8 hours ago

This was a super short & easy walk! We went past the falls and up to the top of the trail and back and the whole hike ended up being just under 1.5 miles total. It was so much fun to be able to go in the water to get closer to the falls, especially on a hot day like today.

3 days ago

Great paved trail you can make it longer if you want!

3 days ago

New stain on suspension bridge so closed for now. Fun for the kids to play in the water

Beautiful hike! Went with my family. Kids ages were 2, 4, 7, 10 & 18. Really enjoyed it. Visited the dripping waterfalls then went up a bit further and crossed to bridges. Stopped multiple times to play in the water. Really short and had a good amount of shade.

7 days ago

Great, easy walk especially for younger kids. My daughter who uses a walker was able to do it with no problem. The only issue was once we wanted to walk off the trail down the river bank to the river and the dripping rock, she had to be carried but it was worth it for the kids to play in the water.

Pretty walk by the river. It’s fun to go a little further to the bridge. I liked it!

Beautiful views and trail. easy to follow and well marked. gets steep and rocky for a little bit but not bad. I did this hike with my four kids ages: 11,9,6,3

11 days ago

They added on to this trail beyond the old trail. It now has a beautiful suspension bridge that crosses over the river and then winds up the hill overlooking Spanish Oaks Golf Course. Although it is paved and a bit urban, I really enjoy walking this trail. It is super busy on the weekends. If you enjoy less traffic, go during the week. There are some beautiful wild flowers hanging over the dripping/weeping rocks section right now (May). Very Pretty!

The trail has been expanded. you can now go over a mile up the hill near the golf course. two bridges have been installed to cross the river. it ends above the golf course near a large pond. only problem is too many people on the trail.

Absolutely beautiful paved trail. There is plenty of shade and the scenery is stunning. Beyond the trees that line the trail are beautiful open fields. There were quite a few birds of vibrant color. Deer could also be seen feeding in the open fields. Perfect trail for a family with a stroller or wagon. Wheelchair friendly! This one is worth the drive.

The drive up here is really pretty... I would say this trail is extremely short but fun. You do have to climb on stuff, possibly get wet and muddy. Good little trail for kids maybe five and up to blow off some steam... there are a lot of wildflowers.. at the end I did not climb over to view small last fall because of crowding and the trail just ends. If you're not okay with small makeshift bridges or walking on rocks this is not for you. The trail was crowded enough to feel safe going up there as a single female.

I really enjoyed this trail. It's so beautiful with the water dripping down over the caves, and I could push my 2 toddlers in the stroller on the paved path while my big boys climbed down to the water. The river doesn't go too fast so it is safer than other rivers in the area for the kiddos. I was able to walk out and back for 1/2 hour at a good pace which is just fine for us. There is a big hill past the suspension bridge which was hard since I had a double stroller, but also a great workout! We'll definitely be back!

no shade
over grown
15 days ago

this is a really fun easy short hike for mostly anyone. the trails are really thin sometimes, single file. some of it is shaded and most of it is no shade. lots of ups and downs, not very good parking by the trailhead though.

Seriously the shortest trail ever.. The dropping water from rocks run along the river and into it.. good for kids and handicap accessible... not worth going out of your way for by any means..It is a safe and pretty walk until the turn after the bridge. The suspension bridge is short and cute... shortly after the suspension bridge the view ends and it's all uphill just to come to a residential street and turn around.

Not a trail but a great walking path! Saw a couple of snakes on the path. Great place to walk or run

19 days ago

Don’t expect grotto falls here hiking moms. The trail goes on and on in the hot sun. The dripping rocks is off the trail on the right side. Pretty disappointed. The trail isn’t marked so you don’t know that those dripping rocks are the picture you see in the trail description, unless you stop to ask someone. I ran into a few other confused hikers. The bridges after the rocks are fun. But if you hit the bridges you’ve gone to far. This trail is perfect for strollers and bikes!

road biking
20 days ago

Such a fun and scenic path. Some really awesome views of the mountains and beautiful shady path. Flat and smooth trail. Great for kids in the trailer.

So much fun! Nicely paved, beautiful, shady (we went 5-3-20), some beautiful views and I don’t think we even went halfway, though I could walk forever on this trail. We had a stroller and my boys brought their scooters and had a blast going back and forth. There were a lot of people on the trail when we went. We can’t wait to go again, I especially want to see it in the fall!

Good for a family with young kids. Paved walk along river, but once you get to the drippy falls, it's steep and rocky. No decent shade to stand at the top with a stroller. But a couple good rocks to sit on. If everyone wants to go down, bring a sling for baby to ride in. Getting there: we parked down the road at Canyon View Park and then we were able to find shade. It added about 5 min to the walk and we had to walk on a paved path along the highway, making the walk 15 min total. It was busy, so we walked further (about 1min) to the bridges. For curiosity sake, we followed the path along three switchbacks to what wasn't, yet the top and decided to go back down to a flat cement block for the suspension bridge. Decent size to spread lunch. We had some shade since was afternoon. On our way back, we stopped to enjoy the drippy falls. They're bigger than they look on pictures, about 4'-6' tall, although that would depend on how much water is running, too. They stretch about 25' in width. The river was to a 7 year old's knee, today, at it's deepest.

23 days ago

Very fun! When you get to the parking lot there’s two options of getting to the path that end up at the same place. If you head towards the playground and go up the paved path, you’ll get a shorter and less shaded hike. If you go right and follow the trail heads, you’ll have a shaded, longer hike. If you choose that path, at the T go right. Both paths will lead to a point where it breaks off to 6 different paths with no trail markers, just keep going up straight! You’ll eventually get to a little, wobbly bench that will have the sign say to go left! Very fun with beautiful views!

family friendly easy hike

Beautiful trail for the whole family

bridge out
28 days ago

Suspensions bridge out form 01May - 05May2020. Water muddy. Come back later.

The Fifth Water trail and specifically the hot springs area are currently (4/25/2020) closed indefinitely by the Forest Service due to COVID-19. This closure applies to the entire Diamond Fork Rd. and the more popular 3 Forks Trailhead, but also extends along the rest of the Fifth Water trail to the lesser-known Ray's Valley trailhead. Furthermore, Forest Rd. 051 (Sheep Creek Rd.) was closed (gated shut) as of 4/25 ~6 mi. South of Ray's Valley trailhead. Note that this is only a ~5 mi. section of this loop but encompasses both common trailheads. Loop cannot currently be completed as shown here, and a different entry point is needed to hike the other portions of the loop as well. Please see https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/uwcnf/alerts-notices for potential updates, or call the ranger station.

1 month ago

Great trail! Stroller friendly. The two bridges were cool and the dripping rocks are really pretty.

1 month ago

Beautiful simple hike. Mostly all bike trail but good views. Will have to come back another time to finish. Started too late.

short walk, the dripping rocks were pretty! :)

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