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Panguitch, Utah Map

Short and beautiful! Well marked and the views are so worth a quick visit.

Amazing views in the winter

on Arches Trail

3 months ago

Had the place to myself and thoroughly enjoyed thus fun little hike!

on Casto Canyon Trail

3 months ago

Hiked this and really enjoyed it. I never saw a soul. Dog friendly! Beautiful formations and colors.

3 months ago

It was an absolutely breathtaking hike. Just as you think it can’t get any better, you turn the corner and see another valley with more red formations.

Snowshoed this as part of a loop. Fun trail in the snow.

Short and sweet! Such beautiful rock formations and lovely colors.

on Golden Wall Trail

4 months ago

If you have a chance, do this hike. The scenery is spectacular. I did it on a cold November morning, and saw absolutely no one else.

I did the loop clockwise, parking at the Red Canyon Visitor Center (closed right now), crossing Hwy 12, and walking down to the Red Canyon Campground on the bike path. I will say that without the AllTrails app, I might have had some trouble finding the trailhead inside the campground. This route got the boring parts of the hike out of the way first.

Once you hit the main part of the trail, it's great. A fair amount of up and down in terms of elevation gain. There are parts of the trail that have been affected by washouts/slides, but maybe someone has cleaned things up, because it was very easy to navigate. I was never in doubt for more than 10 seconds as to where to go to stay on the trail. The Buckhorn trail is a quarter mile spur up to an awesome high point. You might feel a little exposed on that part of the trail, but it's not dangerous. I took the Castle Bridge trail option on the way down. In fact, I didn't even see where the other option was, but the way I went was excellent. The trail ends on Hwy 12 again, maybe 50 yards before the Visitor Center.

4 months ago

I’m not sure if I was on the trail or if I was following the footprints of someone who also went the wrong way. In either case, I climbed up to the ridge and took some amazing photos.

4 months ago

This trail is short and nice. It’s a little hard to stay on the trail sometimes because the gravel blends in with all the other gravel. Parking is at the scenic turnout just west of the Red Canyon Visitor Center.

4 months ago

This is a short trail that takes you along the walls and hoodoos. Parking is at the scenic turnout just west of the Red Canyon Visitor Center.

Great views. Scenary is similar to what you would see at Bryce but on a much smaller scale. Trail was in fair condition as we encountered many rock slide areas. Fortunately it hadn't rained in a while so trail was dry.

Trail is lightly used. During our ~ 3 hour hike we didn't see another person until we got back to the parking lot. Trail is fine for adults or teenagers, but it wouldn't be good for young children as trail is narrow with many rocky slide off areas.

If you're looking for a leisurely hike with great scenary and few people, this hike is for you.

Absolutely beautiful. Challenging, breathtaking, perfect

This is a strenuous and beautiful hike that is more like 5.5 miles. Definitely not 3.9. It is well worth the effort to see such beauty.

on Golden Wall Trail

5 months ago

Skip Bryce NP (too crowded) and do this hike. Amazing views. Some challenging areas which make it more fun

Awesome trail! Breathtaking views throughout and hoodoos abounding! Should be pretty steady on narrow exposed hillside trails

Loved this hike! However, be warned that much of it is actually on trails that are rated “hard.” My parents agreed to this hike because this app rated it “moderate,” and they definitely struggled with the inclines. We ended up cutting up through navajo’s loop when my dad’s knee began to give out. I enjoyed it, but it is also a very steep incline. Regardless, I personally loved every minute of the hike and would highly recommend it if you are in decent shape and want to get a great feel for what Bryce is all about. It feels like you’re on another planet!!

Agree with b marston. There was a real washout of everything last month!

This is a beautiful driving tour. Many places to stop for scenic photos. While dogs can travel in your vehicle, not all hiking trails are dog friendly.

off road driving
6 months ago

We have drove this with our Side X Side 3 times and it gets better each time. The views are like Bryce, but without the crowds. It is the offroad ride we love the most. It handles Side X Sides, ATV's and motorcycles well. It's a hidden gem, so not many people go on it. While you could hike it, and it would be beautiful, make sure you go an off time or you will be eating dust from the off road vehicles, and there is no water. So, my recommendation is, there are better hiking trails, I would avoid it for hiking. I doesn't take long, but don't go if there is going to be a storm or if heavy rain has come through since the trail at times could be impassible. PLEASE DON'T TAKE JEEPS OR THE LIKE ON THIS TRAIL. You could get stuck, cause the other off road vehicles there to have to go way around you and ruin the sides of the trail. That's why they close trails like this, because these are not meant for on road vehicles, so please be responsible. The gate opening is only big enough for about a 62" vehicle. DON'T cut the fence and drive around because your vehicle is too big to fit ... there is a reason it's there. It is for Offroad atv type vehicles only (and hiking/biking if you dare). If you continue up the trail past the acutal hiking area (about 7 miles up the vehilce trail) then you find yourself in some wonderful back road trails as well. However, there are a few areas that are tight to get you Side X Side through. Take some pics, because the views are out of this world.

6 months ago

This is one of our favorites in the Red Canyon area. It's a hidden gem and you would be lucky if you see more than one or two other groups of people. We have hiked it twice and were alone the one time and only saw a couple the other. The views are spectacular and not unlike Bryce, but without the crowds. You will need a high clearance vehicle to get there, but the road is easy ... we always ride our side by side back into the trail head parking area (takes maybe 10 minutes to drive in on dirt road). The parking area is nice enough and is also the same area you use to hike Loose canyon. There is a restroom at the parking lot, but it's not very well maintained. There are specatular views, so make sure to take some pics. Lots of arches and it's a fairly easy hike. We go counter clock wise, but I guess you could do it either way it doesn't matter. You can spend as long as you want on the hike, but with the views, you will be there a good hour. The actual trailhead has been washed out by a flash flood, so you will need to hike up into Loose canyon (past the animal unloading gate) about 50 yards until you find a way across the dry creek bed. Straight across the creek bed from the animal unloading coral is were the actual trail starts, but it's hard to see from the parking lot. You will see a small sign over there and the actual trail once you cross. It may be difficult to find if you haven't done it before.

We drove from where 12 starts at 89 to the turn off for Kodachrome Basin State Park. Since we did not drive all this in one go, I uploaded a partial recording so I could sync some pictures to the road (but the pics may not be part of the recorded area).

Birdseye & Pink Ledges are two beautiful short trails. Golden walls trail was not in good shape due to washouts caused by heavy rain few weeks before. The view there isn‘t that great.

7 months ago

This should definitely be rated as difficult. I just tried it yesterday and much of the trail is washed out. It is very tricky to find the trail as it is not well marked and gets washed out in several places. Go slow and look up not down to make sure you stay following the trail rather than a runoff. Amazing geology and colors. No one on the trail at all when I took it. Definitely take the castle bridge loop to the east. Amazing views.

7 months ago

A really nice hike after the crowds in Bryce. The trail is easy to loose if you’re not watching but, it’s a good place to just wonder.

This hike was a total hidden gem. It was every bit as stunning as Bryce but with no people. We saw no one in the trail for our entire hike. The view gets better and better as you go up. It’s nice and short for kids - only 2 miles and easy going. The best part was that the walk is reasonably shaded at the beginning - so not too bad in the heat of summer compared with other hikes we did in the big parks.

Washed out trail in many areas with lots of scrambling over scree in steep spots. Would not recommend for families or anyone not comfortable with lots of trailfinding, heights, and loose terrain. But great views.

Very scenic road with great scenic overlooks.

if you're strapped on time do this trail. it can be done in less than an hour, but if you have time , continue on and complete the golden wall loop trail. It's worth it

8 months ago

amazing trail. we did it twice during our 4 days in Bryce. didn't see a single person on either hikes. some sections have loose rocks and soil so be careful. I ended up slipping and falling down the hill on the decent into the camp ground at the end of the hike so be careful. I liked it more than the fairytail loop. Somewhere in the middle you will see a rock balencing on a thin tendril of stone that seems to defy gravity. It amazed me more than anything I saw in Bryce canyon.

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