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Great trail. Be aware that, in addition to mountain bikes and horses on this trail, motorized dirt bikes are also allowed, but are to yield to all. BH

I summited Mt. Timp last fall via Aspen Grove. The lookout at the farthest end of this hike opened up to a very nice view of a large portion of my Mt. Timp hike bringing back memories of each section of that hike.
I too had issues on this hike with pesky flying bugs that seemed to enjoy repeatedly flying around my head. I had luck keeping them at bay with a small leafy Aspen branch in hand swung around as needed.

Really pretty not too hard hike. An incredible view which was worth the bugs that accompany you. Although if the hike was much longer I might not have been able to give such a high review due to the little buggers.

The first part of the trail can accommodate groups rather nicely as it is wide excluding a few passes. It felt like a relatively safe trail for children to be lightly supervised.

If you decide to keep hiking past the initial waterfall the trail starts to increase in difficulty considerably. More water and incline conditioning is required.

A very clean and uncrowded area. People complaining about it being to hot are the ones who can't force themselves to get up before 9:00 am. It's a beautiful temperature through 6 - 7 am. Beware it gets more crowded around 9 am. The falls where beautiful and there is a small stream that comes from the falls that you see 1/4 the way there. The trail goes on past the falls, and leads to a pretty view of the city inbetween the mountains. I went at the perfect time as was able to see the sun rise over the mountains near the end of the trail.

Great hike! I had it all to myself..well except for the mosquitos. lol definately use bug spray! Butterflies were everywhere. Saw a buck. 1/3 of the trail is a bit claustrophobic because the vegetation is as tall as me and overgrowing the trail. The uphill portion got the heart pounding. I'm mid forties, out of shape and did fine.

This area is dry and hot this year. I started out about 9am. 30min in it was hot. We passed by the first waterfall and found the trail nice and empty. It is very busy the first .5 miles to the falls.

One other complaint is the bathroom at Kiwanis park at the trail head is disgusting, toilet paper smeared all over the ground with brownish liquid all over them., no toilet paper on the rolls. Stinky with allot of flies. There is a park behind the high school on road you come in on that is so much nicer.

Easy 1/2 mile hike to the first waterfall, but going past that gets pretty difficult. Very steep. We made it 2 miles in and turned back. We thought the 4 mile estimate for this trail was round trip, but later learned it is one way. Also, many people said they took their small kids on this easily - maybe to the first Falls. Past that, I cannot see a child that size getting terribly far (I have 2 small children myself). Overall though, we enjoyed it...challenging & great scenery!

This hike is great. The trail is indeed, busy and heavily trafficked. Unfortunately, there is trash and dog poo. But... once the trail begins to run alongside the creek, it’s beautiful. Then, the falls. It’s a fun and safe hike to the falls.
If you hike past the falls, elevation climbs drastically. For those of us who are not from Utah... the elevation really affects the lungs. But it’s beautiful. Take lots of water, and prepare for an uphill climb in... and a steep downhill out.
Also: the trail goes much farther than the 4-miles in, as it merges with a couple other trails, including Dry Canyon. There appear to be rustic camp sites along the trail...

great fun, kids had a blast. we brought them in their swim suits and shorts on top so they could play in some of the little pond formations. overall, we had a great time.

Fun and easy it does get steep. the waterfall is beautiful.

It is a short hike. I went with my 4 yr old and he did great. Pretty falls and scenery.

A nice easy hike with a nice cool waterfall to sit by. Definitely would recommend to people starting to hike.

Great trail with lots of shade. Steep in parts but only for short periods. Love the horse trough for our pups to drink from at about the midpoint. And stunning views throughout with hardly any crowds!

11 days ago

Great hike, Dogs ok, I took my 10,11,15, and 4 year old and they did just fine, keep in mind if you are out of shape to take your time to not rush and you can make it. Very woorth the Falls ar the end defiantly go!!!!

Loved this trail. Very pretty trail, stunning view at the overlook. Steep near the end but overall a pretty easy trail. I'll do it again with my kids. Instead of out n back we made a loop starting on Horse Flat Trail and returning on Lame Horse Trail. If you study the map before you leave or download the map you will have no trouble following the right route. Not too tricky. Near the junction of Lame Horse and Horse Flat there is a spring piped into a trough where you can get a delicious cold swig of fresh (clean and safe) mountain spring water.

12 days ago

As others have said hike to falls is about a mile slight incline, my 5 & 8 year old girls did well to this point and even to the top of the falls. Falls are not that impressive but there is a nice spot to look up from the bottom and enjoy the cool mist. The trail continues uphill along the river with a few smaller waterfalls. They tired pretty quickly after the falls and we turned around about a mile past the falls.

Gorgeous, well shaded. But had to share the trail with at least 15 dirt bikers, 8 mountain bikers and 6-8 horses. The dirt bikers come flying around the corners so it is a little dangerous to be a hiker here.

Great little loop trail to get some fresh air and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. When on the trail, you will encounter a few forks, if you stay to the left each time you will successfully and easily complete this loop. Gradual, but easy incline in the beginning gets you to some beautiful meadows. There is one short, but steep incline that gets to a second meadow. The hike is flat and downhill from there. Took me and my pup about 1.5 hours total. Just a heads up, the hike turns into a bit of a bush whack on the connector train between horse flat trail and the lane horse trail on the backside. I wished I had worn long pants instead of shorts and a tank top!

Stopped a little after the waterfall, but it's a nice and wide trail to that point. Plenty of space at the bottom of the waterfall to hang out. Also, the incline is not too bad as it's spread out pretty evenly.

We just hiked to the main falls, about a mile trip. Kids loved it.

A great trail! Mostly uphill and kind of steep but all my kids did it (ages 4-11). It follows a creek and is mostly shady. We left about 9:30am and it wasn’t too hot or cold yet. The water is very cold, but refreshing. Beautiful views. Kind of rocky and loose gravel on the steepest hills so wear good shoes.

26 days ago

The hike to the waterfall itself is probably about a mile or so and we usually turn around once we reach the waterfall. The beginning is a steady steep climb. About a few minutes in the hike there is water flowing on the side of the trail which is great for doggos to cool down. A lot of people hang out at the bottom of the waterfall and have picnic. You can also climb to the top of the water fall and kinda see Utah lake at a distance. We have not ran into a lot of dogs here but there are a lot of family hikers. The hike is offleash for dogs. Also the waterfall is pretty short but still beautiful.

I loved this trail! My whole family enjoyed it. The first two thirds are basically walking through meadows. The last third is the steep part getting to the overlook. Very doable, although my phone clocked almost 1,000 feet in elevation and 3.7 miles. It is definitely worth the views at the end! You feel like you're on top of the world.

Very steep short hike to falls. Fun little places to walk in the river and up under the waterfall.

Elegant trail, fun water spots, assistance in any steep areas. bring water!

A perfect place for photos. Bring a camera!!

The hike to the waterfall doesn't have the most beautiful scenery but if you're up for it, you can keep going past the big waterfall and a second little waterfall and it becomes beautiful! we went all the way up the canyon to an open meadow that has a campfire pit. I highly recommend getting to the meadow if you can. Coming down was a little hard on the knees so take it slow if you need to.

beautiful falls! good tree cover, and the trail wasn't too steep. we only went a little past the falls, but the creek was beautiful. the birds singing made a great backdrop! great area for bird watchers.

Four star rating only because we've been spoiled by bigger and more beautiful falls in the past. We hiked to the top of the first falls and beyond which made it more worthwhile. The trial os not as scenic but when you get to the top of the falls it is. Not much shade but at least the parking lot is sufficient

Good short hike if you just go to the main waterfall.

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