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3 days ago

Pretty steep, but not as long as I expected. It took four of us about 2 1/2 hours to get to the top and we stopped fairly frequently to rest. The bulk of the trail is very shady which was nice. The view from the top is incredible.

Gorgeous. We went up in the afternoon and stayed while the sun set. It's a very short hike, great for dogs!

A really pretty hike with incredible views! It was really easy in my opinion.

Wow. Amazing hike, but exhausting! It starts out with the normal Y trail which is tiring as is. Then teases you with a dirt trail leading off into the mountains and the next mile isn’t too bad. The. That last mile is straight up! And exhausting! The views are absolutely incredible and provides a feeling of accomplishment when you reach that flag at the top! Definitely recommend!

If you’re looking for a rewarding day hike in Utah Valley, Squaw Peak is excellent! I especially recommend getting an early start and hiking up so the sun comes up as you’re reaching the summit. It makes for some especially stunning views seeing the different valleys and ridges alternately shadowed or lit up. Don’t let the first mile fool you, it’s a beautiful hike! Definitely a steep, difficult hike, but I saw some dogs and kids hiking it—in fact, a 12 year-old beat me to the top!

My first AllTrails trail! Me and my 3yr dog did it in a span of about 2 hrs 45 minutes. we are both pretty out of shape it was the first hike I have done in about a year and it was pretty difficult for me . It's fairly steep on what seems to have been an old Service Road. There were only two people we saw the whole time and that was on the way down. The view of bridal veil Falls was really beautiful to look at, however, this Trail itself wasn't anything too exciting and we probably won't come back to this one.

If you want a workout, do this hike! Trails are pretty wide, and it’s a good hike for kids. Picnic tables at the top

9 days ago

So i am a total hiking rookie and not the most fit human in all the land, and I completed this hike in exactly 5 hours. I went 5/13/18, started at 5 am. Was crazy muddy from the rain and snow melting. (I’m a genius and wore Nike’s) even with stopping to take pictures, moving slow due to me sliding in the mud, and resting for 40 mins at the peak, I returned back to my car at exactly 10 am. Not too shabby for a rookie if I do say so myself! Totally worth the falling in the mud! Awesome scenery and wildlife. I went on a Sunday so I didn’t see a soul until the way back. (A whole 6 people) after the 5th bridge, another 150 meters there is a fork, stay to the LEFT. :)

Not a "hiking trail" at all. It's a paved bike/skateboard/pedestrian path. The falls are certainly beautiful! It was honestly disturbing to me to see all the families allowing their young children to scramble up the rock slide towards the falls. Some were only wearing flip flops/ sandals. The slide is not stable and I'm unsure why folks think it's a good idea to climb up. Aside from that, a nice evening stroll.

It was a great time. My kids and I enjoyed it!

This was a super easy hike. We tried going up the dirt path to the higher part of the falls, but turned back because we didn’t have our gear with us. The falls were beautiful!

mountain biking
13 days ago

Cool scenery, plenty of area to bike and not interfere with hikers. Awesome area.

Road still closed, but go soon to see the wild flowers!

18 days ago

Beautiful hike. Not too difficult. Left the trail head about 7:15 and only saw a few people on the way up. Much larger groups were on their way up about 10am.

Beautiful day to hike. 27 April 2018.
Great “workout” hike. Up to the Y a good start. From there till turnoff is not too aggressive (turnoff about a mile plus later). After taking a left at turnoff gets steeper most of the way till top. First time doing. 1 hr 45 min to get up. 1 hr down. Nice variety in trail conditions, nice views up top.

Great Hike, Saw some Turkeys up at the spring.

Fun hike. Pretty good workout too. There was no snow on he trail at all on 4/28/2018

nature trips
26 days ago

Hiked it in early March, still with snow. Good trails all the way up. One thing I liked is that the majority of the hike actually has very pretty views - not just at the top. Snow made it kind of time consuming but not too steep or treacherous. I would recommend going at a time when there’s no snow.

Snowy/icy going up and VERY muddy going down, great views though

Not really worth it. The trail takes you along a fence line and most of the trail is actually more of a straight line, uphill service road. That plus the close proximity to the highway make it a very ugly trail. The Creek was neat and the view of Bridal Veil Falls was great, but the waterfall was a real let down. It was just a small trickle and we were there in the spring.

Definitely recommend early in the morning because it gets hot and there’s not a ton of shade but it’s a beautiful easy hike

Went all the way to the summit...about 1.5 feet of snow at the top...it slowed me down a decent bit but it was still doable with out an extra gear...just keep that in mind. Again, I’d like to reiterate that the second half of the trail is soooo much better than the first half...it’s got a whole different energy to it.

Curley Springs is meant to be a loop trail that can start at either Battle Creek Canyon or Dry Canyon in Lindon and make a loop upper then back on the foothill trails. My goal was to take my external GPS and track it for All Trails so they could revise this trail and show it as the loop it was meant to be. Not sure what happened but even though I downloaded the map and had lots of satellites connecint my phone to GPS, as soon as I made it up from Balltlecreek canyon to connect with the trail my dot locked up, and I got lost coming down. a little frustrating that Google maps worked better than this. Anyway here are my pics and cons of making the loop like I did.
Pros: I liked the variety of scenery. In Battle Creek Canyon you get to walk along and cross the river and see the Gorgeous waterfall. Then you head up in the hills and it is lots of growth. I was kinda glad I was doing this trail so early in the Spring for the trail might have been harder to keep track of with more growth (but then maybe it will also get more traffic?). There was a few times I wondered.if I should turn back because the trail was a little tricky, but your just walking along the Ridgeline for much of the time so if you stay close to it you should be close to the trail. Surprisingly when I got to the top where the All trails ends is the easiest section. (If you are trying to find this trail from the Lindon side take the right fork close.to.the end and the watch for another right fork. That is where I entered the trail. ). This was a beautiful section with amazing views of the valley. I thought this section would be the easiest, but there are so many different trails going so.many different ways that I ended up so far off from my Target. It would have been fine if my All trails would have worked, but ...

I love this hike!

My favorite trail. It’s like constant step ups. Wear hiking boots though.

Easy hike. Google Maps also has a marker for where the trailhead actually begins; we missed the real trailhead the first time we trekked the falls and ended up scrambling up the slickrock at the base of the falls, which I wouldn't personally recommend because there aren't many stable footholds. The actual trail is well-maintained and mostly a steady incline to the base of Bridal Veil Falls.

1 month ago

Fun little hike

The trail isn't marked very well so we ended up going a mile or two more up the mountain, but even in July and August, it's gorgeous up there. We went on a morning just after it had rained and the whole mountain felt like the Columbia river gorge in Oregon. Everything was so green and humid and cool. It's our favorite "get us out of the house" trail. The last time we went was in August last summer. We have moved to SLC since and still plan to head down whenever we get a chance.

Watch out for mountain bikers for the first half hour to hour and then you shouldn't see many more.

2 months ago

One of my all time favorite hikes in Utah valley. Be careful at the fork because it is very easy to miss.

Hard but fun!

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