My scout troop did this as a 3 day backpacking trip in August. It was nice for most of it as there is generally tree cover for most of it. Going up the consistent 2nd Water incline made for a very nice climb. We had to come down 3rd water instead of 4th water but still got in a total of 22 miles. NOTE; water refill can be sketchy in some places. 2nd Water was fairly reliable but 3rd Water was dry or cow poo filed. 4th Water was better but still had plenty of cow poo from grazing. We found a spot that wasn’t bad and filtered PLUS chlorine tablets. No one got the runs so apparently our efforts paid off. This one may be better backpacking earlier in the year when higher water levels are running in the streams. Still this is a great trip with a nice reward at the end jumping into the hot springs.