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on Big Springs Hollow Trail

10 days ago

Lovely trail to see the fall colors, and the hike is easy/fairly flat with good tree cover and a stream and is dog friendly and wasn’t crowded at all.

This time of year it’s perfect up there. This is just one of many local trails that’s great for an hour or two on a fall afternoon. The streams wind all over the valley and cross cut each other so every now and then you’ll cross over another little bridge. Also there’s dozens of places to hang a hammock or camp for the night, not sure if that’s permitted here though. I’ll update.


scenic driving
1 month ago

Drove this many years ago with the family when the road was in better condition and didn't require a 4x4

Beautiful, lots of river crossings and gradual incline!

This is the most scenic park of the Squaw Peak 50 mile trail race. Race day is early June, so if you plan to do it just after then, it will be groomed and flagged.

I stopped doing keto and began using carbs again and the hike was way easier for me (I had a hard time on the horse flat which was rated as easy).
More for hiking rather than sightseeing/hiking.
Should actually take the "views" tag out of the details.
Mostly incline and very rocky.
If you roll your ankles a lot you should buy good hiking shoes/boots or watch where you step.
Going up took an hour and a half and around 45 minutes to get back down.

Awesome hike. Had a great time. Pretty easy to hike.

Great family hike, even when it is hot.

many butterflies and photogenic areas.

grove like places along the trail to sit or even camp.

blatant sign before the hike starting no open fires allowed in the areas.

the springs have been capped for some time, but the caps make good tables.

other trails accessible from here.

Hike this often with my 3 year old — It’s our favorite! Nice for a leisure hike with our dogs and plenty of places of hang a hammock and relax in nature.

3 months ago

Great trail with some nice views! The best thing about this trail is the close proximity to Provo. The rock formations are always intriguing. Enjoy the climb!

Spring looks like it's been capped and goes through a pipe. During higher runoff water could come out an overflow pipe. Good trail

off road driving
3 months ago

This is a fun and scenic route with a little bit of everything. It is really close if you live or are visiting in Utah County. Saw deer and other wildlife.

I thought this was a pretty nice hike. We were kind of let down by the end of the trail, and there weren’t many overlooks. All in all, it was a beautiful mountain! Very long. Pack plenty of water! This area is perfect for rock climbers.

3 months ago

This is my favorite section of the BST in Provo/Orem that I have found. Beautiful. Good mix of terrain to run. I usually start at the East Lawn Cemetery and go out to the falls and back.

3 months ago

I went on a Wednesday afternoon & was clearing cobwebs! Lots of butterflies & it runs right along the stream. I did encounter a few deer flys further along the trail.

Love the winding canyon, some rough gravel in some parts, but fairly flat footing.

water fountain of the gods within the first portion, which helps in the warmer months, and access to other trails like Squaw Peak trail which is a bit more difficult.

Beautiful, slightly busy. packed out a few bits of trash.

So pretty, and hundreds of butterflies! The springs is dried up, but it was still a very fun place.

on Rock Canyon Trail

4 months ago

Hiking: I've always enjoyed this trail and hike it pretty regularly. It is very rocky and pretty much steady incline the entire way but the views are incredible!

Biking: I've biked this once, and it was an awful experience. The climb is a beast, huge rocks and gravel all the way up a relentlessly steady incline. There are quite a few sections that, no matter what your fitness or skill, you have to get off and push. The descent is very unpleasant--like riding a jackhammer. It is a miracle I didn't get a puncture. I would seriously reconsider riding this trail without a full suspension 29er (unless you're a masochist).

Beautiful trail! Unfortunately...no springs. Provo City capped off the springs. Still beautiful, green, lovely nature to enjoy!

4 months ago

I agree with the other reviews. the footing is like large gravel which makes it similar to walking through sand. I got tired quickly. I consider myself to be in okay shape, I exercise daily and eat healthy, but this hike kicked my butt. It is pretty steep with very few flat spots. my husband is superhuman and didn't even break a sweat. It's pretty but nothing spectacular. The water fountains were broken so bring a lot of water. It took us 4 hours with plenty of breaks for me. There were also plenty of offshoots we didn't explore. I enjoyed it but would not do it again

We started at the 'Y' parking lot in Provo. You can go as long & as far as you want. It was a beautiful view!

4 months ago

It's a beautiful time of year to hike this trail. The landscape is vibrantly green. Butterflies are out and about. Flowers are starting to bloom. A drawback: the springs are no longer flowing as they've been capped off. But, there are still a few small creeks running throughout the hike.

It was a great time. My kids and I enjoyed it!

mountain biking
5 months ago

Cool scenery, plenty of area to bike and not interfere with hikers. Awesome area.

5 months ago

I agree with what others have said about the end of the hike being a let down. However, right before you get to the campground, there is an overlook that is quite impressive. If you're hiking during spring, be aware that the trail may become more muddy the higher up you go.

Great Hike, Saw some Turkeys up at the spring.

Definitely recommend early in the morning because it gets hot and there’s not a ton of shade but it’s a beautiful easy hike

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