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I really appreciate rails to trails projects. Riding along the reservoir is cool. I saw some muskrats in the town of Echo. It was rideable on a road bike even on the dirt parts in winter (no snow about a month ago... terrible year for snow)

I wouldn’t call this a trail - more like a sidewalk that is completely paved. It skirts the perimeter of a densely populated residential area and some commercial (shops-restaurants) buildings. A portion of it borders Swaner preserve. Used heavily by Mountain Bikes.

Not remote, easy, flat, wide, multi use, well maintained trail. Heavily traveled with friendly folk. Walk to shops and restaurants or connect with trails in Lower Utah Olympic Park for more steps.

4 months ago

This is a nice paved path for a walk with the kids. Not really a hike but if your looking for a little incline during your run, this would be a good place for it. The trailhead has parking in the neighborhood or a 1/4 mile up is some parking by a playground. The top of the trail doesn’t really have any parking.

Nice smooth asphalt great for walking, running, skating, cycling. Runs past farms, homes, parks, etc. Easy to access at any of the streets it crosses.

road biking
6 months ago

It's better on a road bike. Paved, safe, and easy to access.

road biking
7 months ago

Great trail. We started on the north end at Farmington Station where you can park for free and its in a mall area, so plenty of people around for 'safe' parking. The directions here take you to the far north end of the trail which is at a farm and we were unsure if we should park there, but the train station is less than 2 miles south of the 'start' of the trail, so it was great. We road about 12 miles round trip (6 south, 6 north). We turned around due to some inclement weather (heavy winds and clouds and thunder/lightening later that day). Trail is well kept and very nice, but it is exposed so bring a hat/sunscreen. Great place to bike, walk, and stroll with the dogs. We went on a Sunday mid-morning, so it traffic was lite. Just got my first Road Bike so I am looking forward to utilizing this trail more.

7 months ago

Great paved trail that meanders through Utah county. We've walked and biked it with our kids in tow.

8 months ago

It is a nice paved walking path for when you want to get away but don't have the time to drive out to the mountains. The path runs along a dry creek. You can see a golf course and many backyards. If you are interested in backyard landscaping on a hill, there are many different examples here. There is not much shade.

From one end to the other then back, it is 2.5 miles. There is no good place to park at either end. The trailhead parking is on Skye Dr, about a half mile east of the west end. You also could park at Tenton Estates Park (which has a nice small shaded playground aimed towards younger kids) which is about a quarter mile west of the east end. Personally next time I probably would park at Skye Park and just walk the small distance south to the west end.

Fun and super easy walk. More fun on a bike. Not much to see but it is a nice walk.

This is a great trail if you start at the trail head by draper park , the section between 12600 s and the draper park is tricky to get to . My advice is to start at the trail head

Nice easy trail.

More of a walk than a hike but nice wide trail, close to city but very quiet.

10 months ago

There wasn't a great place to park but it was a nice paved trail. Our 3 and 5 year old girls biked and we walked with our 3 dogs. There's a great park to stop and have the kids play.

10 months ago

Very easy trail. Paved the whole way.

This is such a nice trail for cycling. It was shady most of the way. Cute pond with cool birds.

Fun first outing. Nice and easy for a beginner.

10 months ago

This is a very easy trail that follows along Bingham Creek. Although the creek is mostly dried up and it was a rainy day, the trail was still beautiful and very lightly trafficked at this time of year.

Pros: Easy in and out; paved; interesting historical location of the old rail;
Cons: Lots of residential housing blocking the view sometimes;

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Very well maintained and relatively smooth

Thursday, March 16, 2017

It's a great long trail!

very easy nice trail

Monday, February 13, 2017

This is a well maintained running/walking path. It's paved and runs along the TRAX line with plenty of places for water and restroom breaks. As it continues south past the last stop it becomes less crowded.

road biking
Saturday, August 13, 2016

I have ridden from West Bountiful to Clear field! My goal is to go from West Bountiful to Ogden and back...

Monday, April 25, 2016

This trail connects to the Denver and Rio Grande Western Rail Trail and the Jordan River Parkway Trail. It is great for walking, biking, and running. There are tons of bugs in the spring and summer early in the morning and in the evening, but that's the way everything is by the GSL. I gave it three stars because the last few times I've walked or biked on the trail there's been a ton of garbage on the sides of the trail. It is my favorite of the rail trails in the area, though.

This rail trail stretches from Centerville to West Haven. There are many access points. It is a great paved trail for biking, walking, and running. It connects to the Legacy Parkway Trail in Centerville which continues south to Jordan Parkway. Jordan Parkway goes about 40 miles through Salt Lake County. The three rail trails together total about 80 miles.

I loved the small section I did today. will be doing more for sure. very few people.

road biking
Friday, April 24, 2015

Rode 20 miles today from the northern end point of the trail in Roy/West Haven to south Clearfield. There was plenty of traffic even with the scattered showers all morning, but the trail is wide enough that I only had to slow down to get around people one time. There definitely is a lot of street crossings, and only two had stoplights - the rest you just waited for a break in the traffic or for a couple of cars that recognized the pedestrian/bike crossings.

Not many goatheads on the trail - I only picked up one - but I've had trouble with them on this trail on previous rides in the summer and fall. The only real parking area I saw was at Steed Park. Lots of streetside areas, but I personally wouldn't trust them.

mountain biking
Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rode this trail from Promontory to Coalville. It's a gentle 2% downhill grade on former rail tracks. The Trail is between the lanes of I80 so it's plenty loud at times along with truck fumes. As you move further past Wanship, the noise / smells decrease however the trail is starting to get overgrown. There have been a number of horses / cows on the trails so it's now quite bumpy. Overall, the trail is OK but there are plenty of other options that are much nicer in the area.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Paved way, pretty easy stuff

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