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Paria, Utah Map

on Wire Pass Trail

8 hours ago

Very nice. The drive and the hiking were facilitated by it being pretty dry and uncrowded. I went down to the confluence and turned right, but quickly encountered pools of water that I could not navigate without getting my feet wet. So I went back the other way, towards the "less interesting" section, which was completely dry. After a while, you emerge from the slot canyon into a very nice landscape of colorful towers and cliffs. The fencing provides a hint that you are not supposed to wander around over in that direction.

I did not clamber down the funky logs at the infamous drop and instead took the bypass that heads up over the rocks to the right immediately before you enter the slot canyon. Getting back down into, and out of, the slot at the other side is not exactly easy, but it was a safer bet than the risk of falling 8 feet.

Very highly recommend this trail as an excursion from Page/Lake Powell or as a pitstop along US-89 between Page, Arizona, and Kanab, Utah. The Wahweap Hoodoos are some of the most beautiful, most otherworldly rock formations I’ve ever seen. I was inspired to check them out after visiting the nearby Toadstool Hoodoos last year and found myself wanting more, as they were cool, but a little underwhelming.

I stopped off at the BLM’s Big Water Visitor Center on the south side of US-89 to get a paper copy of the trail map. They have an iPad there with pictures that they can show you so you can get a feel for the trail and things to look out for before heading out.

It was fairly easy finding parking at the 2WD spot before the dirt road crosses Wahweap Creek—do NOT attempt in a sedan as there is mud and sand. From the 2WD parking lot to the fence was a ~15-20 minute walk. It’s no longer a “hanging” fence as it has been repaired and now there are multiple gates where you just have to lift up metal loops to release the gate and squeeze by. Just make sure to close the gate behind you as you are entering a Wilderness Study Area.

The hike is fairly easy to follow with minimal routefinding required; simply follow the footsteps and head upstream through Wahweap Creek. When I visited over Veterans Day weekend, there was little water flowing in the creek and small patches of mud here and there, but I can imagine during the summer monsoon this will be much heavier.

The hoodoos themselves are on a parcel of the cliffs on the south/western banks of the creek reached ~2 hours into the hike, so stick to that side of the creek. You really can’t miss them as one of the bright white hoodoos is visible halfway through the hike. Make sure to explore the initial hoodoos on the cliffside, the second grouping inside the alcove area, and then the third, most beautiful collection of hoodoos on the other side of the cliffs…just keep walking and you’ll find them.

I met maybe half a dozen other folks doing the hike that day. I started at 11am and was one of the last heading out to the hoodoos.

The hike to the hoodoos took me 2 hours, and I spent ~1 hour exploring them and having lunch I brought with me. The hike back to the car felt much much faster (perhaps it was slightly downhill?) but it was still 2 hours going back, for a total of 5 hours hiking time.

Bring lots of water (2-4 liters depending on the temperature) and a hat/sunscreen. In November I wore long underwear base layers beneath jeans that kept me comfortable, so plan accordingly.

8 days ago

This is a heavily advertised, short hike right off of Hwy 89, so you are going to have lots of company. It's a short hike to some interesting stuff. You can wander around quite a bit in various directions, which I am sure is an ecological disaster, but that ship has sailed, so to speak. The hoodoos at Wahweap are more interesting, but you have to walk 4.5 miles to get to those, so this is a lot more accessible.

on Wire Pass Trail

13 days ago

My wife and I did this hike November 6, 2018. We were surprised, after walking a bit to find a couple nice slot canyons. Once we arrived at the confluence, we turned left on Buckskin for approx mile. It was pretty cool with tall slots. we then turned around and walked the other way until we hit water

Highly recommend this trail. Getting isn't bad, but about 8 miles off of 89.

The views and surrounding areas of the toadstools was well worth the hike.

on The Nautilus

24 days ago

This is a hidden gem. The rock formations resemble waves and are huge. At the end is the nautilus (corkscrew) rock which Provides some good pictures. It was an easy hike and climbing on the rocks could have entertained me for hours.

Disclaimer: The trail does not begin where it says it does on the All Trails app, so be sure to take the road that says trail information for the White House Trailhead, and you can follow that all the way back to the White House Campground where the trail ACTUALLY begins.

Once you arrive at the White House Campground you can follow the trail down to the river. It might be easiest just to go directly down to the river and follow that through the canyon rather than try and follow the trail as it shown on the app, as we got somewhat off-track before connecting with the river ourselves.

We did this trek on 10/15 around midday and went as far as we could into the canyon before having to turn around and head back so that we could catch sunset at the Wahweap Overlook (highly recommended).

We didn't see a single other human on the trail, which made this a perfect day out in the wilderness. We attempted to go as far as we could with our hiking boots before having to revert to sandals, but after a small spill into the water, it was time to put them on.

This is a truly incredibly hike that I would love to snag a permit for next go-around so that we could camp overnight and make it all the way through to the end of the trail.

Water levels were decently low, and we didn't cross a single spot that went above our knees. It was also pretty muddy in some areas, but not too bad overall.

Can't wait to return to do the entire thing!

29 days ago

It's a bit of a long drive for a short hike if the connecting Buckskin Gulch is full of water. Requires a $6 fee. Walk through wash to very cool slot canyon. Very easy except for an 8 foot drop which isn't the easiest to complete alone. Most people hike this Wire Pass trail which is short to get to Buckskin Gulch to hike downstream. I believe the Gulch many times requires bringing shoes good for trouncing through ankle deep, stagnant water. For more info and pics visit https://etbtravelphotography.com/2018/10/21/hikes-near-kanab-utah/

Beautiful trail. We went after it had rained a week prior and the water level was still high, with the rest of the canyon bed incredibly muddy. Be prepared to get your feet wet.

The toadstool hoodoos are unreal. If you travel along highway 89 and pass by the place with an hour to spare, try to go to see this nature wonder. I went there in early PM in mid October. It was not hot, rather it was a bit cold.

Parked before the wash. Ten minute walk/.5 miles to the trailhead. Followed the trail which takes you along the right side of the wash. Hoodoos were on the left. Only saw 4 other people. Took a straight line home down the wash. Much shorter. Would recommend taking the path of least resistance! Great hike with beautiful views of the hoodoos. Our hike was 11 miles round-trip.

We hiked Paria on 9/23/18 and did not get our feet wet. The canyon was very dry. This was our second hike into the canyon from the White House trail-head. We turned around just before the confluence with Buckskin. Last time, a few years ago, LOTS of water. Chest deep.and turned around rather than swim. Was glad to see the dry river bed but the neoprene socks and canyoneering shoes were a big mistake - hiking boots would have been much better. At he Contact Station we were told to expect a lot of water. This is a fantastic hike. The canyon is narrow, deep and incredibly beautiful. I would not call it a real slot but love it just the same. For real slots there are Buckskin & Wire Pass nearby. Agree with a previous review that after you leave the narrows it is a hump back to the trail-head.

We hiked this in December of 2017 and loved it! It was a really great hike, albeit windy up on the rock. The colors are amazing!

Great short trail. Great views

I have to say, what you will read about this trail online will either be terribly inaccurate or to the T. It depends on the time of year of course. For us it was sunny and beautiful every day. However...it was wet, very wet. and the legendary "cesspool" was incredibly deep and being the tallest groupmember I had the unfortunate duty of carrying out packs across...5 times. But the buckskin is so very beautiful, and so very worth it. The water in the Paria river was filterable but I would reccomend using the springs. It's salt content was so high that each of our legs had a gnarly rash for days after. We did this trail in four days..however I Would highly reccomend making time for 5. You will be very slow throughout the hike, especially when your trying to go fast (the profile is relatively flat going downhill, but with many obstacles including a make your own way 15 foot drop at mile 11 through the gulch). Our group hiked from early morning until dark every day and our best mileage was day on 4, with only 13 miles and mostly high water routes on dry ground. If you do this hike please enjoy it as we did but be well prepared, its probably unlike anything you've ever done.

It’s a beautiful trail with low traffic! Shoes get wet and there are some slippery areas due to clay and sand. Looks like a flash flood prone area and I would recommend going after monsoon season! Pet friendly and secluded.

It really does look like you’re on another planet! Insanely hot, no shade.

a little off the beaten path... like 8 miles. But keep on going. it is worth it! Amazing hike and part of it is in a slot canyon.

on White Pocket

1 month ago

This place is amazing. It's a long drive in deep sand though but definitely worth it.

2 months ago

The perfect experience if you don't have too much time available to spend in this beautiful area.
The drive from the Hwy 89 to the trailhead is nice but pay attention because previous rain can create some very big bump. From the parking lot, the first part of the trail is quite easy, in a large wash with some interesting view of plants and little wildlife (expecially rabbits). The only problem is the heat: the whole section has no shade and we did it around 2 pm in september, temperature was very high so hat and lot of water is reccommend. The section when the cliffs become higher is just the prelude to the wonderful final part: a great narrow slot in the shade, very fun and atmospheric. There is a drop at a certain point, lot of reviewers rated it as easy, but at the time of our visit we had some problems (we are 1,60 mt tall) because some recent flood moved the debris used to go down, so we had to go back and use the alternate way, that starts in the same point of The Wave trail but follow another direction, just check the cairns. The confluence with the Buckskin Gulch is huge and pretty good to have some rest, take some photos, look at the petroglyphs and enjoy the silence of the place. We moved toward the left for a little walk in BG, but it was a little muddy and we heard some Coyote in the distance, so after one mile we returned back. Very reccommend place, hope to come back and walk through the BG for a longer distance.

Fun short trail, definitely go in the early day to avoid the heat since it’s all in the sun

2 months ago

Learned this isn’t an official trail but was able to still locate the area to check out, definitely has some cool sights to see

2 months ago

Beautiful. Hike is very easy, the drop was too much for my dog but we were able to find the detour mentioned from other reviewers just look for the markers.

on Wire Pass Trail

2 months ago

Great pretty easy hike. It is a fee area so have some cash. $6.00/person.
easy walk along dry river bed leading to the slot. Small climb down about a 7ft drop. Then on to easy hiking. At the confluence of Buckskin and Wire Pass you can go left up Buckskin not far until it got to muddy for us. We went to the right down Buckskin and there are water crossing after water crossing. Much better than trying to cross mud.

Great hike. If in the area one should do it.

Went in early April with just ankle deep water in the creek. Temps were in the high 70's and pleasant. The walk was interesting and the hoodoos spectacular. Saw just a few people in the 10 miles we walked. Having the hoodoos to ourselves will make this walk a lifetime memory.

2 months ago

Loved the hike. Pretty easy trail with just one obstacle, an 8-10 for climb down. Some people did not hike past the obstacle.

Fantastic. Took a small 11 year old dog and he loved it. The pools at the end were to sticky to play in but beautiful slot canyons.

What a great hike!!! Not hard at all, but if you are not used to elevation it can sometimes get hard to breathe.

3 months ago

Fantastic view of a Canyon
Same view than Antelope and nobody on the pictures !

3 months ago

A wonderful short hike.

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