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Nice gradual incline. One of my favorite Millcreek hikes. Especially great if you have a pup!

Hiked this on 7/14/18. This trail was extremely beautiful and serene. I descended down this trail after hiking up mill d trailhead to desolation lake. There were so many meadows with wildflowers and it was canopy with a lot of shade. I didn’t run into any other hikers.. but did run into a bear about 20-30 feet off the trail. He was aware that we were there and let us pass without any issues but please be aware of this!

I went early in the morning of July 10, 2018. Taking it slow and pausing to enjoy the surroundings, many times along the way with shade, cool breeze, no insects and loads of wildflowers. I only spent 1 1/2 up. When I got to the large meadow before the straight up climb I turned around. The meadow had been reached by the Sun at that point. I had never hiked alone and will never do it again. Praying all the way round trip and being alert and cautious. It was dumb to do alone but for just this once I was in Heaven. I saw one deer on the way up to the right of me and two together to my left on the way back down.

Did this going up to Dog Lake and did Little the last .5 miles down. It was a great hike, nice and cool. BUT for the love people: clean up after your dogs. Bag the poo and take the poo out.

5 days ago

WARNING: I know I was probably the 1 in 1,000, but I ran into a bear smack dab in the middle of this trail. This spooked hiker suggests not hiking this trail alone, and bringing bear spray.

8 days ago

Just did this hike last Sunday. Steep pretty much the whole way up. Tons of flies will suck the soul out of you. Trail is engulfed by tall plants. For the most part it was a pretty hike and definitely beautiful at the top. If you love flies this is the hike for you!

Surprisingly steep, short distance at 1.8 miles. HOT on 2:30 pm on July odd day afternoon.
Lots of dogs but no bikes. Some shade throughout the trail. No sweeping vistas at the top. Nice views of surrounding peaks near the lake.

First I hiked to Lake Desolation and there is a second tail on the way down which takes you to Dog Lake. I decided to go on it because I was already there- Might as well. I’m so glad I did. NOT because it was nice, but because it was an underwhelming, small muddy pond. The two stars are for the wildflowers and butterflies, otherwise it would be a 1 Star.

Beautiful flowers and a decent amount of shade. The lake was meh.

Ok Hike. Not my favorite. Very few vistas of beautiful scenery. Lots of bikers. Many dogs have left fecal piles in the middle of the trails and owners obviously haven't the courtesy to pick them up. Dusty trail and Dog Lake is very anticlimactic.

such a fun trail. Its easy we went at 6 am on a sunday and only saw a couple other hikers. the lake is really pretty got awesome pictures. Also got to see a woodpecker and some deer.

Does anyone know if you can camp up here?

Just wanted to post this to warn others with dogs. There have been reports of dogs falling violently ill after swimming or being up at dog lake. They aren’t sure of the cause, but I wanted to warn people. There’s an article on KSL with more information.

Great easy hike. Saw a moose on the way up and while sitting on a rock by the lake saw some tiger salamanders and caddisfly larvae stuck to the rocks underwater. Lots of wildflowers right now.

on Stairs Gulch Trail

19 days ago

Made it half way up with the whole family (the wife, 4yo, 2yo, newborn and my elderly mom). Needless to say we took it slow. It's a gradual uphill with some loose rock underfoot, the occasional boulder to navigate, and areas where the trail is overgrown. That being said, everyone was in good spirits and there were some great little pools and falls to stop and snack. We only saw one other hiker. I look forward to doing the full trail in the future.

Great easy trail with our kids (7 &4). Lots of bugs up there right now, but the wild flowers are out and are glorious. We saw a moose on our way down in the evening.

This is 100% go to hike on odd number days with our Silver Lab. It is a great hike for dogs (off leash on odd days) and humans. Trail is very clear and beautiful with wildflowers and the end takes you to a beautiful lake.

23 days ago

I really like how secluded this trail is, hardly see anyone even on Sunday. It is beautiful near the water. Watch out for the stinging nettle and loose rocks on the trail though.

24 days ago

Nice trail, had a great view and the small waterfalls were nice. I had to scramble over it at some points when the trail was hard to spot. I definitely recommend waterproof boots with good grip.

25 days ago

Great little hike, gorgeous views, and good for kids (we have 2 three year olds). We went on a Sunday afternoon and it wasn’t crowded at all. Would definitely go again.

Easy and beautiful trail. Kids down to five had no trouble but got pretty tired.

Great hike, especially for me as a 74 year old. No moose but a deer on the hill by the lake. Only one small patch of snow. Trail not well marked in places, but people returning in the trail kept us on course. Lots of young children on the trail so that gave me confidence.

1 month ago

slow jog from the winter gate--->Little Water trailhead--->200yds from Little Water peak@sunset, so I had to turn around before I got to cold (tank-top+T-shirt). It was a unplanned hike but beautiful as nature provides. I'm planning on backpacking.

Saw a moose around the lake, plenty of chipmunks, prairie dogs. Nice trail easy and well marked .

Perfect trail if you only have a few hours in your day to hike. Scenic rewards and a beautiful lake to visit.

1 month ago

Awesome trail. Very few people on it. You can basically hike up the creek the entire way. Lots of little waterfalls and plenty of pools of water you can have fun in. Very intense but rewarding hike. Bring shoes that have good tread and grip. They are definitely needed towards the end of the hike.

Love this hike. Quick and fairly easy. Lake at the end is pretty and usually run into either moose or deer in the evening.

Beautiful hike shaded by Aspen trees. I hiked in the evening and the weather was perfect.

mountain biking
1 month ago

Killer climb, but epic downhill

1 month ago

Had a hard time finding the trail head. We went up Beartrap Fork Rd. and came down where the trailhead really is, but we made it up. We were the only ones there and back, and the trail is all shaded until you get to the top. Steep but well worth it. Could see Desolation Lake from the top.

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