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19 hours ago

Took our dog on this hike. It is really short, which is what I wanted because we didn’t have much time. The waterfall isn’t spectacular, and the trail isn’t really kept. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like a real trail. It starts behind a small structure on the paved trail above the parking lot. Apparently you’re supposed to pay to be there - not loving that part. There is an envelope where you put the money in.

Super easy walk to the falls. Great hike if you have little ones!

Easy walk to view the falls.

12 days ago

Very pretty during the fall with some great views. The trail gets a little rocky and loose but overall it was fun and short.

13 days ago

What a great adventure!

Just followed Timpooneke all the way to the Shack by the Lake.

Instead of heading up to Timp, follow the ridgeline heading north up to Robert's Horn.

I probably made this more difficult for myself on the way up then necessary, but was glad for some experience in exposure.

There was actually a dog who got about 200 feet away from the summit whose tracks I followed.

Awesome trail! To go to upper falls, drive on to that parking lot. After crossing the bridge you have a choice. If you go right you will see the building with graffiti. This is the main trail behind the building
. If you go slightly left instead you will see the pink ribbon trail. This is a lot less steep and rocky. Much easier.

Late Fall weather has the colors on the mountain popping! The weather and temperature was as perfect as it could be. Cooler in the morning, but warming quickly. Dark clouds loomed over the mountain most of the day, but we received no rain or snow.
From Aspen Grove it took us 4 hours and 15 minutes to summit. Winds on top were calmer than usual, only blowing small rocks.
Our 1 year old mix breed pup loves the hike, and hasn’t had any problems with his feet on the rough terrain.
The trail had lots of good people on it today.

This was an amazing hike. My 4 & 6 year old even hiked straight up the waterfall to the pool where the main fall lands. Incredible views, very fun, and did this while holding my 2 year old in an ergo. *I wouldn't recommend everyone attempt that, but I feel pretty confident in my hiking abilities.

My brother-in-law did the same with his and there 3 & 5 year old did great too.

Was a quick, somewhat steep climb to a subpar waterfall. Drunk people hang out at the trailhead (there's a ruined structure covered in graffiti).

29 days ago

Hiked the longer option from Nunns park. Good option if you are looking for a longer workout.

Multiple trail options. I went up to a trail just above where the map track go up that seems to be well used. I came down a trail marked with pink ribbon that is not a very good trail.

The pave path most of the way makes this a much less strenuous hike until you get to the trail. There are many rough trails up marked by trail signs. I took the most eastern (up canyon) trail near the picnic table. It seems to be the best trail from what I saw

Was fun to hike as a kid. We would do it at night so it was not as hot. The morning was very cold until the sun came up. At which time we had hiked to the silver shed on top. What a beautiful view of Utah valley. I will never for get coming down the glacier and enjoying the ride to Emerald lake. Was a lot of fun with my brother and friends.

Brutal hike. Quite possibly the toughest hike I've done. Super steep, not the most enjoyable terrain but great views from the top. Bring plenty of water!

1 month ago

Drove up squaw peak road and started from there which cut out a good chunk of the hike. Ended up being only about 2 miles each way for us, but a brutal two miles. Not the prettiest but definitely worth it!

amazing hike. it was 17 miles though... def not 13.9. beautiful, great weather, great trail. loved it!

So hard but the views were worth it!

We went up last Saturday. We hiked the first hour or two with headlamps because we started in the dark. Plenty of parking when we got there and a steady climb with breathtaking views all the way up. Managed to find some mountain goats. The only two complaints I have are the amount of people and that you have to hike just short of a mile across a boulder field-it hurts your feet! Will be trying the Timpanogee trail next time.

beautiful falls and shaded paved trail to the base of the falls. just pass the falls there is a bridge to the left with port-a-potties..to the right of the bridge is the safest way up the falls. it is dirt narrow trail that then turns to gravel and rock. Very narrow all the way up but not strenuous. Just nerve wracking that you could slip! We took our 12 yr kld daughter and I was so afraid she would slip. people were carrying babies and toddlers and i think they were nuts!! once to the falls it ia gorgeous and fun!

Best Utah county trail. A must.

Good, simple hike. I followed the All Trails map and did the first turn off to go see Bridal Veils fall (be carefull, steep and loose rock) which was awesome to see. Then the pup and I got back on the trail towards Upper falls. The trail is all cement until you reach the trail head for both waterfalls. The Upper Falls trailhead will have a cement structure with graffiti on it, like other pictures have shown. The trail alone was nice. Slightly steep (by no means bad at all) and some loose rock, but worth the short hike straight up to the falls. Made for a great and simple morning hike. Like in my other reviews for other hikes, I got there early t avoid people (I was there around 7:45am or so) and by the time I got back to my truck the lot was packed and people everywhere.

Alltrails loged 14.6 miles and over 44,000 steps on the loop going up from Aspen Grove and back down Timponeke. I only saw one mountain goat butt, no flowers, a lot of dust, and too many people at the top, but it was an amazing day! Now to nurse my sore feet and legs!

1 month ago

It is so beautiful!! it's a very nice place to take your family or yourself for a nice walk. No parking fee.

scenic driving
1 month ago

Drove this many years ago with the family when the road was in better condition and didn't require a 4x4

Went 2 days ago, on a Saturday. This is a long hike: start to end, our GPS Garmins read 17.4 miles, so prepare yourself for a longer than 14.3 mile hike. After the switchbacks, there's a beautiful meadow and lake, then a long stretch of a rock pile before a steep hike up to the saddle. This is where the 2 trails merge, so on Saturday, there were A LOT of people. Be patient and courteous. Not many people were yielding to uphill hikers. You may need to kindly educate inexperienced hikers regarding trail etiquette. About an hour from the saddle is the summit. Some bit of a rock scramble (bring gloves just in case). I used my poles, not my hands. The views from the saddle and summit are both incredible! There wasn't much room at the summit, so we didn't stay long. I brought 4.5 L of water and had plenty left. 75° day if I recall correctly. Absolutely worth it!

The views were amazing! brought about 2.5 liters of water and hardly used one (although it was a really cool day about 80 degrees). There were a lot more people than I thought there would be. We started at 6am and finished around 4pm. There were some inexperienced hikers in the group that slowed things down. So if you're used to hiking it shouldn't take that long.
Definitely would recommend.

family friendly

2 months ago

Whew that was a doozy! I started at the Hike the Y Parking Lot. Took Slide Canyon up and connected with Squaw Peak Road. Despite reading the reviews I STILL missed the damn cairn! Keep a careful eye for it lest you will have to resort to backtracking or bushwhacking straight up the mountain like I did! Definitely arduous and a good test of endurance, but well worth it!

Ascent : 4 Hours 45 Minutes

Descent : 2 Hours

July 2018 - The trail is in two parts, there is the paved trail along the bottom caynon next to Provo River. Well maintained as part of the Provo river trail, many parking lots, and food trucks. The trail to go up the to the mid-point of the falls is pretty skech in places. Very narrow in many parts, and loose shale rock everywhere. There are a few places where the the trail has clearly been wiped out by rock slides and is a little puckering for the less then fleet of footed. There is also another option to get to the mid-point, climb the falls themselves, lots of loose shale rock, water, and steep.

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