1 month ago

Re think the kid friendly. How many kids? how old? Are you prepared for stinging Nettle? Took my neighbor and I 5.5 hours!!!! -granted I have 5 just barely 5 and under. Cons with kids: 1. 80% of your stopping is to let people pass, because it is not a wide trail and it’s busy. I wasn’t prepared for how much time this would add. 2. There is one segment with a lot of Stinging nettle. My 3 year old inconveniently slipped here and her entire arm broke into large welts- bring something for this. 3. Expect some tripping over tree roots. Pro’s- mostly shaded, gentle enough climb, 5 year olds did the whole thing-1 of them without complaining, 3 year old didn’t complain except for nettle, 2 year old did about 1/3 of it walking.very glad we brought lots and lots of snacks for them. Make sure you bring lots of water for kids too. A different neighbor took 3 hours with 2 kids 6 and under.