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one of the best

23 hours ago

This is a steep hike, averaging 1000 feet of elevation gain per mile. It's a hike to a meadow, not to a peak. You should know the meadow when you get there, it's beautiful. I could have sat up there for hours, but had to come down to get to work. While strenuous, definitely recommend.

The hike was great but long and hard. We got to the trail head at 5:00am and it was still dark. My 5 and 8 year old made it up in about 4 hours. It took us about 2.5 hours to get down. We took almost 4 Liters of water and drank about three liters. Had a great time at the lake but we did t have enough time to explore the other lakes.

fun easy hike with and it's fun to play in the water

2 days ago

Left from the trailhead at 8:30 am, and it was cool and shady the whole way. Despite it being Sunday, I only saw a few people on my way up which was nice. It was a strenuous, constant climb for 1:49 so not for the faint of heart. Not a cloud in the sky with a cool 80 degrees which made for the perfect lunch spot. On my way down, which took 1:20, A LOT of people were heading up. It was the perfect day and time for this hike. Loved it! Highly recommend it but start early and bring a lot of water or a filter.

Be aware that the whole thing is uphill. Definitely kicked my butt! The view is very worth it and there are two smaller lakes you can get to at the top. Also, keep a look out for moose by the lakes, we were lucky and saw one!

easy hike and super short with beautiful waterfall...

Awesome hike, not overgrown and mostly shaded. Will be doing this again

Fun hike for the family. The walk in has shade and the area near the falls is a great place to sit or walk in the water.

5 days ago

Very good, very hard hike. The top is one of the most beautiful hiking spots I've ever seen, but only 4 stars because the trail itself does not have much in the way of views until you get almost to the top. The top makes up for it quite a bit, though! And you can camp up there!! Maybe next time!

Hard and worth it

6 days ago

A very beautiful hike. You’ll be hiking up a fairly steep but manageable grade pretty much the whole way up. Agree with Brad Q. that the lake was quite underwhelming considering what other reviewers said. The views during the hike up and down were fantastic.

on Lake Blanche Trail

7 days ago

Good hike. 56 years old and in fair shape. Kicked off just after 7:15 in the morning. The climb was beautiful coming in and out of tree cover for dramatic views of the mountains. Climb up taxed our cardio and the climb down resulted in aching knees. The lake at the top was somewhat disappointing given the reviews and no sign of a moose. I would definitely do it again in the spring but my beanpole friend is out. He is a Zion’s snob.

on Lake Blanche Trail

7 days ago

Jumped off the plane in SLC from Chicago and got to the trail head in bout 30min. My wife and I, both 54 and in shape, started the climb in the early afternoon and took us 2hr 20min. Coming down was 1:50 min. I didn't find it a hard hike, the wife thought it was somewhat challenging but we blamed the altitude. Very beautiful and yes, very much up hill. Was a little sore the next day. No bugs or poison ivy. The trail does have a lot of growth.

We took the right trail with the stairs and didn’t realize this was NOT the waterfall trail. The waterfall trail is to your left and through some brush. Since we ended up hiking 1.6 miles up the trail, we didn’t have time to actually see the waterfall. I will definitely be back. The trail offered lots of shade, but there were bugs, so bring bug spray!

Beautiful place! This hike is consistently up hill the entire way and a defanate workout.

8 days ago

Simply the best. Yeah, it’s a climb and not a lot of cover, but the reward is worth the work. The sundial is beautiful and the other two lakes as well. Take plenty of water and start early.

We truly loved this Trail. It was beautiful. once we made our way to the falls, it was easy to walk through the shallow or parts of the Little River to be able to see all sides. Highly recommended.

9 days ago

This was a challenge but so worth it. I'm moderately fit but carried a 25 lb pack so it took about three hours to get to the lake. We started at 8 a.m. and wished we'd started a little earlier because of the heat in July; in fact search and rescue had to send a helicopter that afternoon to retrieve a woman who had passed out at the end of the trail. There was a lot of wildlife including three moose who swam across Lake Lillian right in front of us. We found a great campsite in a grove of aspen trees in the east side of the lake. LOTS of mosquitoes so take DEET. Make sure you explore once you get up there so that you don't miss the other lakes. The trail was very busy but things quieted down later in the afternoon and the sunset over the Great Salt Lake was peaceful.

Vey easy hike, until you get to the falls. If you want to hike to the top, plan to get your feet wet. Totally worth the effort, it's even great for kids!

I love this trail. It was easy. It is a little bit hard to get to the donut fall. I went there in the evening around 5pm so there was not many people as people mentioned.

9 days ago

Enjoyable hike. 5.8 miles up and back. Note that this is a hike to a fork in the trail not to a peak. The hike ends in a large meadow with a stream that flows through it on the far side. There are at least 3 trails leading out of the meadow but these are all fairly rough trails and are not marked on many maps.
The hike can be split into two parts. A 1.7 mile uphill to a small water cateract followed by a 1.1 variable trail leading up to the fork. The first part of the trail is clean and gravel covered with few hard rocks or roots to climb over. The second part has some flat areas that are easy going but also has a number of spots with large rocks to climb over and some crowding of the trail from grasses, flowers and thorns.
The first part is almost entirely under canopy cover. The second part is about 50% covered with some open field areas.
Not sure I could make the climb with gear but I could definetely see backpacking up to the fork and setting up a base camp to use while spending the next couple days exploring all the paths leaving the fork.

Great hike for beginners like my husband and I. We’ve done a few short ones (donut falls, grotto falls) so this one was the longest for us thus far and I was worried we bit off more than we could chew. Thankfully the hike down was such a breeze and so fast. The view at the top is definitely worth it:) also: we ran into two families (one at the lookout and the other in the middle of the first switch backs) that were only there to see hidden falls. We advised them that at the very beginning of this trail there are stairs on your right and a trail to your left.. taking the left trail will get you to the falls in like five minutes. Hope that helps someone from hiking all the way up.

Fun and challenging hike. Took about 3 hours total (not counting the time spent at the top). Will likely take between 2.5 to 4 hours depending on how many breaks you take. Highly recommend going early in the morning to avoid the heat. Beautiful views at the top!

I’m a fairly in shape mid 20s female and it took me about 1.5 up and 45 minutes down. Beautiful meadow at the end. Was the only one going up the trail when I did this on a Monday afternoon. Complete solitude and amazing wildflowers at the top.

beautiful trail. pretty steep and a good workout. the lake was mildly anticlimactic, was more impressed with the greenery and wild flowers on the way up.

11 days ago

Fun rock/log hopping at the end but oh so crowded.

This hike is really beautiful. We arrived around 8 in the morning and it wasn't busy at all. We only passed one group coming up. However, coming down we passed multiple groups on their way up.

scenic driving
11 days ago

This was a five star trail. Good for all ages. Highly recommend!!

12 days ago

Really good hike. one of the hardest hikes I've done in Utah. Very well trafficked. The lake is quite pretty but smelled like floodwater when I was there. 4 stars because it was so grueling, but if that's what you're looking for this is the hike for you.

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