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20 hours ago

Morning Run - very nice view

1 day ago

Watchman is a nice, short, easy hike with a great little 360° loop at the end, giving you views in all directions.

Great hike up. It challenged the kids a little and the payoff of views at the end were wonderful.

Tried to run this one-way on July 16. A sign at the west rim trailhead indicated the trail is closed from Cabin Springs down to the Grotto due to a rockslide. The NPS website says nothing about the closure, but I decided that it would suck to run 9 miles down to Cabin Springs, find the trail to indeed be closed, and then run back uphill another 9 miles, particularly since I had only enough water for about 14 easy miles. I ended up just going 7 miles out on the trail and then back to the trailhead. Very nice trail, and was soft after some thundershowers the day or two before. Spectacular views, particularly if you start at dawn. By 9 or 10 am, the sun is high and the colors get washed out. Heat wasn't too much of an issue (I finished at 9:30 am). I'm not sure whether the springs were working -- I carried on me all the water I needed.

Great hike. Can get crowded in the summer.

We did this as a 2 day backpack starting at Lava Point and ended at the Grotto. This trail was awesome. You get some great views while being very secluded in comparison to the rest of the park. There was water at West Rim Spring. We didn’t check Sawmill Spring and the park ranger told me that Potato Hollow wasn’t flowing. We carried 4L of water each and made it just fine to the last water source which we camped near (campsite 1). If you want to do Angel’s Landing, do it at the end of the trip. The trail intersects the Angel’s landing trail and you miss having to climb all the way up there from the very bottom so it’s a good opportunity to do it. Anyway, highly recommend this trail! It’s absolutely gorgeous.

12 days ago

Beautiful views! Did it in July during the middle of a hot afternoon. Not unbearable but it was hot. Make sure you take lots of water if you are considering doing the same.

14 days ago

Go early in the morning.

17 days ago

Absolutely amazing trail. It gets hot on a July afternoon but would totally do this one again the views along the whole trail were stunning and the “end” of the trail was an amazing lookout point for the south part of the park. I took some amazing photos. Absolutely beautiful!!!

My all time favorite hike just the scenery lost track of time and was out there with my brother and cousins it was 9 at night no light but our phones and only the stars over the narrows walls to guide us out most memorable moments in my life and then hit “Casa de Amigos” after...

Beautiful views of Zion Canyon! If your have a fear of heights, skip this one. But otherwise, just go slow and be deliberate - it may not be as scary as you’ve been told. Also: be on the first shuttle of the day to avoid crowds.

We went Monday 6/4. Very crowded! We tried to get there early but still took about 1hr to get on the shuttle the 40 min ride up to the trail. We got there at 7:30am the line for the shuttle was already long but the shuttles seemed to be running slower then the day before. Once we to the trail the first mile is up the river walk. Nice easy hike. We also rented the gear only $20 well worth it. The socks help keep your feet warm an the boots give good ankle support you are waking in the water just about all the way over rocks. The stick also helps out. Just made the hike more enjoyable. We saw others without the right gear and the were complaining and having a hard time. It’s easy to sprain an ankle in there. It was a very hot day out but the narrows it was cool. We even had a jacket on till later in the day. We hiked up to the split and went to the right. The slots got more narrow and there was a water fall up there. Then we headed back. We didn’t make it to Wall Street. We had seen enough. It was extremely crowded. We spent about 6hrs doing this hike. The hike was amazing, beautiful cannon walls. Water wasn’t to cold once you got use to it. Nice places to swim in there. Take a lunch nice beautiful spots for lunch. Take your time and enjoy it.

One of the most famous hikes at Zion. Began in the morning, maybe around 10am. I hiked this at the end of June, and the water levels and the current weren't too bad. The water was never waist height for as far as I went. There's not really a trail here, you just follow the river for as far as you want to hike, and then turn around whenever you've had enough. My friend and I hiked maybe 3.5 miles up the Narrows and then turned around. There were a ton of people when we went, so if you're trying to avoid crowds, it is probably best to go earlier in the day. There are great views, the water is relaxing, and there are tons of places to stop and take breaks. All in all, a great hike!

easily accessible from the visitors center. Great views.

Best hike at Zion so far! Like everyone else states, start early. We were at the shuttle stop at 5:45am. Took first bus at 6am. A few groups of people were around at this time. We (family of 5–kids aged 10, 11, and 17) all hiked in Chacos. Chilly at first but got used to it. I would recommend a jacket this early even though forecast was 101.
We hiked about 3 miles into the canyon. At the split, we turned right to hike back into the canyon where it narrows even more.
Great sights all around. Definitely more crowded on the way back.
Loved it!

28 days ago

We went on a morning ranger-led hike and really enjoyed this. Being older, the pace was reasonable and the scenery was excellent.

If you want to do this trail running you must be experienced, have good trail running shoes (I used my Hoka SpeedGoats), take water/bars/Gu, take your phone w\camera, and hopefully somebody can join you,
The trail is busy up to Angeles Landing.
Have fun

Excellent hike with a few caveats.

There’s nothing to say about the scenery that anyone else hasn’t already said ... it’s amazing. We did this in late June 2018, water flow was low (27cfs) and temperature was warm. Took a full 6:00am shuttle from visitors center and started about 6:45am. Air temp was slightly cool, but not enough to warrant anything more than my normal Columbia PFG long-sleeve fishing shirt, and things warmed up quickly. Embracing the fact you’re going to get wet makes the hike much easier; I saved time and effort by wading, or swimming, through areas that other people skirted. The air is warm and dry so it wasn’t a problem. On the way up we took a 3/4 mile detour up Orderville Gulch which is narrower but still fun. Coming back was easier, but not significantly. Only problem was the area below Wall Street in the afternoon. As we got closer to the trailhead it was elbows and a**holes from the huge crowds; I finally gave in and took a straight line down the center of the river to avoid them. In the end two 19 y/o guys and 3 average 50-60 y/o adults hiked about 11.5 miles in 8 hours with no problems other than sore legs.

Those caveats? Water flow was low, which made it easier, and we rented water boots and walking sticks. I didn’t find the rocks slippery (low phosphates in water?), but they still beat the soles of our feet and created plenty of opportunities for sprained ankles. Walking stick was good too, I caught myself multiple times and feel certain that my carbon hiking poles would have broken. There is no way i’d do this without both. Polarized sunglasses were a nice-to-have that made seeing the river bottom easier.

Great hike

This is truly unique experience and a must-do on a trip to Zion. We tried to “go early”, but should have gone even earlier. We walked to the park from Springdale and were in line for the shuttle by 7:00. We waited for the Zion shuttle for an hour and reached the trail head by 8:30. The water level was low (27 cfs) - it was mostly at ankle deep but the water came to waist level at the highest points. The low water meant the hike was not too challenging, though it took 7.5 hours for the 10 mile return trip to the Springs. The brutal sun and crowds made the last part of the return slow and tiring. The hiking stick, shoes, and neoprene socks were lifesavers (multiple times)! Sun protection, lots of water, and the right gear is a must.

Go early, beat the crowds, and go just past big spring to see the huge rockside that recently happened.

Great night hike, although night hiking is not allowed! At the top there is a great clearing for stargazing.

Definitely do this hike. You can go as far as you want since it’s an out and back. Went about 3 miles and the further you go the less crowded it is. Start early!

1 month ago

Good first hike in Zion. Isn’t too bad and nice view looking over Springdale. There are other better hikes though

Rocky with no side trails at first, but then the side trails come. I needed my walking sticks but some with good balance didn't. Just go! Too many awesome views to show them all on here!

Amazing experience! But the listing for this trail is misleading. We ended up don’t by over 17 miles there and back— very worth it! Do it early to skip some of the heat and crowds. Started with mid weight layers on top and bottom at 6:30am, plus neoprene socks and was pretty comfortable.

Did this trail with 2 kids (7 & 10) on a sunny March 2- not difficult, not long, just right for a morning hike with plenty of time to do other things in the afternoon after taking some time to enjoy the wonderful views at the top. Could not imagine doing it midday in summer with the heat and sun exposure- sunscreen, water, snacks are all necessary any time of year.

Great views from the top. Completed at about 830 am and was in shade for a good portion of the hike.

In incredible hike. We went as far Big Spring. A walking stick is recommended. A must-do for any hiker whos willing to push through the water, rocks, and tourists.

Pretty easy trail, great views along the way. If you do it in the morning 90% is shaded before 9am. Great hike. Not nearly as crowded as some of the others.

Variety along the way makes this an interesting short hike. Go in early morning to be in shade. Views are marred by the fact you are looking down at the road and service buildings. If you look beyond that it's quite pretty. Good for families with kids. The hike starts from the visitors center therefore no shuttle lines to wait on.

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