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Love how many different views are on this hike. It is definitely worth it to put on your list of hikes to do.

As hikes go, this one isn't great, but I give it an extra bump because I felt like I got a pretty good workout. I got lots of side eye from teenagers sprinting sporadically from turn to turn until the Y because I had a full day pack. Anyway, the trail is super overgrown, which is fine. Despite knowing there would be lots of stinging nettle, I wore shorts (downsides of getting dressed while half asleep). Regardless, I didn't have any issues with the nettle. I think I had a few stings, but nothing that left blisters or even hurt that bad. Decent view of the valley and pretty minimal traffic once you pass the Y if you're looking for seclusion.

Hike this often with my 3 year old — It’s our favorite! Nice for a leisure hike with our dogs and plenty of places of hang a hammock and relax in nature.

3 days ago

Our favorite hike! It starts on a dirt road with a pretty intense uphill walk but opens up onto a creek running down the mountain. You can go as far as you want up the mountain following along the creek. It goes quite a ways! Nicely shaded in the afternoon.

mountain biking
3 days ago

Excellent trail for a nice stroll, run or bike ride. Today, I biked it from Vivian Park to Utah Lake State park. It only took a few hours -- it's pretty much all downhill. It's a great trail to hit for a workout while enjoying nature.

3 days ago

Great trail with some nice views! The best thing about this trail is the close proximity to Provo. The rock formations are always intriguing. Enjoy the climb!

trail running
4 days ago

it's a pretty difficult hike that isn't all that pretty. it's just straight up on a gravel path for a while. it's worth doing it at least once while you're in Provo, but if you want better views and hikes consider going up slate canyon and hobble Creek.

5 days ago

This hike amazed me! I began at sundown on the 4th of July and got to the peak at about 11 PM. My goal was to shoot a time lapse of the fireworks. I loved it even though I got there a little late to get the best of the show! 2700 feet to the top is no joke! It is uphill for about 90% of the hike up, but it is not as bad as it sounds! I highly recommend this hike!

Here is the fireworks time lapse I made from the peak: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX-RrUnv9tw.

A great hike! The trail is definitely overgrown about 3 miles in, as others have said. Watch out for stinging nettle! All 3 of us that did this hike got some on us. Beautiful views from the summit and a really green and pretty hike once you get past the ugly and steep Y trail.

Great trail and unique way to view both Utah valley and Heber valley (incredible views!). I’ve always enjoyed breaking up the hike into two parts: hiking up and setting up camp, then summiting early in the morning.

Trail is well marked from base to summit. After reaching the saddle, there is some exposure to both sides of the mountain so be careful with young hikers and keep them near (not as intense as angels landing, but you can get an idea).

Be prepared to see several people as the trail is very popular! Full moon and no moon nights are the most popular amongst other hikers.

pretty difficult hike but well worth the views.

Spring looks like it's been capped and goes through a pipe. During higher runoff water could come out an overflow pipe. Good trail

Trail is in very good shape. Empty at 5:30am with everyone else is asleep. Can make this a loop by taking the Shingle Creek Trail and the Great Western trail back to the trailhead. Adds only 1.5 miles to the day.

Fantastic hike. Our GPS clicked at 7.5 miles vs the 7.0 miles AllTrails indicates.

Also, lots of people said it was between 2 hrs and 2 hrs and 30 min hike. I Don’t think that’s realistic unless you run part/all and take no breaks.

Our total trip was 2 hrs 50 min. We hiked fast up with almost no breaks, took a 20-30 min break at the top, and jogged the way down anywhere it wasn’t steep (14 min miles on way down). For most hikers, I would expect this to be 3.5-4 hrs.

I love this hike. Watch for stinging nettle.

Hiked this trail by myself yesterday morning from 8:30-11:30am round-trip with a few minutes to enjoy the view and eat a snack at the top. As the previous reviewer mentioned, the current vegetation/undergrowth makes the trail very hard to find in some places. If I hadn't hiked this before, I'm not sure I would have been able to find my way. Though the mountain is quite green, the wildflowers are mostly all done blooming by now. I think the hike is prettiest during the middle/end of June. Also, according to my GPS, the trail is actually 7.3 miles round-trip. Overall, I think it's a nice hike with some beautiful views of Timp and the valley. Great workout. Would recommend!

Amazing hike. Starts a little slowly, but you'll be grateful for it on the way back! The first waterfall is maybe a mile in, and is the perfect way to refresh after the first incline. Watch out for stinging nettles though! Great trail for in-shape dogs. I loved letting my tiny herd of canines play in the crystal clear mountain water. Best hike I've done this year!

I love this hike, but it is demanding. It’s straight up for a good bit of the way, but then opens to fields of wild flowers. Views are amazing and worth the work!

12 days ago

Did this hike yesterday July 8 just for the “workout” and it was a workout! Started at 12:30 pm temp was around 90. That afternoon it hit 103! This hike has VERY LITTLE shade. The going was normal until I got 2 miles into the hike where the vegetation had completed covered the trail. The plants were 3-4 ft high, it was like trail blazing in the jungle. I was the only hiker past top of the Y. I gave the hike 4 stars for the workout value. Best to go with someone who is familiar or it would be very easy to loose the trail.

Probably my favorite hike in Utah County. Great workout but not too hard. Nothing like standing next to that American flag on the 4th of July, overlooking the valley, blasting Springsteen on your speakers. That, my friends, is as American as it gets.

Very strenuous. We hiked this on a Saturday, busiest day. We arrived at the trailhead parking lot at 5 am and the lot was half full. I started off in pants but changed into shorts about 1 mile up the trail. I suggest shorts on a warm day but bring a hoodie for the summit, it gets windy and chilly. We summited at 11:30 am. We all had 3 liter water bladders in our packs but that wasn't enough for a hot day. We all ran dry on the way down with 6 miles left to go. My GPS said 15.4 miles total. There was a little patch of snow, about 100 yds, on the talus pile between Emerald Lake and the saddle. The last mile from the saddle to the summit is the most strenuous. It is very steep and involves climbing stepped rocks on the steep western face of the slope. We arrived back to the trailhead at 4:30 pm (11.5 hrs total). We saw a moose with 2 calves and 4 mtn goats. The waterfalls helped us keep cool on the way back down.

14 days ago

I love this trail... Not many people. I can take my dog and let him go crazy. The trail is nice and steep. It's a great workout. In fact it is part of my weekly routine, 3 workout days and 3 hiking days. With this schedule I've lost 45lbs. in 2 months. Slate Canyon has been a big part of that.

Beautiful! 5 and 6 year old did it with no problem.

15 days ago

My favorite hike so far this year. The rock formations are awesome, there is forest, meadows, butterflies, wildflowers, and the best view of the valley I have ever seen!

15 days ago

Went for an evening hike. Not a single soul but our group. First part is pretty steep, then turns into a walk along the stream. We crossed at several points, but that wasn't necessary. Saw a few snakes, so be aware of what's on the trail. Overall, nothing spectaculat, but still a nice getaway that avoids the crowds at other more popular trails.

15 days ago

Did this hike beginning of June. Started around 6:30pm from the Y trailhead. Booked it up to the top of the Y to catch up with some friends that left earlier. HOT AND SUNNY for that portion. Probably my least favorite hike ever, but what's beyond the Y is always worth the trek. Temperatures cooled down a lot once behind the mountain. Some parts pretty steep so watch your footing. Got to the top right before sunset. Beautiful view over the valley. Once the sun was down, the temperature really dropped. Glad I brought a jacket! Hiked down in the dark with a strong flashlight. Back to the car by 11pm. Giving four stars just because I hate the hike to the Y, and I think there are several better hikes than this that I would rather repeat. Worth it to say I've done it, though :)

15 days ago

This is a demanding hike. There are few if any switchbacks, but the stunning views, especially from the summit, are an ample reward for the effort.

I thought this was a pretty nice hike. We were kind of let down by the end of the trail, and there weren’t many overlooks. All in all, it was a beautiful mountain! Very long. Pack plenty of water! This area is perfect for rock climbers.

18 days ago

This trail is pretty lame up until you get to the creek. Before the creek its a pretty steep slant with the only good view being behind you of bridal veil falls. However, once you start going up the creek (following the little cairns along the way) you can see some pretty amazing smaller waterfalls and river formations.

19 days ago

Stunning! Definitely worth going at sunset.

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