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this was a beautiful hike, one of my new favorites. the terrain is pretty, lots of trees (and good amounts of shade) a few meadow areas to walk through. a couple steep parts but most of the hike was gradual and manageable even with a 2 year old in a carrier. the view at the end is completely worth it. leaves haven't started turning yet but I imagine it'll be gorgeous when they do. it wasn't crowded even on a Saturday. we did see a moose (running off on the side of the trail) so be aware. also we didn't see very many bugs or butterflies. mostly clusters of grasshoppers but nothing annoying really. my 2 year old would have liked to see more butterflies.

Beautiful trail leading to beautiful falls! This is a good choice for kids and inexperienced hikers.

amazing trail, moderately trafficked but not too bad, the landscape and veiws/forests are beautiful, no complaints!

Great hike to the falls. If you want to go further, it's nice, too. Fairly steep after the falls, but not hard.

incredible view and totally worth it! well shaded too!

Hiked this with my chocolate lab. It's a bit steep (for me, not in the best shape) but very manageable. Loved the falls. We stopped at the first one, cooled off and rested, then hiked up to the second one. I liked the second one better, very serene. I'll be doing this one again!

This was a good hike! Not too steep not too difficult! Gorgeous views and we saw a moose right next to the trail.

Very nice hike. The views are incredible. And to have the stream right along the trail was awesome! Will definitely do this hike again

good short hike and very nice falls.

beautiful hike all the way through and the prize at the end the waterfall perfect.

Stunning view! Tons of butterflies at the troughs, but very overgrown as we continued down past them. I would recommend staying on Horse Flat trail and avoiding Dead Horse trail.

I agree with Chris, this is more of a moderate trail. By the end my friend and I were very sore. The pain was well worth seeing the falls. Take lots of water!

fun destination hike with a great payoff. falls were amazing. most of the trail is fairly ez, but there are a couple of steep sections.
took the whole family, my 9 year old struggled just a bit.
took 2 hours.
GPS had it at 4.3 miles.

11 days ago

Great trail. It's well covered and stays pretty cool. The slightly steeper parts are well staggered, good exercise but not too difficult. Very beautiful location.

Short. Easy with kids. Beautiful.

Pretty out of shape (trying to work my way into shape haha) and was worried about the reviews that mentioned how steep it was. It's more of a long gradual steep than a straight-up-the-mountain thing. I thought this was the perfect distance since right around when you start feeling exhausted from all the uphill you hear the falls and you know you're close. Agree with the other reviews that mention there's a bit of scrambling to get down to the base of the falls, though we were lucky enough to not encounter any stinging nettle like others mentioned. Really not bad at all. A good portion of the trail is actually paved which is nice on the way down so you aren't so worried about where you're stepping to avoid hitting a rock and rolling an ankle. We did this with our dog and only encountered a couple other people on the trail on a Sunday afternoon around 4:30-5 pm starting time. Super enjoyable, most hikes I do and then hate the whole way down and am likely to never return since I've done it once, but this is one I plan to do again, hopefully soon! Honestly couldn't recommend it more!

trail running
14 days ago

This is my favorite hike of the season. I’ve done Cecret Lake, Big Baldy, Silver Lake and Battle Creek Falls. I’d give it a 5* if it wasn’t for the amateurs hiking on the trail. If you see a trail runner, move over and let them pass. Falls were refreshing and great to cool off under before I headed back down.

Pretty, but I’d recommend the Ridge Trail 157 over this one.

16 days ago

Great for kids an goes straight up till the waterfalls

Great hike. A little steep at places.

18 days ago

This trail is marked “easy” but it is not!! It is definitely “moderate” and if you are an inexperienced hiker, possibly even “difficult “. There are rocks and tree roots to navigate especially along the last section leading to the falls. And it is a challenge for small children. Most kids under 7 that I saw on the trail were not happy. One 3 year old was afraid of how high up we were along part of the trail and cried for a good part of it

Now all that being said, it is a beautiful hike!! Lots of shade, wildflowers (even in dry July), scenic views across the mountains and the waterfall did not disappoint!! Just be prepared with water and snacks, especially if you have kids with you.

19 days ago

I completely agree that this hike should not be categorized as ‘easy’. However, it was well worth the hike. Beautiful falls.

Absolutely gorgeous. Should not be rated easy but it depends on which parts you hike.

Not much in terms of views for me (forest with a path).
The app stated that it’s good for all people, I disagree as I wasn’t used to the elevation in town let alone here.
The site however shows moderate difficulty so pass on that critique.
Went early enough that I passed only a few people (got there by 0720) so it was more peaceful to hike.
The bugs were an annoyance, but the biggest thing is to watch out for horse sh*t.
Will do this hike again when it snows.

Beautiful! Mostly in the shade, lots of flowers and butterflies right now.

beautiful trail! there was a wide variety of vegetation which kept the scenery from feeling monotonous at all. dirtbikers use the trail, so keep an ear out for them. it had rained before we got up there, and the trail had some good puddles in it. it also makes a nearly complete loop if you pair it with the Ridge Trail. :)

Definitely a steady climb. I always thought there was just one water fall because I always stopped down at the base and hung out then went back down. Today I kept going up past the waterfall and discovered more falls. The trail does continue to climb. we stopped at the area where it forks off to either Curly Springs or Dry Creek. The sign said only 1.3 miles from the Kiwanis park (where the parking lot was) felt like we went further. The hike was gorgeous and past the falls there was an occasional person or people hiking but for the majority of the time we were alone.

AllTrails rates it as easy. I’d say more moderate between easy and intermediate at 3.9 miles with 650 feet altitude gain, lots of up and down, dusty portions with a couple of tricky rock fields. Mostly not too tough but not for young children (saw lots of parents carrying little ones) or older adults.

We went up Lame Horse trail and came down Horse Flat trail. It was beautiful, buggy, and the view was so worth it! It was steep in places, and the underbrush is thick. We wish we had worn long pants. We did see a moose, but it was content watching us, so we mosied on by. Carefully. Not much for wild flowers; mostly aspens. We may have been a little late in the season though. :) the view at the top was totally worth it. Take your time at the top!! And wear bugspray and sun screen.

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