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Salt Lake City, Utah Map
1 day ago

stopped just short of the summit due to a storm that rolled in. in hindsight it didn't last long but better to be safe then sorry. beautiful views and fantastic wildflowers that got better and more abundent the higher you hike!!!
trail definitely starts off pretty steep but becomes more manageable the higher you get.

Hiked up to the saddle on 5/19. There was a couple feet of snow the last mile starting about a half mile above the meadow. Wonderful hike. There are three or four water crossings this time of year. But I was able to make it without getting my feet wet. Don’t let the full parking lot at he trailhead fool you— 90% of those people will be hanging out along the creek in the maple groves along the first mile of trail.

Fun quick hike located near work. Excellent views of the Salt Lake Valley!

Still lots of snow on the trail, making it hard to follow. The lake is still pretty frozen. I imagine this hike will be a lot more fun and much prettier in a couple more weeks.

Just hiked this trail yesterday in the rain and loved it. The trail is fairly steep at the beginning but still very enjoyable. There's quite a bit of snow at the top so if you're going to hike it right now I'd recommend bringing some layers. The view is well worth it!

Wow! What a gorgeous hike! Yes, the first 0.7 miles are pretty steep, but you’re walking through a gorgeous canopy of trees. Once it levels out, the views are incredible! This was our first time hiking in Millcreek Canyon, and it didn’t disappoint! I can imagine this one being incredible for watching the sunset. The whole family (kids 15, 12, 10, 8) all loved it, though it was challenging for my middle two with special needs...but in a good way.

Tough trail. Very steep most of the way including a good amount of scrambling at the top. 3.5 miles to the top. Some road noise until you get about 2 miles up. Great views. No snow or ice on the trail as of 5/13. Tiny bit of snow at the summit.

2 days ago

Really wonderful views. The trail itself is very difficult for backpacking because of the steep grade, but it's doable. You just have to really pace yourself and not get overeager on the ascent or descent. There was a good amount of snow on the northeast side of the lake this time of year, and the mornings were around 20 to 30 degrees. You don't need microspikes just to get the top, but there is some slick snow right now. Really great opportunities to explore!

Hiked trail to lake today. No more snow or ice on the lake. Almost to the bottom, started raining. By the time I reached the asphalt path to the parking lot I was caught in a downpour. So glad I started at 9:30. I had a wind breaker that I put on at the lake which was good because clouds covered sun and breeze off the lake was cool. Didn’t need to use my spikes.

hiked this trail for the first time 5/20. waterfall is raging right now. this time of year not for anyone uncomfortable with creek crossings. trekking poles would have been good for crossing the falls and the steep downhill. above the large meadow youll hit snow. follow the tracks through the snow and youll make it up to the ridge overlooking BCC but be sure to bring spikes for the way back down. will probably melt in a week or 2.

2 days ago

We didn’t start at the Victory Road trail head. We started at Ensign Peak and from there you can take a couple of paths that lead to Hell Canyon and go down. Nice hike, beautiful scenery and nice and shaded at the top and gets more exposed at the bottom. A bit over grown in some parts but beautiful view. There aren’t many trail markers so it can be quite easy to get turned around, but if you started from the actual trail head it would be better. Not super strenuous and a nice gentle incline on the way up

2 days ago

The City of Holladay, because of safety problems on Oak Canyon Drive, has moved the trailhead parking to Wasatch Boulevard and part of Oak Canyon Drive has been closed to parking. I've uploaded two photos showing the trailhead parking sign and no parking signs.

Awesome easy trail through the jungle. Great for kids and adults equally.

the climb till the fall is little risky and difficult because of cold flowing water.l which may not be the case in summers.

just do this one to be in harmony with nature.

This was absolutely gorgeous, wildflowers blooming, and clear, dry trail all the way up.

Didn’t get lost - almost did at the place where there’s hundreds of ticks and it’s super steep but quickly figured out you need to just climb up and quickly go right to get back to the path. Still some snow up there but nothing my hiking boots couldn’t handle. Just behind the lake there are tons of waterfalls and amazing views. Walked up in about 1.5 hours and ran down in about 40 mins. Rain, thunder, and lightening on the way down and it was exhilarating

2 days ago

Gradual steady incline all the way to the end of the hike. The view of the waterfall is very rewarding at the end.

A little more than we expected as novice hikers but w that said we made it to the top w our 2 dogs. The workout up was WELL WORTH IT- AMAZING!
Of course coming down is easier and quicker. It can be easy to get lost, fellow hikers are more than willing to steer you onto the right path! Tonight we are all going to sleep well

2 days ago

Great hike! Even though it was short, it was a great glute workout; currently a bit sore! Has some beautiful meadow views and nice views of the surrounding mountains as you climb higher.

Went around 6:30 pm after a spring rain and the colors were magical! The first bit of trail was rocky and gave a great little workout. Overall short/fast hike with lots of wildlife! I startled some deer on the way down.

trail running
2 days ago

This hike was awesome! We were able to run most of the way down. It’s so beautiful! I’ve had it on my list for almost three years and it was worth the wait. Parking sucks, you’ll probably have to park on the road. Trail is super easy to follow.

Went on a Sunday evening from 7-8:00ish. The road to the trail was fenced off about 1.5 miles before the start. It is open to cars Jul 1- Nov 1. The trail was very cool and nicely shaded. Very gradual beginning of the trail with some moderately steep points. Lots of great views as you go and lots of sunlight even for so late in the evening. When we went we didn’t see a single other person so we may look to trail run here in the future. A bit muddy but I think it had rained earlier.

Here’s the thing...
Is the hike beautiful? Is the lake beautiful? Yes! However is the hike hard...HELL YES.
The shear elevation was very hard on me, be prepared to hike a steep trail. For real.
It’s a 5 star hike although I can’t say it was “fun” :)

Just finished this trail-I hike this several times a year. Don’t let the traffic in the parking area scare you. 99% of those people are going across the street to hike donut falls. Even with hundreds of cars up there, I only saw a total of about 15 groups total between going up and down. The last half a mile is still really snow packed and the lake is mostly frozen over and incredibly beautiful! Love this hike!! (Just watch out on the way down for mountain bikers flying down and nearly hitting you)

It was fun, strapped on the 2 year old and my 4 year old navigated it well! Great views want to come back and watch a sunset!

"Dog Lake is lame" said a high school girl at the trailhead as I was coming down, and after hiking it I kind of have to agree with her. There are lots of trees, and I imagine it's beautiful in the Autumn, but it doesn't compare to the grandeur of some of the other hikes in the area. Trail is still snow covered past the Mill A junction, so you'll want boots if your'e going all the way to the lake. I saw lots of moose tracks in the snow, so this might be a good one for you if you're searching for wildlife, but I don't think I'll hike it again.

3 days ago

OMG! I ended up on this trail instead of Butler Fork Loop, and I almost made it to the top. What stopped me? The snow as I ascended the first false summit. Great hike!

I love this hike with my little doxie, we head up this trail multiple times a year and he’s always really happy to go the whole way. It airs on the side of easy-to moderate, especially when the temps are still under 80 degrees.
I actually did continue on to the Thayne canyon loop today, and I don’t recommend it. I loved the hike all the way up to the part where desolation connects with Thayne’s, but the Thayne trail is miserable, muddy, (still a bit of snow on it May 20th) and pretty ugly if you ask me. I’d much rather head back the way I came and get to hike down the SL overlook again.
As far as hikes go, this one is great and not crowded once you pass the overlook, and even up until the overlook there aren’t too many people. Maybe a dozen other hikers and a lot of doggos.
One of my favorites as long as you stay off the Thayne canyon portion. I’m hoping to make it to desolation lake later in the summer.

3 days ago

I’m an out of shape lady and this trail is great. It has a nice incline, length, and diverse landscape for a beginner trying to get out of the house for some light exercise.

There is plenty of parking, a fair number of people, and the trail is wide enough that it’s never weird skirting by other walkers— lots of dogs, families, and people from all walks of life. I enjoy this walk at dusk. You’ll find plenty of shade walking on the east side of the stream on the dirt path (with lots of places to sit and rest along the way), or a paved road on the west of the stream (with no places to sit). It’s feels a little cooler temperature wise from the stream.

This is noted as an up and back walk, however—you can walk up one side, cross either one of the two bridges to the west/east side of the stream then walk back. Enjoy! (Lastly, to my knowledge, there is no open bathrooms/water fountains in this area— I might be wrong, but I’ve never come across any.)

3 days ago

Considering you get to summit a peak with amazing views, this hike is completely doable even for those who are not avid hikers. The steepest part is at the beginning and then it evens out with easy switchbacks. I logged about 4 Miles.

Didn't quite get up to the mine because of the snow but the waterfall at our turn-around point at was very nice. Was able to find some of the trail where the snow had already melted

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