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Great trail and unique way to view both Utah valley and Heber valley (incredible views!). I’ve always enjoyed breaking up the hike into two parts: hiking up and setting up camp, then summiting early in the morning.

Trail is well marked from base to summit. After reaching the saddle, there is some exposure to both sides of the mountain so be careful with young hikers and keep them near (not as intense as angels landing, but you can get an idea).

Be prepared to see several people as the trail is very popular! Full moon and no moon nights are the most popular amongst other hikers.

pretty difficult hike but well worth the views.

Spring looks like it's been capped and goes through a pipe. During higher runoff water could come out an overflow pipe. Good trail

I love this hike. Watch for stinging nettle.

Amazing hike. Starts a little slowly, but you'll be grateful for it on the way back! The first waterfall is maybe a mile in, and is the perfect way to refresh after the first incline. Watch out for stinging nettles though! Great trail for in-shape dogs. I loved letting my tiny herd of canines play in the crystal clear mountain water. Best hike I've done this year!

Very strenuous. We hiked this on a Saturday, busiest day. We arrived at the trailhead parking lot at 5 am and the lot was half full. I started off in pants but changed into shorts about 1 mile up the trail. I suggest shorts on a warm day but bring a hoodie for the summit, it gets windy and chilly. We summited at 11:30 am. We all had 3 liter water bladders in our packs but that wasn't enough for a hot day. We all ran dry on the way down with 6 miles left to go. My GPS said 15.4 miles total. There was a little patch of snow, about 100 yds, on the talus pile between Emerald Lake and the saddle. The last mile from the saddle to the summit is the most strenuous. It is very steep and involves climbing stepped rocks on the steep western face of the slope. We arrived back to the trailhead at 4:30 pm (11.5 hrs total). We saw a moose with 2 calves and 4 mtn goats. The waterfalls helped us keep cool on the way back down.

11 days ago

I love this trail... Not many people. I can take my dog and let him go crazy. The trail is nice and steep. It's a great workout. In fact it is part of my weekly routine, 3 workout days and 3 hiking days. With this schedule I've lost 45lbs. in 2 months. Slate Canyon has been a big part of that.

I started at 6am and finished at 5pm. I made it as far as the ridge or saddle right before the last trek to the peak. I stopped frequently to take photos and enjoy the amazing views. The first 5 miles through lush summer greenery and wildflowers is beautiful. I call it the hanging gardens of Utah. Past Emerald Lake is a technical challenge. Crossing boulder fields and snow fields until a vertical climb up to the ridge is difficult but worth the view. It’s windy and cold up there on the last day of June so bring a jacket. My phone said 7.7 miles to the ridge, and others who made it to the top said it was 9 miles.

beautiful hike never been there first time really nice people up there we started at 3 in the morning make sure you bring something warm it's pretty cold up there still

26 days ago

It was so beautiful! The trail is definitely a bit overgrown on the back side of the mountain. Great hike overall.

I went on a Wednesday afternoon & was clearing cobwebs! Lots of butterflies & it runs right along the stream. I did encounter a few deer flys further along the trail.

Magnificent views through partially frozen Emerald lake... the Boulder/Scree field was pretty much a soft snow traverse. We used Crampons and trecking poles intermently until the chimney and some endurance to the summit.
11 hours out and back including much needed rest and spectacular photos.
Switzerland of Utah. Do this with some hiking and fitness preparation!!!

Beautiful, slightly busy. packed out a few bits of trash.

Really spectacular for the sunrise. Definitely a must do hike

This is not just a hard hike, it's a VERY hard hike. My Fitbit read over 16 miles, 444 minute without and over 500 floors to the summit... holy smokes! I'm tired. I had some nausea and light headedness. Bring as much water possible (10 - 11 cups) and drink often by sipping. Plan on hiking all day with frequent stops (9 plus hours). There are still snowy patches near the saddle, but our group didn't need any equipment and we had a 10 year old - 50 year old with us. Keep your eye out for mountain goats they are up there!

Very steep hike with not amazing views. Going up from Slate Canyon it is very steep and rocky. I also was confused where to start (I started going towards Y mountain before turning around). The trail gets even more steep after the fork towards the very top of the hike. While hiking down the trail it is overgrown with vegetation so it is difficult to see the trail. Watch out for snakes and bring lots of water!! Above the Y trail was beautiful and the start of the canyon was also beautiful. Lots of vegetation on the back side of the canyon. Difficult hike with very little traffic.

So pretty, and hundreds of butterflies! The springs is dried up, but it was still a very fun place.

Definitely worth the hike, amazing views. Pretty straight forward. Some exposed areas partway up but nothing too bad. Definitely need some form of poles/crampons/ice axe to get to the peak. Made it to Emerald Lake but couldn’t safely go further without snow gear.

So hard and so worth it!! In the summer start early (before 7am) if you can. You’ll be out in the sun about the entire time. Start early, bring tons of water, and wear sunscreen! You’ll love it

It’s a difficult hike but has amazing views the whole time! Depending on the time of year, snow may be covering parts of the trail and be dangerous to cross. Many waterfalls to enjoy along the way. I highly recommend

Slate Canyon is a great hike. I go up the canyon about 3 miles everyday. It's quite the workout. The first 3 miles are almost entirely uphill. There is long steep hills, one after the other. I've lost 30lbs making this hike everyday.

Beautiful trail! Unfortunately...no springs. Provo City capped off the springs. Still beautiful, green, lovely nature to enjoy!

Good times!!!

Possible with crampons and ice axe.

1 month ago

It's a beautiful time of year to hike this trail. The landscape is vibrantly green. Butterflies are out and about. Flowers are starting to bloom. A drawback: the springs are no longer flowing as they've been capped off. But, there are still a few small creeks running throughout the hike.

It was a great time. My kids and I enjoyed it!

mountain biking
2 months ago

Cool scenery, plenty of area to bike and not interfere with hikers. Awesome area.

May 7th, 2018

Overall was a very amazing hike. We were only able to get 3.25 miles from trailhead as we ended up running into the snow fields. Took us 1 hour and 40 minutes to hit this point. Gained 1761 in elevation and maxed out at 8685 ft. Snow is very slick and without appropriate gear it ended our run to the summit. It will likely be some time before it is passable without any micro spikes or other appropriate gear. There is a 50 ft waterfall that was quite beautiful to see as the snow continues to melt. The only advice I will throw out there, not being from the area is that it costs $6 dollars to park and hike for a three day pass. Make sure you bring cash. Not sure if this is active so be sure to inquire. Would recommend this hike.

Great Hike, Saw some Turkeys up at the spring.

Definitely recommend early in the morning because it gets hot and there’s not a ton of shade but it’s a beautiful easy hike

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