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My scout troop did this as a 3 day backpacking trip in August. It was nice for most of it as there is generally tree cover for most of it. Going up the consistent 2nd Water incline made for a very nice climb. We had to come down 3rd water instead of 4th water but still got in a total of 22 miles. NOTE; water refill can be sketchy in some places. 2nd Water was fairly reliable but 3rd Water was dry or cow poo filed. 4th Water was better but still had plenty of cow poo from grazing. We found a spot that wasn’t bad and filtered PLUS chlorine tablets. No one got the runs so apparently our efforts paid off. This one may be better backpacking earlier in the year when higher water levels are running in the streams. Still this is a great trip with a nice reward at the end jumping into the hot springs.

We arrived at 9am on a Tuesday and there were 4 cars in the lot. After a very pleasant 2 mile hike we arrived at the springs and had them to ourselves for 45 minutes. That is all the time we needed due to persistent horse flies. The lowest pool felt like a 92f hot tub. It was most splendid and strange to have a hot waterfall jet falling on my back. The hike in and out is very nice due to the flowing stream. We were all very glad we took this amazing hike.

Great trail. Easy and fun! Go early, trail gets busy as the day goes on but we had the springs to ourselves before noon. Stop at the first pool you see! It has a mini waterfall and it’s the best of the pools. Once it’s filled, you won’t be getting in. Bring water shoes and bug spray! Horseflies are bad! Great natural hot springs, it’s a sight to see!

loved the water

Long but easy hike into the springs. Definitely worth the trip. The springs are beautiful and relaxing. Take bug spray!! Horse flies were the size of my fiancé and not as nice :)

The springs are varying in temperature. The bottom spring, the first “pool” you come to is like a nice hot tub temperature. The further up the path you go the hotter they get. Too hot to stay in.

All in all worth the trip!

15 days ago

Fun but packed in the summer. The trick is to go in the fall or early winter. Snow scares the crowds away.

20 days ago

I hiked this yesterday in the late afternoon. Great hike on a hot summer day since it is mostly shaded and secluded between mountain peaks. Like Miranda Anderson's comment, this is locally known as Hidden Oaks Trail and has mile markers at every 1/4 mile indicating as such. It's a nature hike (no scenic peaks or high vistas) of a more moderate level, if only for a few very steep climbs with loose terrain and rocks and areas of dense undergrowth making the trail harder to see and navigate. There are lots of bees and other stinging insects due to large sections of wild raspberry bushes and other flowering plants, so be extra aware if you're allergic.

20 days ago


Absolutely beautiful and easy to do. Be ready to deal with horse flies-they hurt when they bite! Besides that, this trail was beautiful. There were quite a few people here. Get there before 9:30 for good parking. Keep in mind that the sign for the parking lot is only visible when you come from one direction. We passed it and had to ask for directions to get there. There is a lot of shade on the trail which was really nice.

5 miles round trip! We got to the parking lot on a Monday at 8AM and had plenty of spaces to choose from. This was a fairly easy hike. I had 3, 11 year olds with me and we all managed just fine. The waterfall is very low this time if the year so the hot springs were considerbly more hot than we expected. The trail is fairly wide and well maintained. When we got down the parking lot was full and people were parking randomly. I got an unwanted full view of some lady's boobs who was standing bare chested rummaging through something beside her car which was by mine. I had 3 preteen boys with me so I asked her to please cover up. She didn't seem so happy I said something but not everyone wants their kids to be seeing some naked woman. Other than that and the horrid bathrooms at the parking lot the hike was very enjoyable! We did see a few snakes so try to stick to the trail.

Took the entire family of six (two year-old rode in a backpack, but four year-old walked on his own). Don't be misled by the report of small elevation gains—the cumulative effect of all of the up and down builds up after a while, especially with small kids. Also, hearing that the springs at the top were too hot to even touch, much less climb into, we ended up splashing around in a small pool about a quarter of a mile from the top of the trail. All said, it was a SCORCHINGLY hot day and at only 6,000 feet in elevation, you don't get much relief from the temperatures of Utah in late July. Also, while the trail is shaded in sections, there is still a lot in direct sun. Would be fun to try it again when it's cooler out!

Short and sweet. A good, easy option for families if you just need to get out of the house for a bit.

Quick walk, no real ending destination, just weeping rocks along the river. You have to cross it to reach them.

Loved doing this hike when there was still snow. It made the hot springs that much more fun and rewarding.

We arrived at the hot springs by 8 am Friday morning and only two other cars in parking lot. Very few people came and went before 10 am. It was getting crowded after 10 so we left. We enjoyed this fairly easy hike and loved the hot springs. The most enjoyable hot springs I've ever been to. Don't pass this hike up. Follow advice to arrive early, be respectful of others enjoying the pools, please take out your own trash, watch out for rattlesnakes and other wildlife, most importantly take your time and enjoy this wonderful place.

Beautiful hike in and fun hot springs. Avoid on the weekends as it’s super packed

1 month ago

This was an easy hike with beautiful views! My 3 year old son was able to do this hike with me without any complaints. We ended up taking about 2 hours round trip at a leisure pace. We ran into rattle snakes on the trail, but other than that it was awesome and we’d do it again.

Don't let the elevation gain fool you. Although it is only a 636 ft gain, you at least double it with the constant up and down. Great hike as well as beautiful drive to the trail head. We must have been between groups because we passed many on their way out and were the only ones at the spring for about 10 min. before several others arrived. Temperature of the water out of the falls portion was 115-120 per another hiker that brought a thermometer. Too hot to stay in it for mid day, but would be perfect for early morning or late evening.

Don't let the elevation gain fool you. Although it is only a 636 ft gain, you at least double it with the constant up and down. Great hike as well as beautiful drive to the trail head. We must have been between groups because we passed many on their way out and were the only ones at the spring for about 10 min. before several others arrived. Temperature of the water out of the falls portion was 115-120 per another hiker that brought a thermometer. Too hot for mid day, but would be perfect for early morning or late evening.

This would definitely be a 5 star, but the hike and hot springs are overly popular now. Beautiful at sunset and fun at night with lanterns and some good music.

my husband and I arrived around 8:45 am this morning to hike this trial. it must’ve been a good day to go, because there really weren’t many people on the way up or down! the hike up was really nice since it was still early, the temperatures were perfect! we didn’t stop much, so we arrived at the hot springs a little over an hour. the hot pools were smelly, but beautiful, the water was super blue! my only complaint was that one of the only people up there at the same time as us was a middle aged man, all alone, ass naked wallowing in the pool with the double waterfall. I expected to see some naked teenagers, but seeing this guy was actually pretty creepy, we didn’t appreciate that he kept standing up and exposing himself either. it was much hotter on the way down but it took only 45 minutes or so, it’s a really good hike for all skills levels with a great reward!

We went mid July on a Sunday at 7 am. And very much worth it. The parking is insanely limited, so arrive early.

The hike was great! Not too difficult or easy.

The Hot Springs do have a smell, but that’s expected. We did come across a ton of trash, including half a watermelon, that we packed out of there. Otherwise, I’ll absolutely be back!!

The water was really stinky like rotten eggs. It kinda made the hike not enjoyable. I might have gone at the wrong time of the year. I’ll have to come back in spring

1 month ago

(As of 7/10 the main entrance is actually closed!!) Fun hike with my dog. There's a few spots where it's rocky and steep so it can be a little tricky to scale, but other than that it's a pretty easy hike. It took us like an hour round trip. The top is very scenic. You can see the windmills facing the canyon and pretty much the entire valley. Would be a good evening hike, there is no shade on the trail. There's actually several different little pathways you can take. If you go up Spanish Oaks drive towards the gate, but you take the left turn right before the gate and head all the way down that road, then take another left it'll take you to a crossroad where to the right it's a dead end and to the left it continues curving down. Park in the dead end and hike up the little dirt trail and it'll put you right on track to walk straight up to the cross. You have to take this route because they closed the other route as they do construction around the reservoir.

paved, which is nice. great for running or biking. not much of an actual hike, though, so don't get your hopes up if you're expecting a hike. it's got some beautiful views, and there were lots of people.

The hike is beautiful! Very easy for anyone, in that there is only a slight elevation gain, and it’s heavily shaded for most of the trail. Lots of red rock, trees, and people kept talking of snakes, though we didn’t see any, unfortunately. The reward at the end are the hot springs. Which, smell really bad. Some parts are boiling hot and should be avoided, while most of the areas is perfect temperature and a great place to relax. If you’re lucky enough to get the first pool, before reaching the small waterfall and remainder of the hot springs, take it. It’s the deepest, largest, and most private of all. And surprisingly, there weren’t many people for a Saturday. Highly recommend the hike!

Great time killer, bring a picnic

Great hike! Ages 60-9 years old. Tons of photo ops.

This was a great trail for my 6, 7 and 11 YO. My mom even came at age 70. She’s not very fit so it was a little hard for her but with some stops to catch breath she made it all the way up. My husband and girls went ahead and made it up quickly. I stayed behind to be with my mom. I ran into 1 rattle snake and a normal snake. We started the trail at 3pm and it was in the 90’s the trail was very warm but shaded with a nice breeze. We used up all our water! The views of the red rocks and trees are amazing and the hot springs are very warm. Almost too hot in areas. I’d like to come back in the winter. The way down was super nice it was about 5:30 we stopped at a cooler area to swim and the temp was perfect. It was about a half mile from the other hot springs. Kids went all the way under and my 11 YO couldn’t touch in some areas so it was deep! They loved it! The way back was easier and we made it by 7. I would say if you walked there and back without any stops you could make it in 1.5-2 hours but if you have little kids that like to look at everything or needs breaks it will take a long a lot longer. Definitely a must go to hike!! We loved it!!

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