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This is the most scenic park of the Squaw Peak 50 mile trail race. Race day is early June, so if you plan to do it just after then, it will be groomed and flagged.

Great hike. We camped at Emerald Lake and it was a beast with camping gear. In the morning we threw on day packs and hit the summit. Amazing views.

Entire summit was about 17.3 miles. We hiked it from 10am until 7pm. Very difficult but definitely worth it (especially seeing the mountain goats near emerald lake on the way up and way back down)! The air quality is really bad right now so the views are pretty hazy. But you should still make it to the shack for that overall sense of accomplishment! We saw a lot of people backpacking in around 6-7pm with hopes of camping. There didn't seem to be a ton of places to camp so that was interesting. A fellow hiker told us the chipmunks are so bad up there, they'll eat through anything you have. Anyways, do this one. You may hurt the next day but it's worth it!

the trail is not clearly marked, it forks off frequently, and the map does not math up with the trails. if you have lots of time, explore the trails and have fun! but if you're looking for a straight-forward hike, stay away. it is beautiful, and when we did find the stream, it was lovely. we didn't stop long because we were frustrated, over the anticipated 4.2 miles, and ended up hiking the main road back to the car to avoid the confusing mess of trails. good luck. hopefully yours is better than ours....

This hike is so AMAZING. The shack! The goats! The mountain meadows! The 3 waterfalls! Loved it!

8 days ago

Most of the 3 miles is on the paved Provo canyon trail so we just parked at the upper falls park and went from there.
There is a side trail that leads to 3 additional water falls if you're up for the adventure.

Beautiful! So so beautiful!!! But hard to find. Really should call it Hidden Falls. Wednesday I tried finding it but was confused by the map also I was thinking it was the upper part of Bridal Veil. Two different trails. So Saturday late afternoon/ early evening and after researching I was able to find the trail. Lot of people down where it is paved but very few on the trail. It is steep but doable even for a 5 year old. A lot of it is shaded. Once at the bottom of the Falls my daughters (17 and 5) and I decided to see if we could find the trail to take us up to the next part of the Falls. It was hard to find and it took my 17 climbing up part of the rock face to find the trail for us. The trail was narrow and if you are afraid of heights the bottom of the Falls is great. But the real treat is going higher. So so incredible!

It's a burner. But it's beautiful.

Ran out of water just after the saddle - after that, the riverbeds are dry-washes and the next time you'll see water is just before Emerald Lake. There's a small spring trickling out of the rocks on the south end of the saddle. If you're not looking/listening, you'll miss it.

It was a beautiful hike. Hard, but rewarding.

I stopped doing keto and began using carbs again and the hike was way easier for me (I had a hard time on the horse flat which was rated as easy).
More for hiking rather than sightseeing/hiking.
Should actually take the "views" tag out of the details.
Mostly incline and very rocky.
If you roll your ankles a lot you should buy good hiking shoes/boots or watch where you step.
Going up took an hour and a half and around 45 minutes to get back down.

First timers for my brother in law and I. That mess was hard lol. Ran out of water at the saddle. Luckily the park ranger had a water purification system and helped us out. Definitely take something like Powerade or an electrolyte drink. Not just water. That rock path sucks. Seeing the goats made it worth it all

Emerald Lake to the Summit was extremely difficult (I’m not used to high altitudes, and there’s a lot of steep and/or loose rock to climb). But the views and feeling of accomplishment are so worth it. Just make sure you pace yourself for what your body needs, and look up often enough to know where the trail is. It’s discouraging to get off track when you’re tired. The trail is much easier to find coming down.

Really liked this trail. Only reason I’m giving it 4 is due to how heavily trafficked it is. Camped a bit below emerald lake for a bit more seclusion.

We started around 2:30 am to make it up for sunrise. I was skeptical but it was well worth it. We are pretty fast hikers and it took us about 6 1/2 hours of actual hiking time. Views are unreal

It was a pretty boring trail until you hit the creek which was a lot more fun. Pretty view of bridal veil but nothing you can’t see from the highway. No one else on the trail which was nice. The stone couch was a nice place for a picnic.

My 8 year old son loved climbing through the waterfall to the upper falls. I thought this hike would be too crowded to be much fun, but it was actually pretty awesome despite all the people at the bottom.

Amazing hike! Beautiful wildflowers and great view. Trail is easy to follow. I am in reasonably good shape, but certainly not trail running shape & I made it up in just under 2 hours. Definitely recommend it.

Easy getting to the falls. A little more difficult if you climb up the face of the falls to where the water is coming off the mountain, but still doable. great adventure for kids!

Very mellow hike if you are advanced. Wear good shoes there is a rock pile for about a mile of the hike near the saddle that is very difficult to maneuver on and if you don’t have a rock plate you feel every bit of it. Beautiful 360 views, great salt lake views, emerald lake was stunning and very cold. 3 hours to the top for advanced fast pace hikers. Expect to take 5 hours up if you are not.

Beautiful. From ~9500 feet on its a rock scramble but worth it. Look out for rattlesnakes at 10,500 feet.

Very mellow hike if you are advanced. Wear good shoes there is a rock pile for about a mile of the hike near the saddle that is very difficult to maneuver on and if you don’t have a rock plate you feel every bit of it. Beautiful 360 views, great salt lake views, emerald lake was stunning and very cold. 3 hours 25 minutes to the top.

This is my favorite hike ever. I’m hiking it for my 16th time tomorrow.

Beautiful hike! So many wild flowers, water falls, lakes and goats. Expect it to take around 9 hours if you are like us and like to stop to smell the flowers and gawk at the mountain goats. The hike felt longer than 14 miles and the ranger at the bottom confirmed that it is probably more like 16 or 17. Especially with exploration beyond the trail. Still doable in the day if you are experienced but definitely an long one. The aspen grove trail had significantly less traffic than the timpanoki side.

20 days ago

A very hot and dusty hike. Nothing but steep switchbacks the entire way. I only hike it for a workout.

21 days ago

This was a tougher then it looks hike. Like most of the reviews say, bring water. Take your time and rest when you need to. It was a good workout coming back down too.

Beautiful and challenging hike. Start at aspen side and cross over to timpanooki. You will not regret it

Difficult but very rewarding. Hiked up Aspen grove and down Timpanogos trail. Staged a car at the finish the evening prior. Be ready for hiking over the scree fields (which I wasn’t prepared for). Not many people on Monday. The meadows in the cirque at the top make this a must do for wildflower viewing.

Not too bad for a first walk in UT.
Traveled the route and ended up a steep rocky area (too steep for me for as of now).
You can continue walking (paved path), it’s just surrounded by trees and a river on the right for maybe 3 more miles.

Beautiful trail. And not heavily used trail. Saw some goats at the lake, cooled off in a waterfall headed up. Great hike.

This is a lovely trail. Show up before nine - it gets busy. The easiest way up to the falls is after the sign with "this is the right trail" written in sharpie. Walk a little further down the paved path and you'll find the less rocky/slippery trail.
The waterfall is gorgeous, surrounded by stair rocks that are relatively easy to climb. Had two pre-teens with us, and saw a few younger children on the trail with their grandparents.

Short, sweet and family-friendly with great views! There wasnt much of a crowd from 9-10 am when I was hiked it in July.

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