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22 days ago

An excellent destination for those seeking solitude. We found few traces of human visitors in the basin and experienced fantastic fishing.

4 months ago

Be sure to check out Rainbow Lake for fishing

8 months ago

Took 6 kids (12-18 yrs) and myself into Crow Canyon mid August. The trial is at points hard to find at the beginning. Once you get to Adams Park (meadow) the trial ends. The rest of the way into this canyon is off trial and since there is a lot of downed dead trees was quite difficult. Once we got to the first lake DG-1 (no fish) we were very tiered and ready to be done. :) We finally made it to Crow Lake and made base camp there. The fishing was way better than expected. Over the 4 days in there we caught 43 fish between the 7 of us. We had a blast while fishing and exploring. I would only recommend this to those that have a GPS and are experienced backpackers.

9 months ago

Trail is fairly technical. Wet, rocky, mud and swamp like terrain almost the entire way. Waterproof shoes are a must! Plenty of water along the way. Never found the turnoff to make the loop as it wasn't marked well. We made our way up towards Cleveland lake where there was a fork in the trail with a sign then cut over to Queant lake. GPS clocked it right at about 4.5 miles one way. There are 3-4 nice camp sites along the southern end of the lake.

trail running
9 months ago

This is a High Uinta classic for remoteness. I have done this and several variations of the loop.
The caution for horses in other reviews are real. The Shale Dugway is notorious for big time horse wrecks in years past. Roberts Pass will pull shoes off the best horses.
Hiking will eat bad knees and ankles. You can cut off some of the mileage by omitting the Fox Lake and Kings Peak detours. You can also cut more mileage by taking the lower trail to Painter Basin and Trail Rider Pass.
Stream crossings should be done cautiously during high runoff times.
Be ready for severe thunderstorms. Only bring the best synthetic and fast drying clothing.
Trail running is hampered by rocky trail surface. Don't plan on setting a land speed record or be ready to pay the bloody price.
If you want solitude and beautiful scenery, this trail is epic.

Tough trail. Beautiful country, make sure you carry plenty of bug spray. The trail was tough to find at 3 different locations.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Hiked this quite a few years ago as part of a loop over Tworoose and Clevland Passes. Beautiful basin and great views

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Very pretty and it's a pretty easy hike.

horseback riding
Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Horse friends - this is a moderate to advanced trail. Trail is single trek, footing is 80-90 % rock, anything from loose rock in the trail, to trail going over rock sheets or large rock step ups. Rock. Only bring your most sure footed of horses. There are several bridges, some without rails to cross. The trail in some places traverse the side of the mountain with steep drop offs. The map shows the river along side the trail but it is in a 100 ft canyon. That said the trail head is well maintained with room for trailer parking with looped turn around. Beautiful canyon views with a river in the bottom. The trail is forest covered. There is not much grass to graze but plenty of streams for water. Typical for uintas to rain so be prepared. We turned around after 9 miles as the rocks in the trail weren't worth the risk of injury to the horses.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Loved it.
I thought East Basin Pass would be more trouble than it was. On the (google) map it goes through a boulder field. Truth is the Pass is further to the east and routes up through some trees or down depending on direction of travel.
Clement's Pass is amazing with the pond at the top and huge alpine meadows. There is a short cut in Squaw Basis, check the National Geographic map of the High Uinta's for more info. This will shave a mile or so, more importantly it will save elevation loss/gain.
Don't for get the fishing gear. The East Basin lakes look lonely.
Please remember to keep Leave No Trace principles in mind and limit campfire use or keep 'em really small to preserve the solitude of the region

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

BEAUTIFUL. Lots of cows though

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Did a variation of this route, but in reverse: U-Bar Ranch to Chain Lakes, over Robert's Pass to Lake Atwood, over Trail Rider Pass to Painter Basin & Kings, Kings to Kidney Lakes, then back south to U Bar Ranch. Wanted to make it to Fox Lake but was rained out hard two days and fell behind, regardless, amazing trip and even more amazing country. The scenery and absolute scale of the Uinta Mountains is just mind blowing! Whether you're considering your 1st, or your 20th 50+ miler, this one is not only suggested, but highly recommended! Superb!

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Great. Some bugs. Some rain, even hail. Great fly fishing.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stayed Atwood Lake the last day of a 6 day loop that went up to Fox Lake then west towards Kings Peak climbing Trail Ryder pass to Lake Atwood. Its a beautiful basin with several other lakes nearby. Atwood is the largest of the lakes in the area and. Back in 1977 it was one of the few lakes in the Uinta that had golden trout. Don't know if the goldens still exist because they don't complete well with other fish. Caught a 2 lb Brook Trout in the lake so it wouldn't surprise me there were very many goldens left after all these years.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Spent the first night at the Sheep bridge because of a late start then Hiked to Fox Lake. Climbed the pass above the lake and Looked down on Island Lake in the Burnt Fork Drainage. Then hiked to Kidney Lakes and spend two nights so we could fish Rainbow Lake which had large fish. Climbed Kings Peak the next day and then climbed over Trailrider Pass and camped at the upper end of Lake Atwood. Caught some Golden Trout and huge Brook trout. The last day climbed Roberts Pass and hiked pass Chain Lakes. Great Trail

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Great loop. Two passes and many lakes to visit and fish. Spent 3 days and 2 nights

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Tried to take a short cut to Painter Lake from the Atwood Basin and over the ridge to the lakes. Was difficult but rewarding views of both basins. Returned back to the trailhead the longer but much easier Painter Lakes Trail.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013