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Awesome hike! Really not that hard of a hike we ran into a group with little kids that made it up there! So it’s possible! Only took us 2 and a half hours to get to the upper lake lake.

Once you get past the lake, the trail is much more fun and the waterfall and surrounding canyon walls are stunning. I wouldn't rate this as difficult especially compared to Mt Olympus..

Did this trail today with my Dad. It was a lot of fun. Wear a hat & bring more water than you think you’ll need. It’s not Mt. Olympus or anything, but still one that gets the heart rate pounding pretty high.

Worthy of a visit. It's a very simple, well-worn trail to follow and there are some nice views at the falls. You won't be disappointed

I went about a month ago and my mom's friend tore a ligament plus the hike is not moderate at all it is really hard.

3 days ago

Great morning hike before it gets too hot. Beautiful, clear lake - you can see the trout swimming around. I would rate it as a moderate hike- it's long but not overly steep.

3 days ago

This was a tough one. The last mile or so seems to just be straight up hill. But don’t let that scare you. It was definitely worth it. The turn off to the parking lot is right BEFORE the White Pine sign if you’re coming from Salt Lake, so I missed it and had to turn around. The lake has plenty of little private spots where you can sit and relax. I saw someone in a hammock up there. Maybe I’ll try that next time. It did get a little chilly once I was in the shade at the lake because you really sweat a lot going up. It was a Sunday and there were people around, but not too crowded for my taste. The bugs didn’t bother me at all on the way up, but they were driving me crazy on the way down. I headed up at 11:30 and headed down at 1:30. No snakes I could see. Yay! But I did get to talk to a couple squirrels. Haha.

Oops! Meant to stay don't start this hike late in the day!~

Start this hike late in the day. It's a long hike, and I see people struggling to get up the mountain around noon when I'm almost all the way down and done with my hike. I didn't quite use my 3L of water, but it was cold this morning (5:45am) and not hot yet when I came back down. Take the time to explore the meadow on the south side of the lake. It is gorgeous!

This is easily my favorite hike I’ve done in little cottonwood so far. It is so pretty all the way up with some pretty great views of the valley/canyon road below. The lake itself is so serene and there’s a ton of places around it for pictures and relaxing. It can get breezy up there which makes it cold if you’re all sweaty, so bring a light jacket! There were a quite a few people in hammocks! We decided to extend our hike and ascent up over the large rocks to another lake above(the rock scrambling was pretty strenuous). The views from above of Red Pine also made this extra mile worth it. I will be back to hike the white pine trail here soon!

Mostly shaded so nice on these hot summer days. Lots of little things to see from flowers to little animals. Good for chilling by a lake all day with a cool breeze.

Despite being overcast and some occassional sprinkles, this was a beautiful hike. It's 7.7 miles RT, not 7.1 but the hardest part is prior to the turnoff at mile 2.6 (shares red pine lake trail to that point then crosses a bridge to the right). Sprinkles and breeze kept mosquitoes to a minimum. Pfiefferhorn is spectacular to see from this vantage point though Maybird Lake itself is small and shallow. 3 people were leaving as we arrived and 4 more came up the trail after we left so a very different experience than red pine lake. It took us 2 hours to get there.

This trail is a strenuous one. It’s nearly a mile from the parking lot to the trailhead, so plan accordingly. The temps were right around 100 in early July, so bring plenty of water. Steep steps and large rocks are prevalent for much of the hike, but the waterfall is a beautiful destination. The upper portion is even steeper than the lower, but it’s worth the wobbly legs you’ll have at the end of the hike!

Beautiful trail! The lake is gorgeous. Highly recommend.

beautiful, shaded, and not too long. I was able to get up to the falls after work in the evening and race the sunset back down the mountain in just a couple of hours. gorgeous views and it was too crowded on a Friday night.

7 days ago

Awesome hike, can be challenging. Passed many people resting on the way up. Take your time and enjoy, if it seems to difficult. If you're an avid hiker, you'll enjoy this one.

Be sure to follow the trail around the lake. Beautiful scenery.

Trail Running, parts of the way down, was also fun.

Went on a Monday and it was pretty crowded. I can just imagine what it's like on the weekends.

Amazing trail! Pretty easy until the last part to the falls. I did see a mountain lion on the trail a while back. Probably not there anymore and very unlikely to see one, but be cautious!

Very nice hike with great views over the city for the first part. Definitely worth going all the way to the falls! The trail isn’t perfectly marked, but it not difficult to follow.

My first time on this trails, it's a good hike, steep, rocky somewhat hard but perfect for a good workout for the day. It's took me and my sister about 6 hrs. both way, we stop quiet a bit to take pictures. Beautiful lake and sceneries, "oh and don't forget to put some bugs spray on we got a lot of bites from those nasty flies. Drink a lot of water and bring your walking sticks it's very helpful.

9 days ago

Gorgeous. Insanely gorgeous. Not an easy hike at all, but worth every second and every mosquito bite!!

This trail is rated at a hard but we did this on July 4th and it was relatively easy until you got to the last half mile. The last half mile is kind of steep but the water fall at the end is totally worth it.

9 days ago

Love this hike. Take time to go to the upper lake as well. Plenty of bug spray will allow you time to enjoy the lake.

10 days ago

First hike for me in Utah, just moved from Phoenix so I’m definitely not used to big mountains or the elevation. Spectacular hike with gorgeous views, but definitely steep in some sections. Will definitely do it again and go for the pfeifferhorn!

The trail is beautiful. It is difficult but the waterfalls are awsome. Really enjoyed this beautiful trail. Should take plenty of water as during hiking you will not find drinking water.

This is always one of my favorite go to hikes. It is always a killer after the long lazy winter but always worth it.

What a beautiful beastly hike. Definately rated hard, moreso an "extreme" hike. Took us 3 1/2 hours moving constantly to get to the top. Our fitness trackers from the parking lot (overflow) to the upper reservoir said about 6 miles (one way) and about 450 floors. The trail narrows after the lower falls and definitely criss crosses. All trails go UP to the same place! When you reach the large granite rock "garden" or slide/field, stay to your left. It's a little less than a mile from the top. The mosquitoes were pretty heavy. Bring Deet! Bring plenty of water (we sure enjoyed a bottle of Gatorade too).

Take your time coming down. Hard on your knees and ankles.

We didn't see any snakes.

Much cooler at the reservoir (almost 20 degrees cooler than the valley).

Happy Hiking!

11 days ago

I hiked this yesterday evening. Began around 5:45 pm and reached the lake 7:15 pm. Temp at the trailhead was about 85 degrees when I began; I forgot to check the temp at the lake. There were a number of groups backpacking in. Several pockets of mosquitos and biting flies (ouch!!). I had doused myself in mosquito repellent with Picaridin 5% and have found 6 mosquito bites today and one fly bite. It was worth it, though. The time of day meant the hike was primarily shaded. Just enough breeze that it wasn’t stifling. The views were beautiful, with a good variety of wild flowers the whole way up. I’m looking forward to making this one of my regular destinations.

This was a great hike. Definitely a challenge. Steep and lots of rocks. LOTS of rocks! Hiking shoes are best. We drank all of our 2L of water each by the time we reached a miles left coming down. Bring lots of water. Those who were going up when we were coming down had a hard time because it was getting hot. We left at 9:30am and made it to the lake by 1:15 with lots of rest stops going up. Left the lake at 2 and made it back to the car by 4:30. Definitely worth the hike!! It’s so beautiful! Enjoy!

11 days ago

Great hike! We left at 8am, back at noon with some time enjoying the sites at the lake. Beautiful wild flowers and sights along way (birch, pine trees), views of the valley, mountains and of course, the lake. The trail gets more of an incline halfway though and there are a few spots with decent size rocks to walk over, otherwise not too difficult terrain. Mostly covered but was getting hot coming down as we entered the afternoon- would recommend early start. There were a decent amount of hikers at top, but nothing to block great photos or ruin the hike. Has been one of my favorites so far Northern Utah.

This trail kicked my butt since I haven’t been hiking in a long time, but I loved it! Hard, but will be easier next time ;) waterfall was beautiful and very refreshing

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