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Mostly up hill but has some nice reprieve with switch backs and flatter parts. A mix of shady and exposed. The lake was beautiful and it wasn’t too trafficked. Round trip took me about 5.5 hours including a nice break at the top. Love this hike.

Decided to go for a hike as it was my first full day in Utah. Just know there are three parking lots that all lead to these falls so remember the way you went up/need to go down- I spent 30 minutes walking around trying to find my car. The hike up was beautiful, difficult at times and flat at times. At the end, the last .7 miles are extremely tough but then you’re rewarded with the waterfall. Highly recommend.

22 hours ago

The route up is an access road so it’s rocky, wide, and very exposed to the sun. The lake itself is nice. There are very limited tent sites if you’re planning on staying the night.

Awesome hike. Great views and enough of a challenge to keep the heart rate up. Hiked up at a pretty good pace (but stopped to take pics a few times) and took about 50 mins to get to the falls. Ran back down at a moderately fast pace and it took a little less than half the time it took to get up. Map estimate of distance is right on - my gps said 4.45 miles for the out and back.

loved this hike it's a bit hard for kids but the falls at the end was awesome.

one of my favorite go-to hikes. do this a couple times a week.

Just another way to celebrate a beautiful wat to celebrate a beautiful day in Utah, with outdoors activities with friends and family.

have hiked this trail twice this summer. better each time. will be doing it again very soon.

Has always been my most favorite hike! It’s definitely a challenge but well worth it! It’s very steep about half way up, which makes it almost harder to come down! Make sure you have good griped shoes and PLENY of water! Definitely depending on the time of year you do it of course! I did it for the last time last year 8months pregnant and then again this year for the first time 8months out! LOVE IT!

Great trail! Prepare for a workout, especially in the beginning. View was great!

Great trail!
Lake is a great stop for photos.
Saw one rattlesnake.

Loved this hike! The views are amazing and you get rewarded with a reservoir. We recorded 15 miles in and out. Bring extra water. Maybe there are different trails? Regardless - it’s awesome!!

This was a really fun hike. The beginning was very very easy and a little boring. After the reservoir it gets more challenging. the trails aren't marked too well. the last .3 miles are very steep, but really fun and challenging to climb. The falls are amazing and well worth it. There is a large Boulder shelf that you can stand on and take a picture of the valley as well. I would recommend going in the morning, about 7, traffic is very light and usually faster more athletic people are there. It was really busy around 930 is with novice hikers

Beautiful sceneries, well-kept trails, be prepared by using your stair master. If you don’t think you can make the waterfall, don’t risk it, but I believe in you. If you’re not climatized to the altitude, take it slow.

The view is definitely worth the last mile uphill. Just make sure to wear decent shoes and go when it's not 97 degrees out like I did. Pretty tough hike but that waterfall at the end is magnificent

so this is the very first hike i did and by my self!! now, this wasnt horrible...when i read easy, i thought the terrain would just be flat basically, but it wasnt...it is a little steep...at first theirs some stair like way that is as if you were going on a kinda steep staircase basically...i didnt make it to even the reserve because apparently their was still an hr to it, and i had already been walking for 40 min....i did ask an 'older' couple, probably in their late 40s or early 50s...and they said they took 2 hrs to get to the reserve and 2hrs to get back down....i still recommend it even if you just want to walk a bit like i did

Great hike, took me a little over three hours to get up there but once you are at the lake it is unbelievable. Nice scenery and wildlife on the trails as well as around the lake, they started draining the lake today so if you are going go right now or by the end of the week.

Great hike. Took the love of my life❤️

Great hike. Took 9 year old

this is a fairly steep trail, but definitely worth it!! Lake Mary is really beautiful.

This hike is one of my favorites I’ve ever done. Today was my second time to the upper reservoir, and I’ve decided it’s what I hope heaven looks like someday.

Today our GPS said we did just shy of 10.0 miles to the upper reservoir and back. The elevation climb is 4000 feet. Basically this trail is straight up and straight down. It’s not for the faint of heart.

My friend and I are experienced hikers and it took us about 3 hours to get to the upper reservoir. We did stop at the lower falls for about 20 min on our way up. Overall we finished our hike in 6:00 hours spending 40 minutes eating at the upper reservoir.

This hike is always a challenge for me but I love it. Third time now bc I feel safe hiking it solo. It’s definitely warming up as Summer goes on but luckily the crowds are thinning (so it’s not super packed). My goal is to make it without stopping but that last half mile is brutal.

Great hike, although I did see a rattle snake as I was heading up, I’m assuming it’s because it’s been so hot lately, I would recommend doing it earlier in the day.

This is a great hike! I would grade it as more moderate than easy especially for kids and adults that are shorter. There are a lot of high, steep steps in the beginning going up. The lake and the view at the top are beautiful!

21 days ago

pretty great hike.. the entire family loved it

Hot on a sunny summer afternoon, and open. Go all the way to the falls and it's a tough hike but worth. Met two tame deer in the trail.

beautiful hike! great workout! mostly up hill, but is not very difficult. and amazing views.

probably do e this one 100 times by now. recommendations: hike October-April. WAY too hot in the summer. Rattlesnake sightings also present during summer months

Fun hike. It seemed easier than Red Pine. I prefer Red Pine though. It was a little crowded at the lake when we arrived at about 9. There were quite a few campers.

Great hike! It’s a steady incline the entire way up, but completely worth it. We made it up and back(with a long lunch break) in just under 5 hours. Gorgeous views and breathtaking scenery! You need to do this hike. We hiked this in July, bring lots of water. I drank my entire camel pack.

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