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Great petroglyphs, large number, easy access.

Sorry, found it unremarkable.

Our family loved this hike—wouldn’t consider it “Hard” at all.

2 months ago

The road is closed 3 miles from the trailhead. Me and two buddies decided to hike in anyways, and it was tough. The road was washed out in several places pretty bad, hence the closure. We're in our early twenties and were dying just getting to the trailhead due to carrying stuff to camp for several days, which then got significantly worse once we reached the actual trail. The whole area has burned also. This made the trail extremely difficult to follow in places.By the lake there are a few spots that didn't burn, but 90% of the area has. We saw elk tracks and caught 3 brook trout in the lake, but that was about it as far as animals. We also woke up to a few inchea of snow, so we waited for it to melt and then hiked out a day earlier than planned. The whole place has a pretty creepy feeling due to the lack of insects or birds. I would give it a few years to grow back before doing it again. Just a heads up.

Easy enough of a walk to see it.

They are so close to the road that you can stay in your car to see them. The petroglyphs are well preserved.

Great short hike. Definitely moderate, not hard hike.

8 months ago

Definitely moderate/medium hike. Well worth the time. Peaceful & beautiful. At the top is an amazing view! Lots of slipping especially on way down.

Definitely wouldn't consider this hard. Just a few switchbacks right at the start then it's pretty level at the top. Great views in every direction pretty much the whole hike and it's short so why not?

Amazing petroglyphs! Very fast, I was only here 15 minutes with two kids under 4, but it was cool to see and learn! I'll have to come again when my kids are a little older

11 months ago

We just tried to hike this trail but the road was closed with a notice saying there were unspecified hazardous conditions. I guess they might be worried about wildfire season? Regardless, we didn't see a specified end date on the notice and you can go hike the Valentine's Peak trail like we did if the Ark trail is closed. 7/24/17

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The hike up to the lake was rough, there's no sugar coating it. It's entirely uphill and extremely steep at places. Absolutely worth it once you reach the lake, though. We spent 3 days up there camping and fishing and not a single person came through.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

I was amazed by the variety of the Petroglyphs in this area. Wonderful job of providing information about the site and along the trail about them. Great for all ages

Easy walk through an area with dinosaur footprints. East footprint has a market nearby. Because I was looking for a depression in the rock I almost missed them. The footprints are raised out of the rock. Very interesting

on Noah's Ark Trail

Saturday, March 11, 2017

the pictures do this hike zero justice. it's incredible, serene, soul lifting, beautiful and peaceful. if hiking alone, please bring something to protect yourself, I saw quite a bit of what looked like mountain lion tracks. this home is worth every breath and step. definitely a steep hike, but I'm not sure I would call this hard.. more like moderate IMO and I'm not a super star hiker either.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Beautiful hike. 1100 ft gain in 1.5 miles. Last 0.1 mile on loose rocks with narrow trail. Unsure footing. Hiking sticks recommended. Nice views of vermillion wall at the 1 mile mark.

on Noah's Ark Trail

Sunday, October 02, 2016

There on 10/1/16- beautiful, serene, peaceful.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Not the biggest fan of switchbacks, however, this was a short but sweet trail with a beautiful view at the end.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Trail is fairly steep and consists mostly of loose rocks and gravel on hard packed dirt. The trail is easy to follow and where it crosses hard rock there are cairns marking the trail.
The hike is short and there is no water on the trail. The road signs for getting there don't match Google Maps directions and you have to turn off of highway 143 at the sign for Five Mile Picnic Area and Yankee Meadow (brown sign white lettering).
The trail is mostly shady in early to late morning, but after that the only shade is from the occasional tree. At the end of the trail there are lots of small rock formations and a tiny arch.

My whole family enjoyed seeing the petroglyphs and the dinosaur tracks.

road is paved now

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Short, sweet, history...

scenic driving
Sunday, January 27, 2013

Just a few mile West of Parowuan Utah, a great little stop along a dirt road which was once part of the old Spanish Trail. This site is now fenced with a discriptive sign about Rock Art, Black basalt rock gives a nice contrast to petroglyph images which are displayed after the native Americans etched images into the desert varnish. Many counting and Astrolonomical images are displayed, not really a desigated hiking trail, but an interesting prehistoric site. The dirt road makes a great hike with open scenery and very little automobile activity.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Located just a few miles from the town of Parowan, Brian Head and Cedar Breaks National Monument, this hike is a real "sleeper". I arrived fairly early in the morning and found the trail covered in deer tracks. This would be a great sunrise / sunset hike with the trail easily navigated using a flashlight. The views across canyon to Vermillion Castle are fantastic.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Vermillion Castle are cliffs best seen at a distance. Simply getting closer doesn't add to the experience. For the time and effort I would hike Noah's Ark Trail across canyon, the views of Vermillion Castle are spectacular with the added bonus of Noah's Ark.

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