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Very steep uphill and compensated by also being very steep downhill. Not much shade either. The mine is cool but there are better trails to get there and back. We have hiked a lot of better trails in Park City.

Pretty diverse hiking. part of it was on an open, rocky trail, but lots of side trails to venture off to. Saw a neat old abandoned mine along the way, a beautiful grove of aspens, and a forest of firs. Used GPS tracker a lot-no trails markers.

Easy to hike, some nice views of the beautiful area, but nothing particularly unique on the landscape beyond the abandoned mine building.

Great hike if you’re looking for a workout!

Tip for parking: there is a dirt lot on your left when you’re driving out of park city towards guardsman pass, this is most likely the most convenient lot and it’s also free.

The first half of the trail is essentially going up very steadily with no flat ground breaks. Keep your app open so you can follow the map. There aren’t any trail markers.

Once you complete the uphill portion you can explore the old mine buildings which have historical plaques. Once you’re up you can hike around the park city ski runs and get some stunning views of the park city valley.

When you’re ready to go down make sure that you follow the ski runs that say town lift or your map. Once again, this is all downhill and quite steep at parts. Hiking shoes/boots with good tread and support are essential to enjoying this hike.

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1 month ago

My go to running trail when I am in Park City. Beautiful - perfect if wanting a smooth flat running trail. Varied surfaces with asphalt, dirt or wooden bridges. Nice vista’s and cool art sculptures en route. Connects to several trails that are similar and you add on and can get in 13 miles round trip going from Park City to Kimball Junction. Also 3 miles in there is a clean public bathroom at Ranch Road that I always stop at before I continue with run.

Very boring not much to see as views

Much dustier and rockier than expected. This is more of a bike trail. No shade and no river crossings. Pretty views though.

Make sure you plan for the hike up the series of stairs from Park City’s public parking. This was a hike in and of itself before we even got to the trailhead. Plan for extra time on the trail to stop and admire the views, wildflowers, and animals along the way. We saw a couple deer above us. We didn’t plan for enough time before sunset and never made it to the mine. I suspect we could have made it by starting south on the loop instead of north?

Exposed, monotonous, and deceptively steep. The trail is just an access road up to the mine. It might make for a fun ATV ride (although I'm not sure those are allowed), but not a very interesting hike. We hiked up to the mine, then took the chair lift back to Park City Main Street. The chair lift is free for downhill riders in the summer, and we took the free trolley to the top of Main Street to get close to where we parked.

The mine at the top was very cool, so if your goal is just to get to the mine, this is probably the most direct route there. With as many trails as there are in this area, though, I'm sure at least one of them must be more interesting than this route.

Keep your app on as the trail is not that well marked . Fun hike ... straight uphill up at the beginning. But it is beautiful. Explore the old silver mine processing plant.

Loved this hike!! Super cool to look at the old mine and explore, but a little hard to find the trail.

3 months ago

We did this short loop the morning we flew home. It was empty, so very peaceful. Lots of wildlife! We saw multiple signs of recent moose movement but never saw any in the flesh. Got to hike up where only skiers go in the winter. We had to keep checking the app though as the trail isn’t marked at all.

Great hike, old mine building is super cool. Still some snow in areas, with mud to go along but mostly dry.

Loved seeing the past. I found some entrances to the mines that are still open. Very tempting to go in.

Excellent hike back in time!

Beautiful day, beautiful trail. Runs along the edge of the park city ski resort boundary. At the top, super cool old abandoned mine. Went inside to see some of the old machinery. The mine has multiple levels, staircases inside lead up to higher levels. We walked up the trail following a creek in a wooded area. The walk down was along ski runs. Would not have been possible this time of year had there been more snow.

Currently pretty muddy and better suited to biking.

9 months ago

Found it VERY difficult to follow this unmarked trail. Great hiking area with lots of options,.....I ended up on more side trails than the one shown in app. Loved seeing old mine!

beautiful day

trail running
9 months ago

Wow, this was a blast of a trail to run on. Went last week with about an inch of fresh snow, but had a wonderful time. Very pretty and runnable throughout.

I didn't expect to like this trail so much because it is close to I 80. To my surprise it was a lot of fun. Several water crossings with bridges and beautiful foliage. Trail is narrow but has some good shade at the top. Trailheads are poorly marked but worth the hunt. Park behind Burt Bros T Jeramy

One of my favorites, great way to log some longer miles with not too steep of a climb. Lots of options to add extra loops on as well.

History and nature in one hike! Great views of downtown PC and nice wildflowers. Allow a few extra minutes to check out the abandoned mine buildings! FYI: there is no trail marker, just a gate with a no parking sign. We parked nearby on the road.

the mine looked so cool and there was alot to see!!!

The trail is pretty much straight up hill, not very interesting until you reach the mine.

Enjoyable easy hike on the Park City slopes.

trail running
Thursday, May 04, 2017

Great challenging loop- good trail running shoes necessary ❄️

Monday, August 15, 2016

Two days removed from a ridiculous sunburn on the back of my legs, I realized my vacation time (of which I intended to hike furiously,) was winding down. As it was already near sunset, I decided to settle for a 2.5 mile hike into the Park City Ski Resort. I was amazed to be able to view an abandoned mine building, shaft, and equipment, none of which I expected heading into this hike.

You'll begin hiking up an 0.9 mile somewhat washed-out trail. It's roughly the width of a fire road and would allow a small pickup truck to safely navigate it. At 7,500 feet of elevation, it's a bit tougher than it seems; try to average 3.5 miles an hour up the incline and you'll be breathing heavily by Bonanza Chairlift.

You'll eventually reach a flat area that contains the modern Bonanza Chairlift and another abandoned mine equipment building, as well as a rest stop that's open to skiiers in the winter. Many options are available for the descent down, from taking the wide Drift Ski Run or electing to take a forested, switchback trail parallel to the Payback ski run.

Either way, you will reach the Quit'N Time ski run, which allows you to safely venture back into the city. You can also take Creole or the Town Lift Face down to the Historic Park City depending on where you would like to end up.

I was lucky enough to see a doe with two fawns grazing peacefully on the Drift Ski Run, as well as multiple chipmunks and a handful of birds. To top it off, beautiful poppies grow at the end of the Payback Ski Run, with sunflowers blooming in July-August on the Quit'N Time Ski Run. A beautiful, not-too-strenuous hike which is perfect for a family outing.

Parking is not available at the trailhead*, so I heavily recommend parking your vehicle on the side of a nearby road or in Park City itself. There are multiple entrances to this loop, starting with the trailhead* on my recorded trail to starting from Towns Chairlift. Check the AllTrails Map for more options and select "Satellite" to uncover ski runs and trails that are unmarked on the official AllTrails map.

Dogs are permitted, preferably on leash, but there is no law (as far as this 14-year old can tell) requiring your dog to be leashed. Children don't have to be on leashes.

*Trailhead is just a gate saying "private property," no maps or signs available.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

The trailhead is now behind a gated private road, so we went down to the Marriott's MountianSide and found a footpath to the left of Marriott, followed it up a steep hill where it joined the trail. It's a nice trail, mostly in the woods with a few areas with views of the ski resort and Park City. We went in late spring, so there were still plenty of wildflowers. I gave it 3 stars because it lacks variety, no waterfalls or ponds, etc. But for a little exercise, this is a nice trial.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

This was so much fun but no real trail. There are a lot of different trails you can take...beautiful place.

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