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Salt Lake City, Utah Map

Went up yesterday. Left at 6AM. 3 hrs up. 2.5 hrs down. 2L of water was plenty. Awesome hike. Awesome view. Fun scramble near the top.

thought I did 7 miles but I guess that's from bowman fork.

Another one of my favorite Wasatch trails. Largely runnable trail up through pines and aspens with a few steep climbs. Incredible wildflowers. You can stop at Desolation Lake, or continue up onto the Wasatch Crest trail and take ridge trail all the way to Brighton at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon (so long as you've got a way to get back down to your car at Mill D). You have to listen and watch for descending bikers coming fast around corners. I love the upper meadows as you get near Desolation Lake.

trail running
1 day ago

Probably my favorite Wasatch trail - you can do this portion just up to Dog Lake, or go on from there to Desolation Lake - that's what I just did (this is part of the Wasatch 100 Mile Endurance Run that I did several times in the early 90's). Good trail, runnable in many sections, beautiful vistas of the Wasatch ranges separating Big Cottonwood Canyon and Little Cottonwood Canyon on the newly cut trail from Dog Lake to Desolation (take the left fork just out of Dog Lake - bypassing the dive down to the Mill D trail and the climb back up again). Incredible wildflowers. A stellar afternoon.

Classic Wasatch trail with stunning views and wildflowers. Can be pretty heavily trafficked on the weekends during the summer. This is the trail out of Brighton at mile 75 of the Wasatch 100 Mile Endurance Run, so it was always a welcome friend. Trail up from Lake Martha to Lake Catherine is wide, smooth, and not very steep - so it's fun to run down. In the summer I'd leave a fishing pole hidden up at Lake Catherine and enjoy a break there.

1 day ago

Uphill hike from Terrace Hills Drive trailhead up to the ridge trail - then easy trail with a couple of steep uphills on the ridge on the way out to Avenues Twin Peaks. Beautiful view of the entire valley from the second peak. Exposed so take water. Nice in winter too - just wear gaiters.

Another of my favorite SLC trails. When I used to work in downtown SLC, I'd often do this one during lunchtime (OK, long 90 minute lunchtimes). Exposed (take water) and can be steep in places (another plug for trail running shoes with a beefy tread - Hoka Challenger or Saucony Peregrine). I loved this in the wintertime too, even with deep snow - I just put gaiters on - bounding down the ridges descending with the snow covering and cushioning the rocks was almost like flying.

I took the south trail to the right at the rope swing heading up a rocky trail - slightly steeper climb, fewer people, no bikes (the trail is too rocky) - sweet solitude - beautiful transitions thru the lower deciduous trees to tall pines. One of my favorite trails.

This is not the forested and most scenic route up Grandeur Peak - this is the gnarly one for a great workout. Straight up, steep, challenging, exposed - some great views of the valley. If you want a high cardio experience that will really work all your leg muscles (front and back) - this is your hike. Because of the straight up steep ascent and straight down descent that can sometimes be slippery on little rocks and shale pieces, make sure you have trail running shoes that have a good gripping tread (I've found Hoka Challenger and Saucony Peregrine have the best treads for gripping) - and make sure you take two bottles of water. I like this trail.

1 day ago

This was a beautiful hike, I was expecting it to be a lot more strenuous than it turned out to be. I would definitely do this hike again.

Not as scenic as I thought it would be. Also see large rattlesnakes every time I hike the trail.

Steep all the way up, but shady and beautiful.