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Spanish Fork, Utah Map

Open today as well! We arrived around 9:30am Sunday morning, only a few cars in the parking lot. We soaked for 3 hours and around 12:30/1:00 people were coming in so quickly. We passed about 10 groups hiking up, and the parking lot was CRAZY FULL.

So advice?

Don’t forget water shoes!
There’s lots of little hot pools above the waterfall.
Arrive early morning.
We saw a few nude people (but it wasn’t bothersome or annoying, they were alone in nature)
A few broken glass bottles which is so annoying because the pool bottoms are soft and stepping onto glass would be so bad.

Diamond Fork road wasn’t closed this morning, had the springs to myself for almost an hour.

i went sunday. the alternate route is from sheeps creek road. about 10-15 miles past diamond fork. once you make the left on sheeps creek road, another 11 miles of windy road. trailhead is on the left. you can see my recording to get an idea of where you start. hope this helps

Steven-how do you get to the alternate trail??

16 days ago

Beautiful in the fall! Not too hard, though it is a steady climb the whole way. Rocky path too. We loved loved this hike. New favorite.

Called the ranger station and diamond fork was still closed, she didn’t know when they would reopen it. So I went and used the alternate trail. Very steep and strenuous compared to the normal trail, but still did it in about an hour each way. Had the whole place to myself, but water levels are low in all the pools, and the river was nice and muddy today. I posted pictures too in case anybody wants to see.

The road was closed as of a couple days ago due to fire related things. If you must know, call the Spanish fork ranger station and inquire if the diamond fork road is open again yet or not.

So the ‘trail’ is closed? Or the gate for the road is closed? I’ve hiked to it when the gate was closed.

Those anyone know if the trail is open now?

Trail is still closed as of Oct. 1st due to the fires. I'm not sure how to find updates. The fire wasn't listed on the map.

Easy walk to beautiful hot springs. Not crowded when we went early in the morning. The trail is mostly flat and very well maintained. The hot springs are just as colorful as they look in the pictures. Many are too hot to swim in so be careful. Definitely going back.

FYI trail currently CLOSED related to fire.
I only gave 5 star so it wouldn’t drop the rating.
Plan to come back another time

Don't go. Gross, tons of people who bring their kids and pets to run around and splash and scream in the water.

great trail for casual biking or walking.Fall colors are coming in.

This hike was absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it but I would try to go later in the day so that you can cool off while soaking in the hot springs. This was also a great hike for someone from out of state (Missouri) as it wasn’t too steep and felt as though I was hiking in Missouri (but better lol). We did see a lot of snakes while on this trail so be careful (but none were venomous). Also, the trail looks like it got washed away a little bit so be careful as it’s gravely and large washouts on the trail itself.
Trail: 5 stars
Difficulty: easy to moderate
Drive to trailhead: very easy paved road

worth seeing.

Love these hot springs. Especially beautiful in the fall. Avoid visiting them on a holiday though, if you enjoy solitude...way too many people visit the area on holidays to allow the outing to be enjoyable in my opinion.

Fun spot - not really a hiking trail, but a neat place to play in the river

1 month ago

Nice short walk on a paved road. The river is very beautiful and a lot of fun to walk around in.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Great trail for individuals or family biking, jogging, or walking. Flat, paved, well maintained by the City of Spanish Fork. Follows the Spanish Fork River and adjacent to some beautiful farmland. Very accessible and lots of shade. We've hauled our bicycles from another city to ride on this trail several times and have also walked most of the route. Restrooms available at either ends in Spanish Oaks park or by the ball fields. Really nice urban trail.

2 months ago

Took my dog up

My scout troop did this as a 3 day backpacking trip in August. It was nice for most of it as there is generally tree cover for most of it. Going up the consistent 2nd Water incline made for a very nice climb. We had to come down 3rd water instead of 4th water but still got in a total of 22 miles. NOTE; water refill can be sketchy in some places. 2nd Water was fairly reliable but 3rd Water was dry or cow poo filed. 4th Water was better but still had plenty of cow poo from grazing. We found a spot that wasn’t bad and filtered PLUS chlorine tablets. No one got the runs so apparently our efforts paid off. This one may be better backpacking earlier in the year when higher water levels are running in the streams. Still this is a great trip with a nice reward at the end jumping into the hot springs.

We arrived at 9am on a Tuesday and there were 4 cars in the lot. After a very pleasant 2 mile hike we arrived at the springs and had them to ourselves for 45 minutes. That is all the time we needed due to persistent horse flies. The lowest pool felt like a 92f hot tub. It was most splendid and strange to have a hot waterfall jet falling on my back. The hike in and out is very nice due to the flowing stream. We were all very glad we took this amazing hike.

Great trail. Easy and fun! Go early, trail gets busy as the day goes on but we had the springs to ourselves before noon. Stop at the first pool you see! It has a mini waterfall and it’s the best of the pools. Once it’s filled, you won’t be getting in. Bring water shoes and bug spray! Horseflies are bad! Great natural hot springs, it’s a sight to see!

loved the water

Long but easy hike into the springs. Definitely worth the trip. The springs are beautiful and relaxing. Take bug spray!! Horse flies were the size of my fiancé and not as nice :)

The springs are varying in temperature. The bottom spring, the first “pool” you come to is like a nice hot tub temperature. The further up the path you go the hotter they get. Too hot to stay in.

All in all worth the trip!

Fun but packed in the summer. The trick is to go in the fall or early winter. Snow scares the crowds away.

2 months ago

I hiked this yesterday in the late afternoon. Great hike on a hot summer day since it is mostly shaded and secluded between mountain peaks. Like Miranda Anderson's comment, this is locally known as Hidden Oaks Trail and has mile markers at every 1/4 mile indicating as such. It's a nature hike (no scenic peaks or high vistas) of a more moderate level, if only for a few very steep climbs with loose terrain and rocks and areas of dense undergrowth making the trail harder to see and navigate. There are lots of bees and other stinging insects due to large sections of wild raspberry bushes and other flowering plants, so be extra aware if you're allergic.


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