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I'm looking to do this hike tomorrow and I am wondering what the trail is like. I've done it in the Spring before, but the weather has been so unpredictable lately.

Challenging hike. Beautiful view at the top worth the work.

Beautiful day! Great moderately paced hike. Slightly rocky with elevation for a little way at the start. The views all around keep your eyes busy. Family and dog friendly. :)

Even though it says only 203 feet elevation gain, I felt it! :) I don't prefer to walk on this trail because of the fact that it's paved. I guess there is a grassy/dirt/forest trail on the other side of the creek which I will try next time. There are also a few waterfalls along the creek which are nice to see!

my first

trail running
7 days ago

Did 4 miles on the system last night! Made a comment to my partner we could run here multiple times and run a different trail every time! FUN and beautiful views. Lot's of unleashed dogs and mtn bikers!

Short but semi steep trail. Very popular. Great spot to watch sunset over SL valley. Trail was dry. Dog friendly trail, with many friendly dogs. Street parking at trail head with 3 hour limit. Should be plenty of time for this trail.

8 days ago

Neffs canyon is my dogs favorite!

Didn’t take the prior reviews seriously about the necessity of ice spikes, but stopped in REI for some YakTrax just to be safe. Glad I did. You won’t reach the summit without some extra traction. Did not bring trekking poles or running gloves, but would recommend both. If you can handle the ice/slush, the views are amazing.

Beautiful trails and views! I love the many options to choose from.

I pulled into the Tanner Park lot right as a woman discovered her car window had been smashed and a backpack taken. It was a stark reminder that this place is in the middle of the city. I was nervous to leave my car there, but I made sure it was obvious I didn't have anything of value in it and took to the trail.

Despite that dubious introduction, I love this park. There are several trail options so you can decide whether you want long or short, paved or dirt, shaded or exposed. It is close to I-80, so there is constant road noise. There are also many, many unleashed dogs. I was greeted by several, so if you don't like dogs, maybe steer clear. Despite the amount of dogs I encountered, I didn't notice many piles of excrement left on or near the trails, so most people do their duty. There are signs of homeless living, but again, it is a park in the middle of the city, so what can you expect?

Great views across The Valley. Well used and maintained trails. Good for trail running accessibility.
Lots of dogs around the red butte area.

I'm out of shape, but I was able to hike this with only a few short breaks. Keep your eyes and ears active! I'm fairly certain I heard a rattlesnake about one mile in. Also, the trails get muddy after it rains, so wear quality boots. Beautiful views along the entire hike, but especially once you reach the overlook portion. It took me less than one hour to reach the flatter portion of the hike, including breaks.

Beautiful hike today! Trail is pretty muddy, and last mile or so was very icy, so I would extremely recommend spikes! Ran into a pretty aggressive bull moose on the way back down, they’re definitely active later in the day so be careful!

Hiked in the rain. Nice and easy. The dog loved it. Recommend dry months, you walk in a river bed for a minute

Really enjoyed this trail. Ran/hiked it in about 2.5 hours last Sunday. Trail near the top still covered in snow and ice. Did not have treads, but I did have trekking poles which helped immensely. Woman on the trail didn't control her dog who ended up biting my hand as I tried to walk past...keep your dogs under control please!

Not great for biking

Definitely a fun hike and less crowded than the Pipeline trail further down the canyon. The trail was relatively easy to follow, though it's still slushy and icy the higher up you go. You might want to consider microspikes if you want to make it to the peak this time of year, but you can get pretty high up without them. Really stunning views.

Took my dogs on an “odd numbered day” which is when they’re allowed off leash and everyone we passed was friendly and all the dogs well behaved. And to respond to the guy that commented ab the dog poop bags; yes, dog owners bag the poop and leave it to the side of the trail to pick up on the way back since it’s an in and out trail and there are no trash bins besides at the trailhead. While I typically carry mine in my bag, it’s definitely not fun to smell poop coming from your bag the whole hike. But all the dog owners I saw were friendly and conscientious and all picked up the poop and I saw a few pick up the bags to throw away on their way out. Not a big deal to me as a dog owner as long as the bag is to the side and gets picked up eventually.

loved this hike. great views. took all my kids. it's kinda steep but they were troopers.

I had my three kids with me and they loved it. it was definitely a challenge with the snow and mud so I had to carry my 4 yr old on the way back down part of the way cause she kept slipping. the trail is really narrow which made me a little nervous with the kids but overall it was a great hike and I would love to do it again.

Beautiful hike. Still a bunch of snow and ice on the trail leading up to the saddle, so spikes are a must.

I started the hike at 12:30pm today - the trail was everything from snowy/slushy/icy/muddy and dry (overall I think it was mostly slushy due to the warm weather we had today). I wasn't sure whether to wear Yaktrax or not, but I decided to bring them along and I'm glad I did. I think the extra traction helped on the icy/slushy parts on the trail. However, I also passed numerous people who were not wearing spikes, and they seemed to be fine. The trail is both shady and sunny. I had on a long-sleeved shirt and pants and I was fine. Great hike, great view!

road biking
18 days ago

Outside the busy city traffic of Salt Lake you can bike from downtown SLC thru Memory Grove up to City Creek Canyon where you can escape. A fairly significant climb. Road surface needs repair.

Nice easy hike. Mostly uphill obviously. if you head East and get bored 2 hrs in like me you can just shortcut back down the side of the mountain, if you're at least 1/4 mountain goat.

19 days ago

Beautiful day to summit Olympus. The trail got a little icy around 2.5 miles, so spikes helped for sure. I would suggest hitting the trail early while the snow is still icy to avoid the slush. The trail is well broken all the way to the summit. Beautiful sunrise from the top and many friendly and respectful hikers met on my way down. Keep trekking!

We did this trail on a whim this afternoon. The weather was beautiful so there was a lot of traffic but it's a great workout with great views of the valley at the end.

Watch out for dog bags people leave on the trail. I don't get it but there they are.

Great hike! There’s still snow so there’s some slick spots. Beautiful view!

Rated hard for a reason. It's a steep climb up over rocks that at times offer few footholds. But the views and experience winding up the mountain is well worth it. My puppy had a blast climbing the rocks like a little goat. There's still slush on the trail (and icy parts where the forest starts), so we didn't complete the trail. You want to wear good shoes and consider ice crampons in you want to reach summit right now. There are plenty of spots right off the trail to stop, catch your breath, drink some water, and rest your legs while you enjoy the views. The trails are a bit confusing around mile 2 with all the switchbacks, so you might want to have your app handy to check you're on route. We'll definitely return once the snow melts a bit more and try for the summit.

Fantastic hike today! The weather was perfect. Needed microspikes near the top to get up - the funnest part was sledding on my bum on the way down! Great views!

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