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Sandy, Utah Map

A beautiful hike! The trail is covered with snow, so it is a bit slick in places - especially above the Lower Falls side trail. Definitely want to go back and hike all the way to the reservoir!

I hiked this again yesterday. Beautiful hike as always. The rivers and falls are now frozen. Adds a whole new beauty to this hike. Better hike if you go across the bridge and head up and around the back of the lake.

I have probably done this trail 10 times. It is so easy for me to get to from my house and is the perfect distance if you only want to go out for 4 hours.

I used this trail as a training hike for a high-altitude hike in California, and it worked beautifully. I have done it in the warmth of summer and the light snow of late autumn to test my winter hiking gear.

This is a great into hike to the fabulous hikes of Little Cottonwood Canyon with amazing views and an awesome lake to have lunch at before heading back down.

I hiked this on August 11, 2018 with a buddy. I think it took us about 6 hours round trip. I was not expecting the pretty intense scramble across some boulders on a ridge to get to the final steep push to the summit. I kind of lost the main trail in that ridge line but kept reconnecting with it.

The final steep scramble looks much worse from afar than it is. One you get across the ridge, just take your time and you'll be golden. The views from the summit are out of control.

This is a great hike to do if you want to get used to altitude since the summit is well over 11,000 feet. Also, if you start this hike and are not feeling like doing steep stuff that requires using your hands or you are with less experienced hikers, you can top out at Red Pine Lake. This is still a fantastic hike with beauty all around.

Have fun out there, folks!

I just moved here fro Oklahoma. This is a great short hike to start reaclimating to the altitude. First .5 miles is rough but the rest is amazing. Would like to see the trails marked better. I got lost but it was easy to get back.

Beautiful and short trail

8 days ago

Nice short hike with beautiful views of the canyon walls.

Hey, I got old knees. They sure did get a work out! This hike can be strenuous, but the payoff is incredible. The water fall is frozen with small trickles of water running through the icicles. Breathtaking! Busy trail with friendly people. Question? -trail runners, man or machine?

9 days ago

Beautiful views almost the entire time! It was a gradual incline until the last mile before the lake, but still
totally doable. Sadly .5 miles to the lake the snow pack dies out and you would need snow shoes to get through the final section so we had to turn around. Bummer, but the views up to that point were awesome.

9 days ago

Except for a few icy spots we have to slowdown, this was an easy hike.

The first and third miles are hard. And fabulous!!! The last 3/4 mile is steep rock, which is kind of hard to get down. Loved this hike! Took 80 minutes up and 70 minutes down. Two navigation notes: at the first landing (above the lake), go left. And up at the river go left (over the bridge).

on White Pine Lake Trail

19 days ago

I love this trail, I’ve been here several times and great incline not too steep but long. When you bet to “top” of that branches into couple trails. On the right. Ore covered and foresty and left more views and more of the similar incline as the beginning.

Loved this hike! Not as steep as Red Pine but longer. I’d agree with others who’ve characterized this as moderate rather than difficult. The lake at the top is a gem. Still doable without poles or traction but It is a bit slippery in spots though, especially once it starts warming up. The snow is packed now so you don’t really need gaiters.

Fast, fun, family friendly hike. We enjoyed climbing on the rocks at the end near the waterfall and exploring some caves off the main trail.

Beautiful trail. Definitely would recommend poles, snow and ice for a solid mile. Would rate this overall as moderate if not for the snow. Only a steep incline for about a mile. Almost made it to upper lake, but snow got a bit too deep without poles. Will be heading back to do again - awesome trail!

22 days ago

Trail off red pine trail up to Maybird lakes was difficult to follow in a few spots with the snow on the ground. GPS on the trail app was a lifesaver. The views at the end are epic, especially with the snow on the peaks and mt. pfeifferhorn. Would of been 5 stars but the trail could use a little help with guidance markings.

I hiked the upper portion for 1.7 miles until it comes back up to the road. Starts just below the ruins of the old Mill. Loved this trail. Very peaceful and a gradual climb to get your heart going a bit. I only saw three mountain bikers and five bikers on this trail. I think I will start at the bottom for a snow shoeing adventure this winter.

22 days ago

Great trial, especially in the winter. I'm 50+ and it is hard though.

Love!!!! Going up, it didn't get hard until the last 3/4 of a mile when it gets steep. It took me just under 2 hours to get up and I didn't take a real break until I got to that steep part. Trek poles really helped save my knees coming down.

Sandy City has notified residents that they are planning on developing a large soccer complex and dog park in the open space zoned area known as quail hollow park just east of albian junior high near 90th south and 3000 east. To pay for the park sandy is going to sell some of the land and raise taxes. Local residents are very upset by this as the land is currently a natural park full of wild life with beautiful views of the valley. Why the city would spoil one of the few remaining open spaces for housing development and a soccer field and dog park baffles many of those of us who live near the park. Besides the termendous expense of such an undertaking it seems blatantly to disregard the environmental impacts such a park would have. The city seems to be rushing through the process before the public becomes aware of the plans. Currently the area is heavily used for biking, running, and hiking trails. The area is home to deer, fox, rabbits, snakes, and all sorts of other wildlife. The park trails run along little cottonwood creek. There are three public meetings to discuss the park. monday oct 29th at alta canyon rec center, Thursday Nov 1st at Albian Middle School, and Saturday Nov 3rd at Albian middle school.

This has been a favorite of mine and my kids for years. It's easy and the lake is pretty,

Great day hike! Trail was snow covered from 9000 feet to the top. This was the most difficult part for me as I’m not accustomed to altitude ( from PA). Below that it is very rocky, so be prepared for both. The lake was beautiful, though there are other small lakes on the way up. Very few others on the trail, which was well marked even in the snowy areas, thanks to those who went before us. Views were absolutely spectacular. Despite the cool temps, the sun was very warm. Bring sunscreen, especially now that there is snow.

More of a moderate hike, comparatively. beautiful all the way up, great changes in scenery, good workout, easy to run up&down (other than the last mile), and good anytime of the year!

More of a moderate hike, comparatively. beautiful all the way up, great changes in scenery, good workout, easy to run up&down (other than the last mile), and good anytime of the year!

Just beautiful. Always loved going here when I was a kid.

Great hike but the waterfall is barely a trickle. There a side hike up the side of the mountain if you have the skills. Beautiful view from the top. Warning signs for mountain lions in the area, did see proof that they have been there, also saw a tarantula on the trail. Will return in the spring. Beautiful canyon.

27 days ago

Only putting 5 rating, because it’s an awesome workout. This is steep though. It’s actually steeper than Jacobs ladder and you end up climbing straight up the mountain connecting with trail eagle and going down to bonneville shoreline to get back. This felt more like I was hunting actually, because of terrain on last half. It was 10 miles round trip actually, but only 3 ascending. It’s steep. :)

28 days ago

Great paved trail! Perfect for strollers, wheelchairs, or toddlers learning to walk! My 18 month old did the whole trail:) Informational signs are interesting as well!

My favorite hike ever

29 days ago

Great hike. I began at 11am-ish, and by that time there were many others hiking the trail and a challenge to find parking. The remaining snow made some spots slick, but nothing difficult.

When I got to the second bridge, I did not cross. Instead I stayed on the left side of the water and followed others’ footsteps. This was a little steep, slippery and dodgy. I got to a point where I stopped seeing footsteps. I suddenly got a wild hair and crossed over the water. On my way back down I remained within an earshot of the water. I did not find any footsteps for a while but when I finally did the snow was a foot deep with every step. Right before I got to the bridge I fell into about what seemed to be 2 feet of snow. Laughable...that’s what I get for having that wild hair, I guess.

I’ll definitely return but next time I’ll try using the right side of the water after crossing the second bridge. I feel that I missed something by not crossing the second bridge.

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