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Beautiful varied scenery. Totally worth hiking.

Fun trail with lots of shade. Wife and I really enjoyed it. Lots of bikes on the way up but bikes aren’t allowed on downhill portion. Enjoy!

Very steep uphill and compensated by also being very steep downhill. Not much shade either. The mine is cool but there are better trails to get there and back. We have hiked a lot of better trails in Park City.

Pretty diverse hiking. part of it was on an open, rocky trail, but lots of side trails to venture off to. Saw a neat old abandoned mine along the way, a beautiful grove of aspens, and a forest of firs. Used GPS tracker a lot-no trails markers.

This was a lovely walk this morning. lots of cool shade, aspens, wild flowers, and great views. Saw a Western Tanager early in the hike.

Easy to hike, some nice views of the beautiful area, but nothing particularly unique on the landscape beyond the abandoned mine building.

14 days ago

New hiker family w/ 1 nature lover and some reluctant members (and a healthy bit of bickering! ) We tried this hike and loved it! Great views.. very private.. and challenging but not too bad. Trail markers were very clear. Also- pro tip — I made my kids (teens) think of songs for each trail picture—- which really added to the bickering! You are welcome !

15 days ago

Great hike with plenty of shade and sun. I got a bit confused when trail signs denoting Rob's trail seemed to stop. I keep turning right to go higher. Trail markers said Mid-mountain, GPS here said I was still on track. Great view at the top! Mountain bikers were polite & friendly.
At the end of this trail are a few other options to go further. I opted for the extra bit at the top to reach Murdock's peak-the first part is quite steep & rocky and then eases up. Going down is always a bit more interesting!

Picked this trail because of the high reviews. I was skeptical, but pleasantly surprised with how nice this trail was. It had a good amount of shade, the woods smelled great. Nice views and not too difficult. We we quite happy with it overall.

16 days ago

Loved this winding, scenic trail.

Smooth trail, not too rocky, uphill but not too steep. Beautiful views and plenty of shade!

20 days ago

I really enjoyed everything about this hike! It was long, with a steady incline throughout. No parts of the trail were really any more challenging than others. The trail itself was relatively soft dirt, with a few rocks jutting out. There were plenty of mountain bikers, all of which were extremely respectful and informative of how many were behind them. The trail is shaded the majority of the time. There are switchbacks towards the upper half that I really enjoyed, because the trail would weave through the thick trees and bushes, then open up to a beautiful meadow and view of the valley below. We began our hike around 11:30a Saturday and finished around 3p. Highly recommend this hike!

Great hike if you’re looking for a workout!

Tip for parking: there is a dirt lot on your left when you’re driving out of park city towards guardsman pass, this is most likely the most convenient lot and it’s also free.

The first half of the trail is essentially going up very steadily with no flat ground breaks. Keep your app open so you can follow the map. There aren’t any trail markers.

Once you complete the uphill portion you can explore the old mine buildings which have historical plaques. Once you’re up you can hike around the park city ski runs and get some stunning views of the park city valley.

When you’re ready to go down make sure that you follow the ski runs that say town lift or your map. Once again, this is all downhill and quite steep at parts. Hiking shoes/boots with good tread and support are essential to enjoying this hike.

trail running
25 days ago

My go to running trail when I am in Park City. Beautiful - perfect if wanting a smooth flat running trail. Varied surfaces with asphalt, dirt or wooden bridges. Nice vista’s and cool art sculptures en route. Connects to several trails that are similar and you add on and can get in 13 miles round trip going from Park City to Kimball Junction. Also 3 miles in there is a clean public bathroom at Ranch Road that I always stop at before I continue with run.

Very boring not much to see as views

I liked this trail although we ran into a number mountain bikers. Beautiful aspen forest.

1 month ago

This was such a beautiful hike. We were on the trail at 7 on Saturday morning and had the trail to ourselves until the way back down - lots of mountain bikers. The foliage was full, the aspens were stunning, and the wildflowers were a dream. We went all the way up to Murdoch Peak. It was a perfect moderate hike on a well travelled trail, with steady inclines and shade about 60% of the time.

This trail starts to the left of the Silver Lake Express chairlift in Deer Valley at Silver Lake Lodge and is used by a horseback riding company. Not a bad thing except the trail was dusty and very soft, loose dust-I thought I was walking on the beach in Destin, FL. Once you get to the deck, picnic tables and grills turn around and go back or you’ll be walking up a service road-not scenic. The lake is Jordanelle reservoir in the distance. Not a lake you touch or feel.

It was so hot, which didn't help. It was good overall. The trail intersected dirt roads and have to watch out for the mtn bikers.

1 month ago

A lot of mtn bikers

1 month ago

I haven’t hiked this for a month or so but I usually hike up to the bench and back so don’t get the same mileage as stated even though it is still a nice moderate hike. This is a trail for almost anytime of year except right when it is becoming slush in spring. Mostly shaded with lots of trees so beautiful in fall also. I have never seen moose on this trail but have many friends that say they have seen them on this hike. This would be a good hike for visitors to Park City adjusting to altitude as it does not involve steep climbing.

road biking
1 month ago

We rode along Echo Reservoir into Coalville on June 9, 2018. Most of this trail was not paved, and turned out to be harder than I expected due to that. Probably if it was paved it would have been easier. The views are really nice. Keep in mind that at least this part of the trail is sparsely shaded, so it gets HOT!

1 month ago

Excellent to go up Ontario Trail to top of Deer Valley (Bald Mountain) and then make it a looplby going down Silver Lake trail for views of Jordanelle. Start at mid mountain of Deer Valley.

Excellent riding with a nice variety of trails beyond this one. Definitely challenging and fun with plenty of technical spots.

Don’t miss the cut off at Dawns Trail if you want the loop - it’s more like 3.8 miles.

Make sure you plan for the hike up the series of stairs from Park City’s public parking. This was a hike in and of itself before we even got to the trailhead. Plan for extra time on the trail to stop and admire the views, wildflowers, and animals along the way. We saw a couple deer above us. We didn’t plan for enough time before sunset and never made it to the mine. I suspect we could have made it by starting south on the loop instead of north?

Exposed, monotonous, and deceptively steep. The trail is just an access road up to the mine. It might make for a fun ATV ride (although I'm not sure those are allowed), but not a very interesting hike. We hiked up to the mine, then took the chair lift back to Park City Main Street. The chair lift is free for downhill riders in the summer, and we took the free trolley to the top of Main Street to get close to where we parked.

The mine at the top was very cool, so if your goal is just to get to the mine, this is probably the most direct route there. With as many trails as there are in this area, though, I'm sure at least one of them must be more interesting than this route.

Completed in mid June 2018. I really enjoyed walking through the mountain forrest. the combination of thick trees and thick vegetation was very cool. the beginning seems to be the most difficult part out of Park City, but once you hit the switch backs and the thick trees it is not too bad. took me and my two boys about 1hr 45 minutes at a slow but study pace. I really enjoyed this trail. did not see anyone else on this trail, but could see evidence of past mountain bike use. would be hard to pass a biker on switch back trail is very narrow. we rode the ski lift back down. made the climb worth the it. ski lift is free coming down. $24 per person to go up.

1 month ago

Perfect hike with great views of the reservoir near the top. Took the lift to Stein Erikson back.

I would not recommend this trail. It gets one star for views. But it was dusty, full of horse manure and you return on a steep uninteresting fire road.

I recommend you skip this one and take the Silver Lake Trail which is longer but a 5 star hike to bald mt. Even if you turn around 1/2 way to the top and call me back.

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