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One of the coolest trails I’ve been on! Especially fun because the trail changes scenery a lot, from thick forest to rocky out-in-the-open stretches to canopies of aspen trees. *Especially* especially fun because you can camp up there, if you have the willpower to haul your gear all the way up this hike.

Definitely be sure to walk the trail around all three lakes, they’re gorgeous. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a moose. I was fortunate enough to see one on my first try!

It is also one of the harder hikes I’ve done. Bring tons of water and prepare for some sore legs. It is comparable in difficulty to the Mt. Olympus trail, in my experience.

Great trail! The first .5 mile or so is the steepest, rocky and sun exposed if you're not early enough. We started about 8:45 and it was cool and shady, but sunny when we got back down. Once the trail heads back a bit into the woods it's cool and shady the whole rest of the way. Beautiful views the whole way up. One small area had us walking in the water, but very shallow and manageable. We went as far as a rocky overlook area, a little trail diverts off to it on the right, you can see the rock face from the trail. At this point you are pretty much at the top, the trail continues on but I'm not sure how much further. We called it good here, spectacular views in all directions! I would definitely do this one again.

23 hours ago

Beautiful trail. Fairly high traffic but still a great hike. Strenuous enough but manageable. Wildflowers everywhere. There was a big bull moose about 30 yds from the trail. Had a blast!

I wasn’t expecting this as long it was. I was hoping to pick my stuff up at like 11 and was surprised about the chill environment I was in until finished the rest of my weed

Fun hike, but it is over grown. There is a patch where youre going through overgrown branches for almost a quarter mile. There are some roots under the bratches so it get a little hard to see where you are walking. The pup had a great time though, of course. Not very busy for a Monday night. I think we saw maybe 3 other dogs.

Started at 3:30 with full pack of 2L of water. In SLC for business and wanted a good after work hike. No easing into this hike, the uphill switchbacks started immediately, but not a problem. This part of the trail was shaded. Well worn trail but heavy, chest high vegetation made me wish I had on pants. Eventually opened up on a ridge line that was relatively flat for a while. Incredible 360 degree views from that vantage point. Bummed out that The East Canyon Resort had many Private Property signs along this portion. Eventually the trail came to a fork where there was a fire ring. Be sure to stay to the left, which keeps you on the trail. Going right takes you into the private property of the East Canyon Resort. This was my turning back point. Saw a couple other hikers on my way down.

1 day ago

Incredibly beautiful and majestic.

Fun hike! We were able to do this one with my 6 year old sister although the steeper parts were a little more difficult for her. Once we got to the top we all enjoyed hanging out around the lake. My family and I watched a guy catch a fairly large fish and we all applauded him. Definitely worth the effort to get up there!

Amazing hike! Beautiful scenery. Well worth the hike.

Such a fun hike! My friend and I had a blast on this trail and the scenery was amazing! We did have some trouble finding the trailhead as the directions I received were slightly different on my phone than my friend's phone. We decided to park near a couple other cars parked off to the side of the road and after walking down the road a bit, we found a rock trail marker about 20 feet up from the trail. We found this trailhead to be about 200 meters from AJ Motion Sports and its partner shops. Once on the trail we were grateful to have plenty of shade to block out the blazing 2 p.m. sun. We only saw one family coming down the trail when we were heading up and besides that we were the only ones there. There were many trails that forked off from each other but I think they all lead you to the lake. I would only suggest to always take the trail that leads up!

1 day ago

Fun hike. Wildflowers were still in full bloom. Intermittent shade. We saw 3 bull moose. They were right on the trail but we were able go around them.

Nice gradual incline. One of my favorite Millcreek hikes. Especially great if you have a pup!

Good workout w/ rewarding view @ the end.

great trail beautiful view good work out girlfriend was stung by a bee and they are everywhere

1 day ago

Beautiful! You can use the paved road that goes into the park. There are shaded areas, especially as it starts out. However there were a lot of mosquitoes, gathered around along the creek and anywhere there was standing water. Sometimes they were in swarms and relentless. The bikers could easily zoom through, but, as I was on foot, I ran through them! I did not have mosquito repellent on, so next time, I will be sure to use some! Otherwise very pretty area and views of the canyon.

1 day ago

Definitely one of my favorite hikes. Its beautiful and adventurous.

Great trail. Started at 6:00am, saw 3 moose, 3 deer, and the trail loop around the east of Catherine had fresh mountain lion tracks. Bugs were out but with bug spray no issue. (July 15)

As two younger males, it took us 1.5 hrs to do the whole trail. We continued on past Lake Catherine to the Sunset Peak trail, which was steeper. To the top of Sunset Peak took another hour with stops and it was worth the extra climb.

Easy hike to the top at Ensign Peak! Beautiful views! A bit rocky but somewhat easy to navigate. Also a fun place to watch planes take off in the distance. Beautiful view of The Great Salt Lake.

Perfect morning or evening hike! I would highly recommend avoiding during the heat, as only the first 0.5 Miles are shaded.
Gorgeous views of the salt lake valley and Mount Olympus.

one of the best

This is a steep hike, averaging 1000 feet of elevation gain per mile. It's a hike to a meadow, not to a peak. You should know the meadow when you get there, it's beautiful. I could have sat up there for hours, but had to come down to get to work. While strenuous, definitely recommend.

Great, easy trail and boardwalk around the lake. Surroundings were beautiful.

Hiked this on 7/14/18. This trail was extremely beautiful and serene. I descended down this trail after hiking up mill d trailhead to desolation lake. There were so many meadows with wildflowers and it was canopy with a lot of shade. I didn’t run into any other hikers.. but did run into a bear about 20-30 feet off the trail. He was aware that we were there and let us pass without any issues but please be aware of this!

Amazing view at The Living Room! A mostly rocky, narrow trail. I was prepared to have a crowded trail, but I was alone except for a few people. Monday morning at 10:30am. I was able to sit in The Living Room alone for a half hour before anyone showed up. No snakes but lots of bumble bees. I was able to stop and rest as needed on the way up. Definitely a moderate trail. Very fun!

I went early in the morning of July 10, 2018. Taking it slow and pausing to enjoy the surroundings, many times along the way with shade, cool breeze, no insects and loads of wildflowers. I only spent 1 1/2 up. When I got to the large meadow before the straight up climb I turned around. The meadow had been reached by the Sun at that point. I had never hiked alone and will never do it again. Praying all the way round trip and being alert and cautious. It was dumb to do alone but for just this once I was in Heaven. I saw one deer on the way up to the right of me and two together to my left on the way back down.

Took me 1.25 up and 45 minutes down. Beautiful views of Millcreek canyon and parleys. Definitely steep the entire way up but a quick and good hike.

Great hike!

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2 days ago

Nice hike with pretty views. Steep ascent. Going down, saw a big rattler though. :/

3 days ago

Wow, 3.5 miles of ascent and the last half mile is a challenge for sure. Found the peak (mailbox and US flags)! Super view from on top!

Great Moderate hike though first mile is steep. The first mile is highly trafficked. Past that it gets more sparse with people till the end then your are back in crowds. Fun, beautiful.

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