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Short, steep trail with amazing view of the city. Fairly easy even for non prepared people.

Great hike, quite challenging in the last 1/3 part with some steep incline, sliding rocks, and a bit of rock climbing in the end. 3000ft elevation, took 4 hours both ways incl 30 min on the top. Very exposed, bring lots of water. Amazingly beautiful panoramic views.

3 days ago

Good view and well maintained. Very steep (treacherous decent if you aren’t sure-footed)
Unfortunately there is a ton of graffiti along the trail and at the peak- so sad that people can be so idiotic.

3 days ago

Lovely sunset hike. Rated hard for the steep climb UP! Worth the hike to get a picture of our valley, a selfie with Buddha and to sign the journal in the mailbox at the top. Happy Hiking!

We didn't see any snakes on the trail after 7.

Beautiful trail, not for the faint of heart. Plan for longer than you think, as the trail is tough terrain.

The first mile is paved but pretty. We turned left at the fork which may not be the official trail head. It takes you past two more homes. You enter the trail at the end of the street on the left side of the red cabin.

The trail is beautiful and meanders with the river. It was overgrown but not crowded at all. It is a pretty steep hike at times, so be prepared to huff a bit.

The trail leads to an overlook and you can keep going up to the left. It took us about 1 hour and 20 to get to the overlook, including the paved section. Really gorgeous hike! I also snowshoed here and it was fun!

The equivalent of 2 hours on a stair master, and instead of “looping” we doubled back on the same trail and wrecked our knees. Sad face.
The climb is a challenge; but a good one. There were beautiful birds and wildflowers- that was the best part, but I wouldn’t want to do this hike again unless we took the loop. I recommend going early in the day, as there is little to no shade. Round trip was about 5 hours due to pausing for bird watching, taking in the view and wishing for a flat stretch.

City Creek is perfect for a progression workout if you’re a runner. The 3 miles of 600ft gain is manageable enough to run the entire way out. And you’re rewarded with a fun 3 miles back screaming down the canyon! Paved and very nicely shaded

Certainly a solid workout with the steep climb and works the knees on the decent but worth it. Takes around 60min up give or take depending on your pace. Could prob do 30 min on the way down if you wanted to but 45 or so at a comfortable pace. Nice rewarding hike you can knock out before wknd brunch and feel good.

One of the easiest trail in Salt Lake City. The view from the top was amazing and the I went at the time of sunset, so to witness that was simply beautiful. I strongly recommend this short trail.

way fun ! still goes in the hot summer sun but it's pretty exposed

No bikes. The flowers are starting to bloom. I love this hike.

Pretty cool trail. Lots of bikers and joggers so keep an ear out and get of the trail for them! We saw a few joggers who wouldn’t get off for bikers and one biker basically fell off his bike (on a steep uphill part, dangerous!) trying to avoid them. Lots of dogs off leashes but not a prob for us. We missed the official turn off to complete the loop and ended up at another trailhead in a residential neighborhood. Not a big deal as we needed a good spot to call Lyft from anyway!

on Pipeline Trail

8 days ago

Did this trail with our four year old and dog - was nice and shady and the trail is easy to stay on. Great views and an overall easy hike for all levels.

9 days ago

I like this trail but it is quite overgrown at all times of the year. Two young rattlesnakes on the trail today, but it’s hard to watch your step in a lot of places. Keep your eyes open because you can hardly hear the young ones.

Great trail didn’t see a single hiker nice a and shaded most of the way with a little stream up the whole way my dog loved it! There is lots of bugs.

Don’t be fooled by the short distance — this is a tough trail. Very steep. The final approach to Clayton Peak is basically scampering over boulders. Views are incredible!

Very beautiful trail but the map/mileage needs to be updated since the trailhead is on Wasatch Blvd now. We didn’t run into any snakes thank heavens but hiked it early before the sun was on the trail. When you get to the boulder field go RIGHT- not up. There was a cairn up high that led us to keep going up and it got extremely steep and we missed the falls. We found it on the way down after some searching. The trail end on this map is not where the falls are! My Strava said 4 miles with 1400 ft elevation gain. Great hike though!

Short easy hike but the view of the city is beautiful. Especially at night. Such a breath taking site.

on Wasatch Crest Trail

11 days ago

Fun trail with wonderful views at the end.

Most of the trail was in the forest with rare views, but very nice to have the shade on a hot day. The view at the top is gorgeous and great for lunch. Dogs are allowed off leash every other day. We hiked with our puppy on a day dogs were supposed to be leashed, however 99% of the dogs were off leash and most owners could not control their dogs. This was very stressful for our puppy who has been traumatized by being bitten on 7 occasions.

Steep but beautiful views and lots of shade!

Spectacular view of the Salt Lake City valley. It says easy and it is, but don’t think small chillins and their grandparents are gonna find it easy.

BUT, if you are in town for a short trip and need a fix for a super view that’s very accessible; drive the 5 minutes from downtown and you will love it.

13 days ago

Rattlesnakes! About 100 yards up from where you leave the pavement my wife ahead of me got rattled at. I spotted it 14 inches above the trail so had to detour down below the trail to get around it. It was slightly bigger than a golf ball so a pretty good sized one. In informing others where it was two different groups alerted us to where they had encountered one and showed us pictures. One was just before the 2nd stream crossing, and one was on a log sunning its self. BE CAREFUL!

Lots of poison ivy this year also.

I didn’t realize the last 5 miles of the road were closed until 7/1. Instead of a hike I took a 2 mile stroll up the canyon and then back to the car.

Very short hike but the views are amazing at sunset of the city.

I wish I had read this before I went! I saw one of the rattlesnakes as I came back from the waterfall before I got back on the boulders. I grabbed my dog and got out as fast as I could. Otherwise, I loved the hike. I wouldn’t recommend for small dogs though as I had to hold my dog as we went across the boulders.

This hike was honestly the most beautiful hike I’ve ever been on in Salt Lake, and it was the ideal level of difficulty. Right on the moderate-difficult mark... my glutes were aching by the end but I didn’t feel like I was dying from heart palpitations.

The views from the first lookout onward are so spectacular it doesn’t even feel real. Most people stopped at the second lookout.. but I highly recommend going to last mile to bakers pass... you will be rewarded with a stunning landscape.
This is the perfect mixture of exposed and shady, much like desolation trail, but higher up and far more lovely and quiet.

I only ran in to about 5 hikers the whole way... very very moderately trafficked, a perfect hike for those of us who need and want to get away, and work our butts off in the meantime. 10/10 will be doing again.

Unfortunately, I think this trail will be closed until July 1st due to construction in millcreek.

Gate closed till 01Jul

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