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My GPS hiking watch had us at 6 miles by the end. Definitely seems like the measurements here are iffy. Fantastic hike, though. Last mile or so is almost completely uphill, with the final stretch VERY steep and rocky. It's definitely a workout, but well worth it. I hiked this with my 10 and 12 year old sister and brother, and they did great. Waterfall and views are gorgeous. We hiked Saturday from 1-5 pm and there were definitely others on the trail but not enough to cause inconvenience to our hike or anything.

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Did this hike last night, the trail is fairly wet and muddy at times so bring boots, plenty of wildlife so watch out for moose near the trail. Lake is beautiful though and definitely recommend!

Great destination. Love the aspen forest mixed and with white pines. Trail is rocky and I am glad I wore hiking boots instead of shoes and there were several stream crossings again easier in boots. The lake is wonderful with a few areas of soft grass to sit or lay on and relax after the strenuous hike up to the lake.

Beautiful views. Difficult to find the trail on the other side of the lake, but really a nice hike.

Beautiful hike, definitely recommend this trail. If you have young children I might stick with something a little shorter. The view at the end makes the hike worth it.

5 miles one way. Beautiful lake with views all around.

The only reason I docked a star is because half the trail is loose rocks. The other half is soft dirt, and some mud and water. My feet were never fully covered in water, so don’t worry about that. Only a few portions of the hike were steep enough for me to contemplate taking a quick break to catch my breath, though I didn’t stop till the top. The lake is gorgeous! Crystal clear water. It looks as if you could safely get a glass of water right from the lake. I hiked all the way around the lake and up to a ledge high above the lake, perched up on a mountain of boulders. I got some great panorama photos from that point. I spent around 60-90 minutes at the lake before heading back down. I started about 11:20a and got back to the trailhead at 4:30. So it’s not too long of a hike. And there weren’t many people on the trail. I passed 10-15 groups, total, and only remember beautiful woman in the orange shirt. ;) Overall, great hike! The lake makes it well worth the trek!

Great hike. We started at 5:30am. We saw 2 bull moose and 1 cow on the way up. They were all close to the trail. Beautiful scenery. Still water on the trail in places but I wore trail runners. No problem. We tried to hike from White Pine to Red Pine. Bad idea. We had to turn around and come back. Nothing but boulders. Also, our trackers had a total of 10 miles to the lake and back. We parked right at the trail head. The sign said 4 miles to the lake.

Just went this morning. Got started at 715 and the lot was already full. Mostly from overnighters and those going to Red Pine. Overall not too bad. Like anything else in the Cottonwoods, its a climb, but there is never anything really steep. Still a few streams and some mud so be prepared for that. I suggest getting started early before the crowds show up. I'd say 630 to 7 ought to do it.

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Ended up with 10.2 miles round trip. Not the best for running with all of the loose rocks but it works. The first stream you come across that could be filtered, aside from the river in the beginning, is currently 3 miles up from the parking lot. Overall a great trail with a uintas type feel to the lake.

This is one of my favorite trails but there's a rock field in the middle that can be really confusing (I've done this trail twice and I got equally confused both times!). Just keep your alltrails map handy to reassure yourself that you're headed in the right direction, and you'll quickly find yourself back on the dirt trail. It's worth it.

Great hike! I would recommend going in the fall or in the spring, it gets hot!

Completed this today with full backpack on as a training hike for longer excursions in the Uintas. This is a nice hike as the trail is not too technical and not as crowded as the neighboring Red Pine trail. The lake is surrounded by boulders, and the feeling is as if you are high up in a wilderness alpine setting much further from civilization. The snow is almost gone and the flowers are blooming. I surprised a young bull moose that was munching shrubs just off the trail. According to my Strava app, I logged 11 miles, with a little meandering at the lake, but I would say this trail is closer to 10.5 miles. I have done this many times and is a favorite of mine.

I have to say that anyone for the most part(people transplanting from other states) if you are giving hikes a 1 star rating, you obviously are not able to see any beauty in most things. Go back to Jersey(you know who you are) And quit polluting our state(people from Cali) you also know who you are. Utah has been one of America’s best kept secrets for a long time. How about you respect it and see it for what it truly is.

I loved this hike! It was short, but steep. My 2-year-old handled it like a boss, though. The little reservoir is so peaceful and beautiful! We saw ducklings and geese! We will definitely be doing this again!!

This hike was gorgeous! We started at about 7pm from the Bells Canyon Granite Trailhead and it took until about 8:30 to get to the Lower Falls. Didn't stay long there because we only had another 30 minutes of daylight. Got back to trailhead at about 9:45 though when you head back down you're still in the direction of the light. Definitely recommend a hat for non-shady parts as well as bug repellant. A hiking pole is helpful but not completely necessary. Great workout and definitely worth it. Also NO DOGS allowed on this trail.

This hike was jaw droppingly gorgeous. I couldn't believe how big the payoff was to get to the top. Make sure to take your time and explore the different paths at the beginning; almost all of them lead to the top.

Visited yesterday. Nice distance and elevation gain for a workout. Trail was clear of snow and ice. Plenty of water to filter along the entire hike so you don’t have to carry much. It’s always windy at the top and a little chilly, even in the later summer months. A light jacket is always nice. Tried to hike over to upper red pine from over the west side of white pine. I couldn’t see the lake and couldn’t find my grounding without it so I turned back. Has anyone hiked from there to red pine?

Continuously trying to prove my own bad-assery to myself, I did this yesterday. Trail is mostly under shade which is really nice, but not when you get to the switchbacks right before the lake. One of the more beautiful hikes I've ever done. So many different picturesque spots and small waterfalls. Couple of places where you cross snow at the end but not enough to wear spikes or anything, now. Fairly difficult due to length and elevation but because it's mostly under shade, on an overcast day it was perfect.

more demanding than expected, well worth it

This hike was very difficult. The way there is a constant ascent. Make sure you bring water as we were rationing our left over water on the way down haha. The view at the lake is well worth the effort though!

The first part of the hike has no shade so make sure you have lots of water. Once you pass the small lake it really gets pretty. Great views and fun family hike.

Great varied trail. starts of on sandy trail through bushes with marveloud Valley Views until you meet the pretty lake. Continues through rather dry vegetation until you hit the stream leading up over steep rocky trail to teh waterfall. Great trail. almost stepped on rattle snake. We measured a bit over 6 miles and could not find any trail info how muh farther up for second fall and lake

My go-to hike. Great workout and a beautiful trail running adjacent to a strong stream. Enjoy the mist of the falls at the top and some cool shade.

This trail was amazingly beautiful this time around, I loved every second of it.

Beautiful trail! I just moved to the area from Cache Valley and have heard all about the hiking, that view definitely did not disappoint!! Saw a medium sized rattler just past the lake, don’t forget to be aware! Also, take your garbage with you.. was saddened to see garbage along the trail.

I was pretty disappointed by this hike. It was far more strenuous in the beginning than I expected. It’s extremely treacherous the first .5 mile or so, mostly because there’s so much loose gravel and a huge incline over a short period. The loose gravel made coming back down really hard and scary. The views are definitely pretty, but I hate hikes with huge stretches of loose gravel. That’s really what killed it for me. I should add, I took my four kids with me, who are all awesome hikers, and my 4 year old couldn’t do the first part by himself. The steps up were too high for his little legs. So I was helping him up most of the time. I will say, once you get to the lake it’s a piece of cake.

nice hike, most of the beginning park is sandy with only a slight increase then it gets a bit steeper and more rocky. we logged it at 5 mi or just slightly over to get right up to the water fall. View at the end is definitely worth it. Can get pretty crowded, lots of tourists. It was rather cool the day we went and bugs/flies weren't an issue at all.

Beautiful trail with a beautiful lake, has huge steps and stairs though so if you have bad knees I wouldn’t recommend it. We continued on down the path and around the lake. There are many trail options which is nice.

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