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5 days ago

A wonderful short hike.

We started this hike at 6.30pm mid July and it was perfect. Most of the trail was already shaded from
the sun, which made the tour fairly easy. You should still bring plenty of water tho! It was a very easy hike, beautiful scenery and when we arrived at the Toadstools, it looked like on Mars. Would definitely recommend this hike in the later afternoon in summer.

I did this trial in early July while my dad and son slept in the car. It was pretty easy, but make sure you have a lot of water. Its well worth the short hike to see the toadstools.

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25 days ago

Amazing place. Camp overnight

1 month ago

The trail is easy to follow along the rim trail even if the All Trails says different. It is difficult to find the path that takes you down the Mesa Rim, so you would need to make your own way down. The trail starts to disappear once to start hiking to the other end of the Mesa. Once you go behind it, it becomes obvious where you are going. Voila! You see the Cobra Arch! Don’t go in Monsoon season ✌

1 month ago

Great hike, which we did as a family of 5 in sneakers and Keen sandals without much struggle. Beautiful scenery!! Perfect place to take photos. It was 104 degrees in 3rd week of June when we did it, take LOTS of water and know your heat limits. We stayed an hour before heading back and could feel the heat taking its toll by the time we got back to the car. The hike is easiest following the dry wash and more scenic following the path (not well marked). Parking is right off the busy road so be mindful about bringing belongings and leaving in the car. No bathrooms or rest areas. Definately worth the hike!

Did this cool hike on our way from Zion to Page, AZ. Well worth the stop, you truly feel like you’re on Mars or something. Trail markers are scarce but pretty much follow the creek wash until you get to the top. Great spot to see hoodoos.

2 months ago

Easy hike. Beautiful area for pictures at toadstools. Saw to many people with no hats carrying no water on trail. First week of June 100 degrees. Be prepared

definitely worth the time. Very easy hike that ends in what almost looks like another planet. The toadstools were fun to find. We were suggested this hike by our Airbnb host. We were glad we hiked it.

2 months ago

This was a trip I made because Buckskin had flash flooded. We didn’t want to waste the time. The camp site was awesome for a regular site but we had no clue what was in store for us. It was incredibly beautiful- I cannot even describe how amazing these narrows and aquatic masterpieces were. Neither me or my non hiking friend were prepared.

I did this about 3 years ago and would do it again anytime. Just be careful- the camp site is hard to find on the way back.

Very different scenery here. Fairly easy trail, except for one short portion that I didn't like as I do not like narrow paths near drop offs of any kind. Other than that, it was easy. Looks like you are on another planet.

3 months ago

This is a really easy walk. Nice place to see if you have some time to waste.

4 months ago

Trail was a bit more up and down, especially at the end, than we expected. It was almost easier to walk in the creek bed than the trail in most spots. Once we got to the top, it was terrific. You could spend a few hours exploring all over, not just the toadstools. Oh, we are 71 and 68 years old too.

4 months ago

Amazing place! It is very fun to climb the toadstools when you arrive. Very easy trail.

Great place!

Awesome!! A little bit more difficult than we were expecting but 100% worth it! We did this to break up a long day of driving from Santa Fe to Zion. Also it’s fun to say hoodoo.

5 months ago

Short and sweet trail! We didn’t do the whole trail just to the first toad stool. If you walk fast takes about 30ish minutes there and back. Very interesting view. Almost seems like it should be on another planet.

Great stop on our way to Zion. The Hoodoos were fun to see as were the rest of the rock formations. Cold and windy today but well worth the hike.


Great! Be sure to cover the walking path in the map above, especially at the end toward the left!

6 months ago

Toadstools are a funny experience, many features of sand and stone erosion, no shade, not overcrowded

Great Kids hike with cool rock formations!

I liked this trail and would suggest if you want to see and really have time to see all the hoodoos, set aside 2-3 hours. Though we spent about 2 hours (20 minutes to walk in, 20 to walk out from the main hoodoo, then the rest of the time in the hoodoo forest), I'd like to have even more time here! If you just want to walk in and out without seeing and enjoying the scenery, 1 hour is probably more than enough. The day we went we did not see everyone go to the end of the trail... many went to the first large hoodoo, and turned around from there.

7 months ago

Essentially a discount Coyote Buttes for those who couldn't get a permit. I love off-roading, but the drive was long and tedious, with little of interest on the way after passing Coyote Buttes South. There is a short trail leading from the "parking lot" to White Pocket itself, but exploring is free-form once the trail terminates at the sandstone. Not sure I'd do it again.

Excellent short trail which is well-trafficked during the day. Worth doing since it's barely a mile off the 89.

A little busy but great hike

Not as touristy as Antelope Canyons/Horseshoe Bend nice hike with lots to see. This is what I like to think Mars would look like and feel to walk on. Great stop while while on road trip.

Pleasant quick roadside stop for my husband and I as we were driving through. Quick and easy to do! When we arrived mid-morning, there was no one on the trail. As we headed back out, passed several groups of people heading in. Very serene location right off the main road.

Easy trail with lots to see, great pictures and an awesome backdrop to the toadstools!!

Everyone hikes up to the "toadstool" I think it looks like a snail.. then turns around. Keep going! Why do I give this five stars? I came here in the middle of the night during the full moon, alone. Amazing experience. This place is like an ancient city or a map from Halo. Bring boots to hear the clacking on the plateau. The next day I climbed to the top. Yeah. The top. I saw it all. It's amazing up there. Be carful. It's dangerous beyond the first plateau. Hand holds crumble on you all the time. I also found two fossilized leg bones (~1' long and broken) in a rock that fell out of the mountain on the left side of the middle plateau.

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