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Great little hike for small kids. Took my 7-2 yr olds and they had a great time. The 2 yr old walked the whole time.

great first hike of the season with our two kids, age 7. wearing shoes that can get wet was a great suggestion. hike is up hill, so still shoes that strap on with a little tred. a little deceiving as I didn't realize it was less than mile total round trip. after you walk through the neighborhood, from the actual trail head to the waterfall is only .3 miles. you can follow Bonneville trail line as well though for a little more walking and got back to the waterfall to cool off. shaded nice hike.

Great trail with beautiful views. Really nice workout and very rewarding at the end. The incline is steep but worth it! I love the meadows after the hill at the beginning and really enjoyed the amazing view of the valley and waterfall at the top. I will definitely be doing this hike again.

Easy going for the first mile. The trail has some snow and water running down it, but it gets much worse once you reach the upper bridge (the one you don’t cross). From there on be prepared for snow and lots of water running own he trail. Your feet are going to get wet. I had micro spikes and I had no trouble with the snow. There were four groups totaling 8 people on the final snow field ascent when lightning started to strike. We all chose to bail even though we were in a quarter mile of the lake. Hail rain lightning...it was an awesome day. Met some cool people in the process. There is plenty of water on this hike so carry a filter and a few less liters of water

4 days ago

Maybe I haven’t been on enough hikes to rate this fairly, but I thought this was hard and very rocky. Not ideal for little ones. Hardly any path without having to climb large rocks. It was fun and a pretty location. Nice to hear the nearby running river and ends at a beautiful lake. Went Sunday at 1:30 and it was very busy.

The trail was easy, to walk around and to navigate through (without signs). The reason I gave it 2 stars is that every couple of feet (and I'm not exaggerating) there would be animal droppings, likely from horses, in the middle of the trail. It's not small droppings, but big piles of droppings. It was hard to have to constantly look out for them and walk around them so we didn't get any souvenirs with us. We turned around when the smell became unbearable. I don't think we would go back again.

Hard hike today, still lots of snow towards the upper reservoir. Trail was mostly visible until the you reach the deep snow. Had to post hole last bit of the trail with micro spikes. Overall great time and will do it again!

6 days ago

Quite the climb on snowshoes about Secret Lake. Very steep! Great view of Alta and American Fork Canyon and is just above Pittsburgh Lake

My husband and I completed this hike on May 5, 2018. Maybe this is a fun, quick hike with a mildly impressive waterfall. The trail is mostly walking up stairs, and a steep path, but it's over before you know it. We didn't know that there was a higher waterfall... we just saw the first one!

This was our 1st hike. It was amazing and has sparked our urge to do more!

I would hike here everyday for the view and peace if I could. Went high noon on a Tuesday and it was practically empty minus a select few. Highly recommend going to the other side of the lake for sure.

I took my dog with me and he got his paw hurt bc of the pieces of mulched wood on the ground and he had to be carried I didn’t love this hike there wasn’t many trees around

I loved the hike and the views were worth it!!! I’d definitely go again!

14 days ago

Amazing hike!

14 days ago

About the hikers: two non-local, relatively fit 20-somethings. No real experience hiking in snow. I'd say our pace was slow - maybe a 5 minute break every 30 minutes.

We hiked this the week of May 6, 2018. We ran into a local on the trail who said all the snow would be gone in a week, but when we were there there was plenty of snow. We had micro-spikes and trekking poles and were very happy to have them.

We started the hike at 8:15 AM. The following are duration timestamps for when we hit certain markers. Maybe that will be helpful for someone else to estimate their pace.
0:45 - Arrived at the split with White Pine Lake Trail
1:15 - Came to the Lone Peak WIlderness sign
2:20 - Came to an unmarked bridge near a sign that marked 'Red Pine Lake' and 'Trailhead'. The trail doesn't cross that bridge.
3:30 - Made it to Red Pine Lake
4:15 - Started back
4:45 - Back at unmarked bridge we first reached at 2:20
5:40 - Back at Lone Pine Wilderness sign
5:58 - Rejoined with White Pine Lake Trail
6:30 - Back at trailhead around 2:30 PM

So it took us 3:30 to go up and only 2:15 to come back down. We consumed about 3 liters of water between the two of us and that was fine.

There were a couple of different routes that diverged somewhere around the unmarked bridge mentioned above. One went through an open meadow and the other through the trees, but I don't think they were more than 50 yards from each other at any time. We came up through the trees and down through the meadow, but it didn't make much difference.

For us this was a pretty strenuous hike, but I loved it! Very few people on the trail and great views. Also spotted a Dusky Grouse. I'm glad we got an early start and very glad we had the spikes and trekking poles. We rented those at REI for very cheap.

14 days ago

There are still large area of snow going up the trail, your feet will get wet. I'm looking forward til the snow it gone. Enjoy!

This was our first hike in Utah. It was a great beginner hike. It had some nice views and a few alternate paths to travel for a more “off-road” experience. It was pretty crowded when we went, but it was on a weekend.

This was a nice easy hike. I wish I would have worn waterproof shoes because you can get right up to the falls if you have the right shoes on. It was pretty busy there though.

This was a hike I was glad I didn’t take my younger kids on. They would have whined. This was fun to hike with another adult. Would be a great sunset hike. Some parts are a bit slick and there’s a steady climb the whole way up. We hiked up 1.9 miles and saw some great views of both SLC and Utah Lake before turning around (trail continued on after the 1.9 point). Took us 1:45 to complete hike (3.9 Miles total). Trail is exposed and there’s very limited shade.

trail running
16 days ago

I went a bit later in the evening around 8:00p during the week. Somewhat creepy only because it’s a secluded, quiet, brushy area and the sun was going down. The water crossings makes it a bit difficult to trail run. The trail consisted of wood chips, some sand, some rocks, some paved areas.
Once you’re down into the park, there are no trail signs etc. I only ended up running for a little over a mile before I psyched myself out. Would be a nice trail during the day, shady.

mountain biking
18 days ago

From a mountain biking perspective, this trail was pretty poor. The trail down by the creek bed wasn't bad, but was un-rideable due to the constant water crossings. The trail up from the creek reeked of horse manure and was nothing but sand

This was a beautiful trail in May, after the snow melted. I made it out to the second bridge, my first time hiking this trail, which ended up being about 5.5 miles total. It was definitely on the moderate side of easy. Steady incline with some steep parts, the whole way. Also, there’s way too much graffiti on some of the boulders and you have to watch out for bikers. Overall, I love this trail for exercise and views. I went on a Saturday morning and honestly did not see a lot of kids here because this is not an easy one for them. Edited to add: Temple Quarry is an easy paved loop trail, appears to be very short but I haven’t tried it. Little Cottonwood is a moderate trail, and that’s more so the one I’m reviewing here. I parked at the Temple Quarry Trailhead.

19 days ago

Incredible hike!!! We only made it 4 miles up, shy of the lake by a mile or so. We were not prepared to traverse the knee to waist deep snow in spots. Must do! We will be back!!!

Great hike for come back hikers. Easy to complete and it’s fun to be around water for sometime. It’s reasonably busy and can completed in couple hours.

This was such a fun hike. There is a great climb for the first half of the hike and then the rest is just a nice trail hike around the lake. Super fun to come down as well!

Great hike! Easy enough to do, but hard enough to definitely break a sweat. It was also a good enough hike to do it barefoot!

This was the first hike my kids have completed. It was the perfect distance and difficulty for them (ages 6 and 3) to be challenged, but learn that if they keep going there’s a fun reward at the end (an awesome waterfall!). It is steep, but manageable.

This trail is so good if you have kids. Only takes between 10-15 mins to get to the waterfall and the experience for the little ones is amazing!

the first half is through a neighborhood of giant houses, you need to cross the street at a blind corner to get to the trail head but it was a good hike for small children (almost 3 and almost 1yrs). very busy.

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