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Dusty and crowded but the views were awesome. Some steeper sections but still pretty doable.

on Big Baldy Summit

1 day ago

We followed Michelle Argyle’s map which started the hike along Battle Creek and then crossed over to the Big Baldy summit route. The climb was strenuous but not technically difficult. The views from Big Baldy were nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately, I think we may have been a little late for the very best wildflower showing but there was still plenty to see. Good workout. Glad we had poles for the descent.

The Battle Creek trail was fairly busy and rather noisy but once we got to the turning at mile 1.7, it became a very quiet and peaceful trail. We were the only ones at the summit.

The great: views from Big Baldy summit and upper trails

The good: the trail (especially as it became quieter) was pleasant. As usual, markings left a little to be desired.

The not so great or good: busy trail with lots of people at lower reaches; the first and last parts of the trail are on loose gravel or dirt and so one is constantly having to look down. The sun was very hot on the final mile or so of the descent - little shade - as the rocks reflect the heat.

Nice hike to view a large portion of the Mount Timp Aspen Grove trail area from the lookout.

Flying bugs were an annoyance on this trail but I was able to keep them at bay with a leafy Aspen branch in hand and swatting motions when necessary.

Saw many butterflies on the trail with a big concentration near the water troughs.

Not 3.4 miles! It’s 2 up and 2 down, so be prepared! My kids 5 & 3 walked the entire time and it took us about 4 hours (including the stay at the waterfall).

Then hike was perfect, just longer than I expected. Also dusty and a lot of rocks. Otherwise one of the best longer hikes I’ve been on. Totally worth it!

Beautiful hike! Easy to moderate, with some steep and rocky parts. It is dusty! The falls are beautiful.

2 days ago

The hike was nice and relatively easy. Lots of little kids on the trail who seemed to do just fine. Although it was a hot day, there is plenty of shade along the trail. The trail is filled with a very fine dust, so be ready to get dirty!

Beautiful hike!!!!

Beautiful fun trail. Very easy, good for kids.

I summited Mt. Timp last fall via Aspen Grove. The lookout at the farthest end of this hike opened up to a very nice view of a large portion of my Mt. Timp hike bringing back memories of each section of that hike.
I too had issues on this hike with pesky flying bugs that seemed to enjoy repeatedly flying around my head. I had luck keeping them at bay with a small leafy Aspen branch in hand swung around as needed.

Do this hike from the Battle Creek trail head. It's a little longer (10 miles) but maybe my favorite hike I've ever done.

Really pretty not too hard hike. An incredible view which was worth the bugs that accompany you. Although if the hike was much longer I might not have been able to give such a high review due to the little buggers.

I love the aspens along the trail and there are some beautiful look outs, especially at the end. We went on a Saturday morning in the summer and there were a lot of other hikers of all ages out on the trail. We went at a slow/leisurely pace and it took us about 2.5ish hours total.

Went on this trail with my wife and her younger brother. The views are breathtaking of timp. the first part of the hike is a steady incline, but becomes more even near the top. There were insane amounts little fuzzy caterpillars once you reach the second meadow on up. We had a couple of deer nearly run us over near the top!! there's plenty of shade to be had and besides the bikers, this was one of my favorite hikes I've been on!

the trail gets really rocky. my four year old kept tripping but she kept going. the end with the river and waterfall is worth the hike specially on a hot day. beautiful hike and mostly shaded.

8 days ago

The hike round trip is little less than 4 miles and fairly easy! Kid and dog friendly! Most bigger dogs were on a leash and gratefully people pick up after their pets! You might see soiled bags hanging from trees, but they will pick it up on their way back out. The waterfall is amazing! We saw group of people rappelling down the waterfall! They have all the fancy equipment, so it safe to watch! Not too many wildflowers compared to other trails, but there are picture worthy! Definitely coming back again before the season ends!

Great hike! I had it all to myself..well except for the mosquitos. lol definately use bug spray! Butterflies were everywhere. Saw a buck. 1/3 of the trail is a bit claustrophobic because the vegetation is as tall as me and overgrowing the trail. The uphill portion got the heart pounding. I'm mid forties, out of shape and did fine.

One of our favorites

My wife hates hiking and she loved this trail. It's probably the best combination around of ease and scenery. Great for a relaxing Sunday morning!

Great hike with beautiful views. Its definitely not an “easy” hike. But not too bad.
Worth the hike!

One of my favorite trails in this area. Go early because the trail is mostly in the sun. I went the first day and turned around (started to late in the day). The next day started at 6:30. Incline is not too hard, scenery beautiful, and trail clearly defined. You get all kinds of scenery- cliffs, wooded areas, meadows. It’s just lovely.

Well tracked trail, and very easy for all abilities. Brought my dog, and the trail got too hot for her paws, I would recommend going later in the day to get better shade, unless you want to carry your dog through the hot spots. The falls are a perfect place to cool off, some micro-trash by the falls.

Great trail with lots of shade. Steep in parts but only for short periods. Love the horse trough for our pups to drink from at about the midpoint. And stunning views throughout with hardly any crowds!

This is a beautiful hike. We loved it! It is however, in no means "easy". It should be rated as MODERATE.

This was a beautiful hike! It was my first hike in a while so I would actually rate it as moderate. But it was gorgeous!!

Loved this trail. Very pretty trail, stunning view at the overlook. Steep near the end but overall a pretty easy trail. I'll do it again with my kids. Instead of out n back we made a loop starting on Horse Flat Trail and returning on Lame Horse Trail. If you study the map before you leave or download the map you will have no trouble following the right route. Not too tricky. Near the junction of Lame Horse and Horse Flat there is a spring piped into a trough where you can get a delicious cold swig of fresh (clean and safe) mountain spring water.

19 days ago

The waterfall is so pretty at the end, biut this is defiantly to long taking 4 kids with you, definitely a hike you go with less people, as it is busy and Dogs are not on leashes, lots of poo that people dont pick up that ruins it for others. Took us 4 hours and were very tired but if we had less it would of been better. all around good hike for a person that is out of shape.

Great hike for families.

20 days ago

This is a great trail with beautiful scenery but I wouldn’t necessarily consider it easy; especially for children. The terrain is rocky and there are some steep uphill parts. Particularly the beginning and the end. The way back, I would say is harder than the way to the end. It would be an easier hike without kids but on All Trails is labeled as great for kids and I don’t really agree with it being great for kids. So, if you do bring kids, be prepared.

Great trail! Although not necessarily easy. It’s definitely moderate and the terrain is very rocky closer to the falls. Great hike though!

Great little hike! More secluded them some of the other popular options in the area but still has a decent amount of foot-traffic. The trial is easy but a bit long for really young kids, so plan accordingly.

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