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Beautiful! Entrance fee, dog friendly, popular hike. Took us about 2 hours-ish out and back with a toddler in a hiking backpack. Narrow and steep in spots, a good work out for beginner hikers. Would do it again!

3 days ago

A good trail for all hiking levels. Make sure you have $6 if you don’t have a National Park Pass to utilize the parking lot for the trail. Very crowded on a Saturday, but hikers on the trail were very good to look out for each other on the more narrow portions. Several dogs not on leashes so just be aware if you are taking small children as we saw a few get run over accidentally by eager doggos on the trail. Overall a Saturday well spent with amazing views!

Great hike! First few miles are a little hard since they’re uphill, but the views and falls were worth it.

Love this hike and waterfall. It was great, even in January years ago for our engagement pictures. We've taken kids and dogs and everyone always has a good time.

Though I like to think Im an advanced hiker, Im kinda out of shape, so this hike was a little rough for me. There are some long stretches of the trail that have no shade, and the loose scree can be a little challenging. That being said, its a great hike and well worth it. My hubby ( whos in way better shape) loved it, and our two dogs also had a lot of fun.
Another note, use the map or keep a picture of it in your head, we got a little lost when we went the wrong way at one of the forks. The main one I think is the triangular fork in the rocky clearing, make sure to stay to the right.

Beautiful trail with an excellent destination. Four stars just because it is very busy and you have to pay to enter the national forest.

Love this hike!!

Love this trail! Leads to a gorgeous waterfall at the end. Have done it with kids and it’s very user friendly.

Nice trail. Aspen trees everywhere. Took a little less than two hours to complete for myself and my dog. Narrow trail at points but for the most part very relaxing and beautiful hike. Entrance fee to get to trail head.

Really nice hike and a beautiful waterfall, however for 6$ that you pay at least you should expect a decent clean restroom and not the grossness and on top of that 6 cars were broken in (right side window) when we went.

9 days ago

this was my second hike. I'm not sure I would rate it 'easy', as I am just beginning to take an active role in my health and started hiking last week. it is definitely beautiful. it's a narrow Trail, with tree roots sticking up throughout the middle of the trail. there are inclines, that are a great workout, but a little difficult if you're just starting out hiking.

10 days ago

Good short hike with a nice water feature at the end. You can keep going pass the waterfall however I didn't go pass the waterfall. It's definitely rocky and not tons of shade.

10 days ago

An easy hike with a gorgeous waterfall at the end! Usually pretty busy on weekends.

Easy hike with views of Sundance Resort—not terribly remote or wild.

We took our 2 year old and dog and thought it was a great trail. We went on a Monday so it wasn't very crowded for us but I imagine it getting busy on weekends. Good amounts of shade especially the first mile or so but mostly sun the second mile so keep that in mind in the summer especially. our 2 year old was able to hike himself for about 1 mile of the trail (before he wanted to be carried cause he got tired) so I'd say this is definitely a kid friendly trail. there are parts that have rocks or roots but they're pretty easy to maneuver around. There's a few parts that are more steep and/or rocky towards the end that younger kids/toddlers might need help with. the falls are very pretty and there's some shade and sun at the end to rest and enjoy the view depending on which you prefer. :) no snow on trail and hardly any mud either.

It was breathtaking!! So glad we braved it in the rain!!

Such a good hike! Just coming back from having a baby and this was a great fun hike to get me motivated to kick my butt into hiking mode

It was good. Maybe a little more difficult for the first hike for someone that hasn't been out all winter, like me. there's a steady incline all the way to the top, but not extremely difficult. There were lots of moms on the trail with their children. I just had to stop periodically and catch my breath. It's kind of a short hike, only 2.5 miles. Shady along the trail and very comfortable weather wise. I'm glad I did it!

The beginning had a nice view but wasn’t my favorite. Once we got to the waterfalls the trail got very beautiful and fun to hike. I would definitely recommend to a friend

The trail isn’t as green as it will likely get by fall, but still worth the effort. I saw 2 small snakes on the trail, probably harmless, but thought you should know.

on Timpanogos Falls

19 days ago

We went on a Friday morning and we were the only ones there. It was a delightful trail, rocky and steep to start, but levels off and takes you to a lovely waterfall that there’s a good chance you’ll have all to yourself. Delightful trail to start on or add to your plans to end your day. It isn’t shaded though, so bring water and sunscreen.

Trailhead has pit toilets and $6 self service admission. Bring cash.

on Stewart Falls Trail

19 days ago

One of top two fav hikes while in the area. This trail is a superb mix of shady dirt paths, gravel and rocky terrain learning to one of the best waterfalls I’ve ever seen. Not many people around on a weekday morning. The waterfall is one of the few you can confidently play in, since the water isn’t rushing at the bottom.

There are pit toilets. A $6 trail pass is required but is self service, bring exact change.

19 days ago

Cool trail for a moderate, fun hike. Bring $6 to pay for parking in the Uinta National Forest. I love that this trail allows dogs off-leash.

We started at 9 a.m. on a day that was forecasted to reach highs of 80 degrees and it was perfect as it started to get pretty hot as we were going back down.

Plus, it starts to get busier towards the middle of the day. This is Provo so of course, lots of families and big groups hiking together. Parts of the trail are narrow so there’s a lot of waiting when there are people coming up as you go down.

The Falls aren’t anything spectacular, actually quite underwhelming. But it’s a good option for a short, quick hike (Took us 2 hours round-trip and that’s us taking our time). It gets steeper during the last part near the waterfall. Personally, if I’m in Provo Canyon, I’d go to Bridal Veil Falls instead if you’re just looking for a good view.

Quick and easy hike with some great views. About a 45 min hike both ways. VERY busy. Lots of people on the trail and at the falls. Still a fun hike.

Great trail, but I would call it more of a moderate trail than an easy one. There is quite a bit of elevation change and some mildly steep areas towards the end. The falls are a fun stop at the end of the trail.

Very pretty

26 days ago

Hiked the trail around 0945 Sunday morning. Trail was not crowded going out, but definitely hit some traffic on the way back. If you don't want crowds go early. There are some decent inclines and declines. Falls at the end are beautiful. Follow the markers for the Steward Cascades trail and the destination will be reached.

Great trail but very crowded. The trail is very narrow and passing people the other way frequently becomes a pain. There’s many scenic spot along the way to the waterfall and it’s a fairly easy hike.

This trail provides a lot of beautiful views but make sure you pack plenty of water! If you're not careful it'll kick your butt lol

My 4 year old walked most of it himself this past weekend. No snow, a little mud on the trail.

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