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20 days ago

Wow ... This was certainly an intimate way of getting to know the west face of Timpanogos / Robert's Horn and the Grove Creek Canyon.

Brings LOTS of Water and / or have a water filter as you can re-up at the Grove Creek Spring.

This was certainly arduous and LONG ..

Follow the Grove Creek Trail until you get to the Grove Creek Spring.

Shortly after the spring, the trail will fork.

Take the left side of the fork onto Trail 151.

Follow 151 til it connects with Timpooneke Road.

Follow Timpooneke Road for quite some time until it reaches the end. (It will have a fence)

Continue on the trail as it wraps around. You can choose to summit North Mahogany Peak as I did or continue on to South Mahogany.

Be prepared to bushwhack briefly until the final trail ascent shows itself again.

Excellent views of Pleasant Grove, Timpanogos and Utah Lake !

Very challenging but rewarding!
The Trail Route is saying about 15.8 miles, but my iPhone was saying more along the lines of 21 miles.

Beautiful trees this time of year! The lake was unimpressive--it's pretty low, and the glacier is basically gone. I'm going to venture back up in the spring and give it another go. I'd like to see ot again.

It was quite steep and strenuous. The Timpooneke side was much easier if you're trying to compare sides. Havong done both sides now, if you're just going to climb to the top of Timp, take Timpoonele, not Aspen Grove. It's much less exhausting. :)

simply awe inspiring!

29 days ago

I would rate this trail as very difficult. It’s basically straight up for a mile. Beautiful, but tough. Didn’t see another person.

Moose alert. Early morning hike halted at mile 2 due to a large moose in the middle of the trail. The party below me said they had seen the same moose the week before. After about 30 minutes of trying to get the moose to move on, called it a day.

Great trail with several different types of trails, the app says 5.6 Miles but it is more like 6.8. The views are great and the walk back is much easier than getting up there! Took about 4 hours and we spent time enjoying the scenes along the way.

Much nicer trail road compared with Battle Creek - better views also. Highly recommended. Maybe back in fall time.

Hiked this as our out and back access to the Timpooneke-Chris Flat area which made for a nice loop. Beautiful up top. It made the hike worth it. The lower switchbacks of this trail are a little steep with lots of smooth, slippery rocks due to the dirt bike traffic so it can get a little sketch.

It was fun and really beautiful. Not hard at all!

One of my favorite trails in this area. Go early because the trail is mostly in the sun. I went the first day and turned around (started to late in the day). The next day started at 6:30. Incline is not too hard, scenery beautiful, and trail clearly defined. You get all kinds of scenery- cliffs, wooded areas, meadows. It’s just lovely.

Great exercise! The first half going uphill made me appreciate that I was done when the back half came. Saw a mother skunk w her 5 little babies on the trail. Without the map I would have likely taken a few wrong turns.

Hiked this yesterday. Loved it!! Counted 59 waterfalls. We crossed a few snow spots with definite tracks to put your feet in. Emerald Lake was gorgeous but chilly because of the wind. Take a jacket and plenty of water and food. Snow fields past the lake make it hard to go further on to the top of Timp.

Great trail for a good workout. 4 miles ascending then 4 miles descending. Bring trekking poles for some moderate down hill over rocks.

This is a great trail. Up through Grove Creek was very scenic and the waterfalls before you hit the aspen groves and meadows are very nice.
I would have given it a 5 star rating but the descent through Battle Creek was almost all loose rock on the steep trail made for very slow going coming down.
My gps said it was a 10.4 mile hike not 8.2 as the app suggests.
I will do this trail again.

Beautiful scenery on this trail, including a creek and small waterfalls. The higher up you go the more beautiful it gets. Lots of dogs off leash and far from their owners, which was an issue for my apprehensive puppy.

Great hike! First few miles are a little hard since they’re uphill, but the views and falls were worth it.

Though I like to think Im an advanced hiker, Im kinda out of shape, so this hike was a little rough for me. There are some long stretches of the trail that have no shade, and the loose scree can be a little challenging. That being said, its a great hike and well worth it. My hubby ( whos in way better shape) loved it, and our two dogs also had a lot of fun.
Another note, use the map or keep a picture of it in your head, we got a little lost when we went the wrong way at one of the forks. The main one I think is the triangular fork in the rocky clearing, make sure to stay to the right.

5 months ago

Made it four miles, after that it was just pure snow with no tracks. Incredible views. Few more weeks to thaw out!

The beginning had a nice view but wasn’t my favorite. Once we got to the waterfalls the trail got very beautiful and fun to hike. I would definitely recommend to a friend

I started at the grove Creek trailhead. It was a spectacular day. The most beautiful spot on the hike is where the trail crosses Grove Creek to the southside on the wooden foot bridge. Higher up, you have to make sure that you turn right on trail 151. I missed the turn, and walked all the way up to Timpanookee Road. The detour was OK, but the trail takes you through aspen groves and across a huge meadow at Chris Flat. The view of the western slope of Mount Timpanogus from that meadow is grand. Part of the trail in the upper part of Battle Creek Canyon is very steep and Rocky. The trail eventually joins the stream as it tumbles down the canyon, and there are some picturesque waterfalls. The meadows in the high area should be beautiful in another month or so.

Loved this hike. We started at Battlecreek and ended up at Grove Creek. Grove Creek is a new favorite. We stopped and filled up water at the spring at the top. Can't wait to do this again when the trees and wildflowers are out.

My phone registered the whole loop at 9.3 miles. If you park a car at each trailhead and don't do the last leg, it is 8.2 miles. The trail had only a few muddy spots. Glad I took my GPS trail tracker. There's limited signage, and many places you can take a wrong turn.

The meadow was a great spot for a lunch break! Beautiful views.
If you're bringing Fido, there are a lot of dogs off-leash here.

Hiked on April 21, 2018. The trail was completely clear of snow minus a 20 ft section. There are stunning views of the valley and mountains. At the very top there is a huge meadow that has the best mountain views of the hike. Many waterfalls throughout the hike!

It's awesome and very beautiful!

Trail is clear and wide at the beginning. Nice hike and no snow.

Starter early and had the trail to ourselves as usual. Broke trail in fresh snow all morning until we turned around at about 2.8 miles. The snow depth was anywhere from 4 inch to mid thigh deep in the drifts. It was amazing. Views are incredible. Fresh power, solitude, red sunrise to start the day and great company. It doesn't get any better than this

Had a great time. My nephew & I hiked up & down in a little under 3 hours. Ice & snow for half the trail but manageable.

This is one of my favorite local trails. I really enjoy the mix of rocky exposures, wooded areas, and open meadows along the way.

Love this hike and the changes in terrain. Love the bench that is right before the main waterfall.

I tried going December 16, I was not able to finish the trail as there was an unpassible part where small logs ran across a river, they had snow on them so I could not cross. I I would recommend this trail because Ivan tell it would be a great trail in the summer, just not the winter.

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