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it won't work up a sweat, but it's a nice leisurely trail with a nice waterfall at the end.

Gorgeous views and probably one of the most difficult hikes I've done. Best time to go up is early-- around 5, if possible. You'll beat the crowds and you'll get cooler weather. I went up at 5:30 am and got back at 9:40 am. Pace is key with this hike. I recommend about 60 oz of water..

Very peaceful hike with wonderful wild flowers and aspens. The lake had 3 families of ducks to watch. Short but good work out to lake is worth it.

A fun, quick hike that leaves you feeling refreshed. The ending is steep and dangerous for little ones and those who are weary of climbs, but I loved it. The trail at the end goes into the river so plan on getting your shoes wet. The waterfall in the hole itself is super cool as well. Highly travelled so if you don't like a lot of people, then this trail may not be your fav.

The hike offers some breathtaking views. Sundial peak which towers above the lake is a great scene. In the second lake there was a moose resting in the water by a waterfall. It was incredible!

Amazing panoramic views. Vegetation very dense currently. Steep but worth it.

1 day ago

Great hike! Saw moose and deer, beautiful wildflowers and lake. Great for beginners. Trailhead is about 200 meters east of AJ Motion Sports, on the left (marked by an engraved rock). We parked next to the road on the gravel. When you reach the first fork in the trail, the trail on the right is pretty steep and continues on a steep incline for about 10-15 minutes. It eventually levels out, but it was definitely a workout. On the way back, you've got to pay attention to the GPS or you will most definitely miss the trail back (which is an off-shoot of the main trail).

rockclimbing might be the main reason to use this trail. shaded in the middle, at the start and overlook isn't very shaded. there are too many cut offs it's hard to follow the actual trail.

1 day ago

Awesome hike! Amazing views at Lake Blanche!

Start early in the morning, to beat the heat. First mile is easy, middle mile not too bad, but that last mile is tough as nails. Bring lots of water, and food. Hike takes the better part of a day.

Great hike, quite steep! Well placed switchbacks and the wildflowers were gorgeous

Great hike. 7 Lakes. Started at Silver lake , Solitude, up and over to Twin Lakes, over to Lake Mary, Martha, Cathrine, and Dog Lake. Caught the tail end of the flowers.

Beautiful hike. The trail is overgrown near the top, so make sure you bring pants. I was stung three times walking through the wildflowers.

Great trail- ZERO trailhead markings. This app didn’t refresh right so we ended up on private property and had to walk up the road to get back to the car.

So pretty! We had a bunch of little kids with us and they did just fine. Tired at times and we had to carry the three year olds, but the others ranging from 5-10 did great. On the way down we forked to the right and ended up coming out into a cabin area and having to walk up the road to get to our cars.

Beautiful trail...lots of wildflowers but apparently there are some who don't care it's a watershed area. Crossed paths with a couple with TWO dogs.
Will be back to this trail. Awesome!

The first 1/2 mile of the trail is very steep. I carry a couple of hiking poles and it helps me up these obstacles! You start with beautiful green bushes and wild flowers. You slowly immerse yourself in you aspen trees and it feels like you’re in a scary movie! Once you find yourself out of the woods, you get a breath of fresh air of just hills, mountains, and a gorgeous view! It’s so green! You’d think you’re in England seeing all of this! Walk a little further, cross a little stream, and BOOM! The lake just catches you by surprise! We were lucky enough to find ducks and their ducklings in their home. Of course these pictures don’t do any justice Ryan actually seeing this live. It’s a pretty easy hike if you go slow. It’s just the first part of the trail is pretty killer. There are people who camp at this area with their families so don’t expect peace and quiet at the lake.

I've done this hike a couple of times, and it's strenuous and challenging every time. It's fun, though, with great views at the top. The only downside is there aren't many trees and little shade. And it gets quite busy. I would avoid it on hot days, go early in the a.m., and take lots of water. After the melt but before the serious summer heat is nice.

Steep, beautiful, lots of gorgeous wildflowers, lots of fellow hikers. My kids (11, 9, 7, 4, and 18 months) loved it. Not really shaded.

Good trail with lots of scenery, beautiful views at the top, but it is a hard climb if you're not used to the altitude. Don't stop at the first lake. Check out the other two as well. We saw a moose at the second lake. He stayed on his side and we kept to our side and all were happy.

So gorgeous! So many beautiful medicinal herbs to nibble on the way up. Amazing views!

So freaking beautiful! Bring big spray. tons of wild flowers and wild life and medicinal herbs! The lake is spectacular!

2 days ago

Hard and isn’t pretty.

A lot of fun. The waterfall is only a few feet from the road, then you double back and go to the peak at the end of the trail. My 6 year old had a fairly easy time with it.

Kessler Peak was definitely a hike to remember. Probably one of the more difficult hikes I’ve done in Utah. Glad we went in the early morning because by the time we were coming down, the sun was shining quite a bit. Great views from the top!

Amazing! The lake is just Marvelous, totally worth every second hiking there. A must go place. Please do not leave any trash. Get a refreshing cold water on top

3 days ago

This is only the 4th hike I’ve ever done. I consider myself an athletic person but this hike was rough. It is all uphill with very few spots to take a comfortable break. I hiked around the third lake and back down. Took me about 1:40 to get the the first lake from the parking lot. I spent about one hour walking around the lakes, and it took me about 1:30 to descend. I brought a camelbak, a Gatorade, and a life water bottle and I barely had enough water for the July weather. I think what really made the hike special was the wildlife. I was lucky enough to see a moose at the third lake.

Loved this family friendly hike!!!

A forgotten +favorite!
Definitely family friendly, but not "we just started hiking last week and this is our 3rd hike ever" family friendly.
Took my 2, 4, and 5.5 year olds and made it round trip in about two and a half hours with the little one needing to be carried occasionally.
The first half is an ideal moderate hike, shaded with gorgeous pine and aspen and a well packed trail, the second half is more exposed with loose rocks as the trail and a fairly steep incline.
The gorgeous pristine lake is worth every step and I was SO impressed with how clean the trail and lake were...not a wrapper. Kudos to our fellow hikers for being responsible and packing out their trash!
I was a little turned off that the parking lot was overflowing and there were hundreds of people, but once we got off the silver lake trail and started towards Twin Lakes, we had very few people to share the trail with!

Great well marked well travelled path!

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