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Beautiful trail, the upper section that you start past Sundance is better than the lower section at Sundance.

The waterfalls are beautiful, and it makes the whole hike worth it. Great trail.

A great trail! Mostly uphill and kind of steep but all my kids did it (ages 4-11). It follows a creek and is mostly shady. We left about 9:30am and it wasn’t too hot or cold yet. The water is very cold, but refreshing. Beautiful views. Kind of rocky and loose gravel on the steepest hills so wear good shoes.

1 day ago

The hike to the waterfall itself is probably about a mile or so and we usually turn around once we reach the waterfall. The beginning is a steady steep climb. About a few minutes in the hike there is water flowing on the side of the trail which is great for doggos to cool down. A lot of people hang out at the bottom of the waterfall and have picnic. You can also climb to the top of the water fall and kinda see Utah lake at a distance. We have not ran into a lot of dogs here but there are a lot of family hikers. The hike is offleash for dogs. Also the waterfall is pretty short but still beautiful.

2 days ago

This hike is perfect for kids! My friend and I carried our babies on our back and her 4 year old came with us. The trail wasn’t hard for him and he did great. ** Once you get to the falls watch out for stinging nettle! It was everywhere. I will go on this hike again! Can’t beat the views.

I loved this trail! My whole family enjoyed it. The first two thirds are basically walking through meadows. The last third is the steep part getting to the overlook. Very doable, although my phone clocked almost 1,000 feet in elevation and 3.7 miles. It is definitely worth the views at the end! You feel like you're on top of the world.

Very steep short hike to falls. Fun little places to walk in the river and up under the waterfall.

What a beautiful waterfall. great views, canyons, rec areas, Alta.

Once you get closer to the falls, the trail gets harder up until you get there, but still fun and family friendly.

Elegant trail, fun water spots, assistance in any steep areas. bring water!

A perfect place for photos. Bring a camera!!

Great trail. Lush, fern covered hillsides. Hiked down to the bottom of the falls with our 7 and 4 year olds. Looks like you can make a loop down to Sundance from the falls which we’ll try next time. Our GPS tracked it at 4 miles in and out.

The hike to the waterfall doesn't have the most beautiful scenery but if you're up for it, you can keep going past the big waterfall and a second little waterfall and it becomes beautiful! we went all the way up the canyon to an open meadow that has a campfire pit. I highly recommend getting to the meadow if you can. Coming down was a little hard on the knees so take it slow if you need to.

Easy trail, beautiful falls

Great exercise! The first half going uphill made me appreciate that I was done when the back half came. Saw a mother skunk w her 5 little babies on the trail. Without the map I would have likely taken a few wrong turns.

beautiful falls! good tree cover, and the trail wasn't too steep. we only went a little past the falls, but the creek was beautiful. the birds singing made a great backdrop! great area for bird watchers.

4 days ago

Simple and beautiful stroll.
Simple hike, would be a great trail to trail run on.
The falls are stunning
Started at 7pm, ended around 9pm. Spent some time up at the falls.

No snow or mud left on the trails. Bring plenty of water and start early in the day. Decent was tougher than I would expect. Sliding on rocks can be a problem in a few spots.

on Timpanogos Falls

5 days ago

The hike to the waterfall is a pretty steady incline but the views along the way - and at the waterfall - are spectacular. There are some rocky parts that our four year old slipped up on but nothing bad. Not many people here either compared to Stewart Falls.

5 days ago

This is a quad killer so be prepared for a lot of elevation. Today I wished I had trekking poles for the descent. Amazing views and there weren’t many people on the trail for a Saturday. There and back in a little over 3 hours.

Great trail with lots of shade. Trail can get loose but nothing preventing my 4 year old from doing it. Beautiful falls.

Beautiful and easy walk in. I love the small climb up to the top of the falls especially!

8 days ago

Excellent hike, with a unrelenting grind for the elevation gain. As others have said, bring plenty of water and food, even if cooler weather, as you'll need it. Highly recommend poles for the decent, as it can be a bit tough on the knees coming down.

Beautiful trail and so much fun!

Hiked this yesterday. Loved it!! Counted 59 waterfalls. We crossed a few snow spots with definite tracks to put your feet in. Emerald Lake was gorgeous but chilly because of the wind. Take a jacket and plenty of water and food. Snow fields past the lake make it hard to go further on to the top of Timp.

Great trail for a good workout. 4 miles ascending then 4 miles descending. Bring trekking poles for some moderate down hill over rocks.

Four star rating only because we've been spoiled by bigger and more beautiful falls in the past. We hiked to the top of the first falls and beyond which made it more worthwhile. The trial os not as scenic but when you get to the top of the falls it is. Not much shade but at least the parking lot is sufficient

11 days ago

Busy, but such a fun hike! Go early to avoid crowds.

11 days ago

Beautiful views along the way with a big reward at the end with a double waterfall. This hike is broader line moderate with the long incline and rocky terrain in some areas. My 10 and 9 year olds did just fine, but this hike would be challenging for younger children.

11 days ago

Incredible hike, and quite easy. Beautiful views the entire time.

Went on Mother’s Day. Beautiful day with some clouds, very few people. There’s somewhat of a trail to the middle of the falls (where the upper falls pool and the lower falls begin) ... Teens went up, said it was a bit sketchy.

12 days ago

super fun hike but very steep. Not very much shade so be prepared! Bring lots of water and a hat.

13 days ago

Went with the 2 and 4 year old. Both walked most of the way to the falls. Nice and shaded. Busy, but not too busy. Great destination.

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