out to Zion. Enjoy!

7 days ago


Go early to avoid the crowds! We were in the first tram out this morning and by the time we were headed back the river was teeming with people. Amazing hike, probably the most spectacular hike I've ever done, but keep going past the congested areas and you'll be rewarded with great views. We hiked 3 hours in.

Walking sticks are a must-along with sturdy closed-toe shoes-beautiful!

Scary but good.

Very crowded, but for a reason. Even on the first shuttle out this hike is crowded. Great experience, a must do.

One of the best trails I've ever done, maybe THE best. Spectacular, awesome, breathtaking - those words don't do justice to the views at top and along the way. Avoid if you are afraid of heights and steep drop-offs. Get there early to avoid crowds and heat. You will not be disappointed.

Keep going until you’re past the crowds! Orderville gulch is worth the extra time. I have never done a hike like this one and loved every second! Bring trekking poles or a walking stick, I used old hiking boots, but plenty of folks seem to rent the water shoes from in town. We started at 4pm and there were still hundreds of people at the start.

Unbelievable experience. Made more dangerous by the crowds. I’m terrified of heights and was able to talk myself though the final chain sections successfully. Took about 3.5 hours

12 days ago

scary, but safe if you're sensible. Awesome view at the very top.

We were there in December and there was snow around, so took it extra slow. But it was safe enough.

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