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Nice paved trail outside Park City on the west side of the highway, nice scenic route along gentle hills. Contender Bicycles has opened a new bike shop at the end of the trail.

I would not recommend this trail. It gets one star for views. But it was dusty, full of horse manure and you return on a steep uninteresting fire road.

I recommend you skip this one and take the Silver Lake Trail which is longer but a 5 star hike to bald mt. Even if you turn around 1/2 way to the top and call me back.

Loved it! Only had mountain bikers for half of it. They were only allowed to go uphill, so no one flying towards you on a bike. It’s clearly marked when the trail divides to a hikers only loop back to town. think it turns to Dawes trail? Can’t remember, but was a D word. Regardless, name wasn’t important because it is very easy to get back

Did this one yesterday! The weather was fantastic. I'd recommend bringing A LOT of water. I went through 2 liters. This trail is pretty high traffic for bikers so if you don't like jumping to the side so bikers can pass I wouldn't recommend this one. But if you are like me and don't care this one is great!
Armstrong->Hams trail->spiro-> Armstrong
Got a little lost at the end because I thought the trails was just
Armstrong -> Spiro, but if you started at silver star cafe I would turn left at the fork going down the Armstrong trail again.

2 days ago

The wildflowers on this trail are amazing! Just gorgeous.

2 days ago

This trail winds up and down a hillside, partially through a wealthy neighborhood. On over half the hike the highway is visible, which was a bummer. There is a fairly short section with shade, but mostly you hike alongside shrubs and wildflowers. We saw a snake, two deer and heard many critters rustling in the bushes. My puppy loved the dog beach at the stream. We were all happy that the dogs we encountered were on leashes. The restroom and drinking fountain at the trailhead were nice.

Great hike.

6 days ago

This was a vigorous hike for me. Second one of the season and for that matter like the 4th hike I’ve ever done... it’s steep and rocky and narrow hiking path... the entrance is not well marked and we went up
Several driveways until we found the starting point. It took us about an hour to get to the city view at top... going up was the harder part but well worth it... just take it slow since it’s steep. Loved the shade from the trees and kept us cooler without the sun beating down on us.

This trail is usually done on a mountain bike, and the actual Spiro section I think is a downhill only portion, at least for mountain bikers, and it’s FAST! I would double check with the Park City Mountain map first before hiking up Spiro. Typically people will ride up Armstrong and use mid-mountain to crossover to Spiro and ride Spiro down.

All up hill but the view at the top makes it all worth it!

The wildflowers were beautiful, especially on the lower part of Dawn’s Trail.

16 days ago

Beautiful day.
Alas, this did not feel like a hiking trail: overrun with trail bikes. All polite but hike very interrupted and unpleasant

Nice morning hike. We did it in 2 hours (mid 30s males, good shape). Saw kids doing hike as well. Incline entire way but great views at top. Hiking sticks at entrance to trail. Majority is through woods, so is shaded.

Keep your app on as the trail is not that well marked . Fun hike ... straight uphill up at the beginning. But it is beautiful. Explore the old silver mine processing plant.

Great trail! Easy to find, well-marked. about halfway through the loop you start following Dawns Trail. It is a steady, moderate uphill for the first 2 miles through the fittest and straight down the mountainside through scrub oak and shrubs from there. Great trail for kids that like to hike.

Loved this hike!! Super cool to look at the old mine and explore, but a little hard to find the trail.

22 days ago

Our two year old was able to hike the first quarter mile up, but we had to put her in the carrier for the rest of the hike.

The hike up is mostly surrounded by trees until you come up at the end and get the view you've been working for. It's very peaceful, but quite a workout since it's steep and straight up. Bring a snack to eat at the top. There's even a lovely bench to sit on!

The gate isn’t open quite yet but that just makes for a nice quiet trail and a good warmup before the trailhead. There was a bit of snow before the saddle and a few adventure obstacle logs across the trail. Beautiful hike today.

mountain biking
28 days ago

Nice, easy trail for some quick exercise with plenty of switchbacks right along I-80 in a residential neighborhood. If you’re on foot, expect to be dodging out of the way of mountain bikers often; this is not a technical trail and thus perfect for fast riding. I wouldn’t make this a destination hike by any means, but if you’re in the area and want to stretch your legs and get some Park City/Snyderville views, this will do just fine.

on Armstrong Loop

1 month ago

Nice loop from the base of silver star lift.

1 month ago

This was our second trail hike in Park City for a long weekend trip. This trail is double track wide with lots of rocks. We still found icy patches and snow up to on May 7th. For us it was challenging but very rewarding with the views at the top. Do yourself a favor and grab a hiking stick at the trail head. There are piles of them there. You’ll be glad you did especially for the trip down!

1 month ago

We did this short loop the morning we flew home. It was empty, so very peaceful. Lots of wildlife! We saw multiple signs of recent moose movement but never saw any in the flesh. Got to hike up where only skiers go in the winter. We had to keep checking the app though as the trail isn’t marked at all.

Great hike, old mine building is super cool. Still some snow in areas, with mud to go along but mostly dry.

1 month ago

Gate still not open on May 5th. Water running nicely. Moderate grade up. Nice and green right now. A little wet. Some snow on trail. A couple trees on down across the trail. At about 1.5 m there are a couple trees down and a fair amount of snow.

1 month ago

First hike in Park City and it was beautiful! Took Rob's trail to Ambush then headed left onto Rosebud. Highly recommend this route!

Awesome hike! Local guy from Park City said it’s the best in town. It’s April 23rd and there was still snow on the top half of the trail—we almost turned around because we weren’t prepared for snow, I just had regular shoes on—but thank goodness we didn’t!! The view at the top is so worth it!! Overall the trail isn’t too difficult, the snow made it a bit harder, I imagine when it is all melted it is pretty easy. We are fairly fit and do Orangetheory a couple times a week, but are from Dallas so we definitely aren’t used to going hiking regularly and aren’t used to elevation or snow. I’m so glad we made it to the top it really is an amazing view!

Loved seeing the past. I found some entrances to the mines that are still open. Very tempting to go in.

3 months ago

Great hike all around! Definitely need good boots as the trail was completely covered in snow and it is a decent incline. Beautiful wooded landscape throughout and lightly trafficked. Close to Park City but you feel like you’re more remote!

Excellent hike back in time!

I really appreciate rails to trails projects. Riding along the reservoir is cool. I saw some muskrats in the town of Echo. It was rideable on a road bike even on the dirt parts in winter (no snow about a month ago... terrible year for snow)

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