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Beautiful hike. Barely passed anyone else on a Sunday morning. A light dusting of snow made things a bit muddy. Great views and scenery as the seasons were changing from fall to winter

1 day ago

Hiked up Dry Canyon to Big Baldy Saturday 13 Oct, beautiful day for hiking, started at 10am finished at 1:30pm. Last mile to saddle between Big Baldy and Timp is straight uphill, a heart pounder. Got our feet soaking wet coming down from the snow melt stream in the middle of the trail. Busy trail passed more than 8 groups.

The trail is challenging. I've rode my horses up it even as out of shape as they are and had a great time. Best views are early morning and when the sun is setting in the beginning of October. The hunting is terrible though.

Climbed it this last Saturday, 10/6. It was a little chilly with some light snow falling. It gets pretty rigorous and steep at some points. It was actually more scenic than I expected. The reason why I give it 4 stars is because the trail slopes inward at certain parts so on the way down it wreaks havock on the knees and ankles because with every step your legs want to fall inward. I enjoyed the hike overall, but will probably never do it again because of the rough, uneven trail.

Beautiful trees this time of year! The lake was unimpressive--it's pretty low, and the glacier is basically gone. I'm going to venture back up in the spring and give it another go. I'd like to see ot again.

It was quite steep and strenuous. The Timpooneke side was much easier if you're trying to compare sides. Havong done both sides now, if you're just going to climb to the top of Timp, take Timpoonele, not Aspen Grove. It's much less exhausting. :)

This was particularly difficult for me and already want to go do it again. My wife and I wanted to go deep into the mountains and have gone up this trail before. We didn’t know we were on the Big Baldy trail until we met a couple that were on there way back and that was enough for us to give it a go. We wanted to quit a couple times but rallied to the end. Strongly suggest taking plenty of water and food.

24 days ago

I would rate this trail as very difficult. It’s basically straight up for a mile. Beautiful, but tough. Didn’t see another person.

Hiked with a 10 month baby and thought the hike was pretty good. It’s super steep going up and gives you a great challenge. I’d recommend hiking boots and water!

This trail is very unsafe for horses. The trail is washed out in two places. Crossing a slide area that you need to get off. Very steep with unsure footing never again will I do this trail. If you value your life pick another trail.

1 month ago

First 2/3 of the hike is a bit so so, the last 1/3 is really pretty. The leaves have started changing colors.

Hiked this on a Sunday with my dogs and only passed a handful of other people. We did have to move over for one guy on a dirt bike. Other than that, super peaceful and gorgeous! The view from the top was worth it even with the haze from the smoke from the wildfires.

I hike on Timpanooke Road for a good portion of this instead of the trail. It's flatter and you don't get lost as easy. It's a great way to end a long camping trip. Beautiful views of the north and front sides of Timp.

Moose alert. Early morning hike halted at mile 2 due to a large moose in the middle of the trail. The party below me said they had seen the same moose the week before. After about 30 minutes of trying to get the moose to move on, called it a day.

2 months ago

Meh. Good for kids. That’s about it.

2 months ago

brought 4 liters of water each and only drank 2 liters each, but I was grateful to have plenty. it is very hot, and there is no shade at the summit, hence "big baldy". the view was beautiful from the top, and the hike was worth it starting from battle creek.

on Big Baldy Summit

2 months ago

We followed Michelle Argyle’s map which started the hike along Battle Creek and then crossed over to the Big Baldy summit route. The climb was strenuous but not technically difficult. The views from Big Baldy were nothing short of spectacular. Unfortunately, I think we may have been a little late for the very best wildflower showing but there was still plenty to see. Good workout. Glad we had poles for the descent.

The Battle Creek trail was fairly busy and rather noisy but once we got to the turning at mile 1.7, it became a very quiet and peaceful trail. We were the only ones at the summit.

The great: views from Big Baldy summit and upper trails

The good: the trail (especially as it became quieter) was pleasant. As usual, markings left a little to be desired.

The not so great or good: busy trail with lots of people at lower reaches; the first and last parts of the trail are on loose gravel or dirt and so one is constantly having to look down. The sun was very hot on the final mile or so of the descent - little shade - as the rocks reflect the heat.

Hiked this as our out and back access to the Timpooneke-Chris Flat area which made for a nice loop. Beautiful up top. It made the hike worth it. The lower switchbacks of this trail are a little steep with lots of smooth, slippery rocks due to the dirt bike traffic so it can get a little sketch.

Do this hike from the Battle Creek trail head. It's a little longer (10 miles) but maybe my favorite hike I've ever done.

Went on this trail with my wife and her younger brother. The views are breathtaking of timp. the first part of the hike is a steady incline, but becomes more even near the top. There were insane amounts little fuzzy caterpillars once you reach the second meadow on up. We had a couple of deer nearly run us over near the top!! there's plenty of shade to be had and besides the bikers, this was one of my favorite hikes I've been on!

3 months ago

Trail was good, the ‘G’ was disappointing, not nearly as nice as the ‘Y’.
Great view of the valley for most of the hike.

Gorgeous, well shaded. But had to share the trail with at least 15 dirt bikers, 8 mountain bikers and 6-8 horses. The dirt bikers come flying around the corners so it is a little dangerous to be a hiker here.

No snow or mud left on the trails. Bring plenty of water and start early in the day. Decent was tougher than I would expect. Sliding on rocks can be a problem in a few spots.

4 months ago

This is a quad killer so be prepared for a lot of elevation. Today I wished I had trekking poles for the descent. Amazing views and there weren’t many people on the trail for a Saturday. There and back in a little over 3 hours.

4 months ago

Excellent hike, with a unrelenting grind for the elevation gain. As others have said, bring plenty of water and food, even if cooler weather, as you'll need it. Highly recommend poles for the decent, as it can be a bit tough on the knees coming down.

Hiked this yesterday. Loved it!! Counted 59 waterfalls. We crossed a few snow spots with definite tracks to put your feet in. Emerald Lake was gorgeous but chilly because of the wind. Take a jacket and plenty of water and food. Snow fields past the lake make it hard to go further on to the top of Timp.

4 months ago

super fun hike but very steep. Not very much shade so be prepared! Bring lots of water and a hat.

Really enjoyed this trail, incredible views of Timp! This is one of AF canyons best kept secrets. Ran into two moose on my way back down in the evening. Only downside is the shared trail with motorcycles.

Pretty trail but I wasn't crazy about sharing the single track with so many dirt and mountain bikers, I'd suggest heading out on this trail if you are hiker super early in the morning if you don't want to keep having to step off into the brush on the side of the trail.

4 months ago

Really enjoyed this hike today. I like going up the Battle Creek Falls trail much better than the Dry Canyon trail. It's shadier and less steep. It is a little longer (~10 miles total), but I don't mind that.

trail running
4 months ago

Excellent hike, though VERY steep. Definitely get an early start as there isn’t much cover the last mile and the sun beats down at that altitude. Plus the dawn/sunrise views are breathtaking.

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